11 Best Outdoor Security Cameras For Cold Weather

The best home security is the one that stands through thick and thin, especially when it is cold. The output of an outdoor security camera can be affected by the weather.

Cold can have a significant impact on the performance of an outside camera, and if it can’t withstand extremely cold temperatures or a heavy snowstorm, it may fail.

Some may begin to lag, while others may gradually deteriorate, necessitating a new purchase. As a result, it’s best to invest in the Best Outdoor Security Cameras For Cold Weather.

An outdoor security camera with heavy-duty shielding and a higher weatherproof rating effectively withstand any weather conditions.

However, before purchasing the best outdoor camera for cold weather you need to consider external factors along with personal preference.

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EZVIZ Outdoor Security
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The 11 Best Outdoor Security Cameras For Cold Weather

We have reviewed the best extreme cold weather security camera that offers the best quality, durability, and functionality at affordable rates.

1.   Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam

● Resolution: 1080p HD
● Field of view: 130° diagonal
● Night vision: IR Night Vision
● Weather resistance: -5°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C

Ring stick-up cam features a portable design. You can conveniently install it outside without worrying about adverse weather conditions. It’s an IP65-rated camera that can withstand temperatures ranging from -50 to +200 degrees Fahrenheit.

When positioned 5 to 7 feet off the ground, it performs significantly better. The camera’s 115 x 65-degree field of view allows it to track operations across a wide area. A built-in motion sensor is also included.

This tiny camera connects to your smartphone using b/g/n WiFi. Once connected, you can view all of the live footage from your phone. It displays images in 1080P Full HD quality, ensuring candid photos are taken with minute details.

  • Noise cancellation
  • IR night vision
  • Smart home integration with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Two-way communication
  • Custom privacy controls
  • Free-standing and wall-mount installation
  • The horizontal field of view is limited
  • No person detection

2.   Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

● Resolution: 1080P HD day and night
● Field of view: 130 degrees
● Night vision: HD night vision
● Weather resistance: IP54 rated

If you experience extreme weather changes, live in a cold winter area, and want to keep an eye on your home, this camera is one of the best.

The Google Nest Cam device can recognize a person or a gesture from up to 50 feet away and send a photo to your computer.

The camera features a 4K lens, a 1080p HD super sight that can transmit direct close-ups, and a 12x optical zoom, in harsh weather conditions.

The Google Nest outdoor camera’s cold weather video consistency is highly appreciable. It is waterproof and immune to interference with weather conditions like a snowstorm.

This device features fast WiFi, direct night vision with an Infrared LED light, and a secure and protected environment.

  • High-end 4k sensors
  • Facial recognition
  • Audio detection
  • Waterproof camera cable and adapter
  • 24/7 live view
  • Need tools to install
  • Limited free cloud storage

3.   EZVIZ Outdoor Security

EZVIZ Outdoor Security
EZVIZ Outdoor Security

● Resolution: Full HD 1080p
● Field of view: 103° horizontal, 118° diagonal
● Night vision: 100ft Night Vision
● Weather resistance: IP66, -22°F ~ 140°F(-30°C ~ 60°C)

If you want to keep an eye on numerous paths but don’t want to break the bank, the EZVIZ Security Surveillance is worth considering.

EZVIZ’s direct vision and wide-angle offer day and night coverage. Outstanding night vision up to 100 feet is achieved by combining powerful infrared LEDs, an anti-reflection screen, and an ICR infrared filter.

With its IP66-certified camera, you can use it outdoors for surveillance. You can add home automation with its smart home integrations for a better security experience.

You can adjust custom motion zones for your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When motion is detected, an automated recording begins and a notification is sent to your smartphone.

When an intruder is identified, the device activates a loud siren and flashing strobe to warn them away.

  • Siren alerts
  • Two-Way communication
  • Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • 1-month free cloud storage
  • Local and cloud storage
  • Paid cloud storage
  • Does not include an instruction manual

4.   Arlo VMS5140-100NAS Ultra

Arlo VMS5140-100NAS Ultra
Arlo VMS5140-100NAS Ultra

● Resolution: 4K & HDR
● Field of view: 180 degrees diagonal
● Night vision: IR Cut Filter
● Weather resistance: -20 to 60 degrees Celsius

This camera is fully packed with essential features like a wide, 180-degree angle view, automated zooming, color night vision, and tracking.

Moreover, this outdoor security camera cold-weather features 100 lumens LED lamps with built-in noise-canceling microphones and alerts.

The design, on the other hand, is highly portable. It includes a magnetic charger to increase charging times.

You can remove the battery and charge using an auxiliary charger, which adds to the convenience.

Furthermore, its battery life is also influenced by your expectations and usage patterns. With custom detection zones, it lasts longer than 24/7 recordings.

The enhanced quality of 4K and HDR resolution captures and records with a wide-angle perspective, balancing the dark and light scenes for a greater overall picture and video quality.

  • Noise cancellation
  • Two-way audio
  • 1 year of Arlo Smart Premier service
  • 30-day cloud recordings
  • Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit
  • Does not work with previous base stations
  • Paid subscription for full features

5.   REOLINK Argus 2


● Resolution: 1080p
● Field of view: 130 degrees
● Night vision: up to 33 ft.
● Weather resistance: IP65, 14°F–131° F (-10°C–55°C)

The Reolink Argus 2 offers you the best wire-free home security. It provides you with variable mounting possibilities; you can use it almost everywhere.

You have the option of using either battery or solar power that adds to the battery life as per your needs and requirements.

This camera comes with intriguing capabilities, such as color night vision and encrypted video.

In addition to its adjustable location settings, it offers cloud storage powered by Amazon Web Services.

Therefore, you’re better protected from hackers while still having access to your data from anywhere.

  • Dual batteries
  • 6x digital zoom
  • Local and cloud storage
  • Highly affordable
  • Two-way audio is not efficient

6.   Amcrest UltraHD 4K

Amcrest UltraHD 4K
Amcrest UltraHD 4K

● Resolution: UltraHD 4K
● Field of view: 112° viewing angle
● Night vision: 98ft NightVision
● Weather resistance: IP67

If you are living under extreme hot or cold weather conditions, this camera is the one for you.

The Amcrest 4K Turret is the most weather-resistant camera on our list. With an IP67 rating, this camera withstands rain, snow, dust, and even heat.

You shouldn’t have to worry about this camera going offline even in adverse weather conditions.

The Amcrest offers a slew of outstanding features in addition to its excellent weatherproofing. It boasts an Ultra HD, 4K video quality, a 164-foot night vision range, 256 GB local storage, cloud backup, and lifetime support.

  • Cloud and local storage
  • Unsurpassed low-light capabilities
  • Motion detection alerts
  • 16x Digital zoom
  • One-way audio
  • Amcrest App is glitchy

7.   SpotCam Sense Pro

SpotCam Sense Pro
SpotCam Sense Pro

● Resolution: 1080p HD
● Field of view: 155 degrees
● Night vision: 32ft
● Weather resistance: IP65 rated, -30° C

The SpotCam Sense Pro has an IP65 rating. It can withstand temperatures of -30° C and slightly higher. For efficient night vision, it offers 12 infrared LEDs and a 155-degree wide-angle lens.

This home security camera also includes a microphone and speaker for two-way voice communication, as well as a built-in siren for emergency use.

While the camera’s hardware is a little larger, the functionality and video quality are excellent.

Moreover, it features motion detection and pushes notifications in case of physical activity. You can easily install this camera in the desired location.

  • Two-way Talk
  • Motion & Sound Alert
  • Temperature/Humidity/Lux Sensor
  • Alarm Siren
  • FREE Fulltime Cloud Recording
  • Connectivity issues at times
  • Motion detection is highly sensitive

8.   Blink XT2 Outdoor Smart Security

Blink XT2 Outdoor Smart Security
Blink XT2 Outdoor Smart Security

● Resolution: 1080p HD
● Field of view: 110 degrees diagonal
● Night vision: IR HD
● Weather resistance: IP65rated

Blink home security excels in making compact, sleek, yet highly efficient security cameras.

You can install it anywhere with ease. XT2 runs on battery power or you can plug it into a power outlet, which makes setup and installation much easier.

You can customize activity areas, video quality, motion sensitivity, recording length, as well as the motion sensor on the camera via a mobile app.

Furthermore, it features a built-in thermometer that will sound an alarm if the temperature drops too low or rises too high.

With free cloud storage, Blink XT2  allows you to record and store footage for up to 2 hours.

However, it offers a limited recording length of 30 seconds, which adds to the chances of missing important events.

  • No tools are required for installation
  • 2 years battery life
  • Two-way audio
  • Free cloud storage
  • Motion detection glitch at times
  • The recording length is too short

9.   REOLINK RLK8-410B4


● Resolution: 5MP, 2560×1920
● Field of view: 80 degrees
● Night vision: 100 ft.
● Weather resistance: IP66

Speaking of affordable home security, this camera costs about half as much as other high-end versions, without compromising the features.

Moreover, you can add additional cameras and a larger storage capacity.

Reolink offers a massive 2 TB of HDD storage in the NVR box. It’s more than enough for daily recording.

However, if you need extra storage space for a week-long vacation, you can maximize storage to 4 TB.

Speaking of design and performance, this camera is highly portable.

You can easily install it anywhere in the home. If records at  2560 x 1440 resolution, offering crisp video quality day and night.

  • Best App support
  • Customizable motion detection zones
  • Real-time notifications
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Work with All Reolink PoE IP Cameras
  • Pre-installed 2TB local hard drive
  • FOV is not efficient

10.   Oco Pro Dome v2

Oco Pro Dome v2
Oco Pro Dome v2

● Resolution: 1080p
● Field of view: N/A
● Night vision: HQ IR 98 ft.
● Weather resistance: -14°F ~ +122°F

This classic home security camera has an IP66 rating and can work in temperatures as low as -13°F (-25°C) and even slightly higher.

It is built to withstand a variety of weather situations, which makes it best suitable for the outdoors.

The Oco Pro Dome boasts a 1080p resolution and 108 degrees field of view. It includes cloud storage capabilities, but it can also be used with an SD card.

Moreover, it is perfect for complete home security with smart motion detection and high-end night vision.

  • Facial recognition
  • Smartphone App support for remote access
  • Notification Scheduling
  • 8x digital zoom
  • Smart home compatible
  • Quick and simple wireless installation
  • Works flawlessly on wired connection only

11.   NETVUE ‎bullet camera1080p

NETVUE ‎bullet camera1080p
NETVUE ‎bullet camera1080p

● Resolution: 1080p
● Field of view: 100° viewing angle
● Night vision: FHD 60 ft. Night Vision
● Weather resistance: IP66, -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

The NETVUE is a robust, waterproof, and weather-resistant camera. It is IP66-rated. Hence, you can use it for adverse weather conditions up to -40F to +1220F. 

It captures images and records video in 1080P Full HD, both day and night.

This camera features IR night vision to record details in low-light conditions. On any motion detection, it sends a notification alert.

Moreover, you can either utilize a microSD card or have the video immediately uploaded to the cloud storage with its dual storage feature.

Speaking of installation, you can connect it to your WiFi network from afar or plug it into an ethernet port.

  • Dual storage
  • Wifi and ethernet connectivity
  • Two-way audio
  • 256-bit video encryption
  • Custom detection zones
  • Smart home integration with Alexa
  • View and record at the same time
  • No access to offline footage

Buyer’s Guide Best Outdoor Security Camera For Cold Weather

While looking out for cold weather video cameras, you must understand the climate in your area.

Understand your local weather conditions

Traditional home security cameras are capable of withstanding snow, wind, dust, rain, moderate heat, and moderately cold weather conditions. However, anything over-freezing may not be enough to keep your security camera powered up.

Here are a few questions you need to ponder before making the purchase. For instance,

  • How long is the winter season?
  • The lowest temperature it can go to in your area?
  • How often does it snow?

Always invest in a cold-weather security system that has a freeze-proof certification and weather-sealed bodies. It help cameras survive temperatures as low as -30°F or -40°F.

Operating temperature of the camera

You can find the operating temperature of the camera in the product documentation. It’s interesting to see what temperature the camera can withstand.

As a result, it’s critical to double-check because the working temperature differs with every camera.

Some smart cameras can withstand temperatures as low as -4°F, while others can withstand temperatures as low as -40°F or even lower.

IP rating

Moreover, the IP (Ingress Protection) rating of the camera also plays an important role in determining how effectively a camera can withstand crucial temperatures and weather conditions like a snowstorm.

The best outdoor cold-weather security cameras must have an IP rating above IP66. It offers adequate protection against water, dust, and snow.

Power source

You get an option for wired or wireless cameras for home security. Both come with advantages and disadvantages of their own.

While wired cameras require skilled installation, as well as access to a nearby power source, wirelessly linked cameras, may be affected by a weak wi-fi signal, causing the camera to lag.

Battery-operated cameras are excellent, but you’ll need a set of rechargeable batteries that you can swap out.

Second, you must continuously change the battery, which is a very risky thing to do on a gadget like a security camera because you forget about it, and it may stop.

Other considerations for cold weather surveillance cameras

Besides, cold weather key factors, you must look for other features that contribute to the best performance of the security camera for cold weather. For instance,

  • Storage; local or cloud
  • Battery backup
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Facial recognition
  • Night vision; colored or b&w
  • Smart home integration
  • App support
  • Field of view
  • Two-way communication
  • Siren or light alerts

While looking out for the best outdoor cold-weather security cameras, make sure not to forget about the brand you choose. Some brands offer additional perks like warranty, free-trial plans, dual storage, and live and remote access with their best cold weather security camera.


Proper research is necessary before selecting the best camera for cold temperatures, especially if you are residing in an area with harsh weather conditions.

An ideal outdoor security camera for cold weather is determined by your personal preference and essential features with a higher weather-resistance rating.

You can rest easy knowing that your home is always secured with an extreme weather camera system that offers a secure connection, long-lasting battery, and weatherproof design.