Best No Monthly Fee Home Security System

Have you ever thought of installing a home security system to secure your place? I did too, and then I dropped the idea assuming that I may not be able to afford it. But then I dig for some pocket-friendly, no-monthly fee home security systems.

Home security systems are a basic need in these times. We are working from home and doing all our transactions through the internet, and it’s important to ensure that our personal space is not being invaded.

If I go for the count, only around 38% of Americans had home security as they are proactive and don’t want the last-minute hassle after the misfortune.

You and I should act the same, and how can we do that? By putting in place a smart home security system right away.

As I told you initially, I was afraid of spending a fortune on security, but then I found a few of them to be free of the monthly fee.

But what monthly fees are about exactly?

Monthly fees are usually a subscription that you pay to a company in turn for their services. There are mainly two types.

One charges a monthly fee for installation and regular maintenance of the self-monitored security systems that you’re using.

The other ones are with hefty fees because they offer DIY installations and updates. And that doesn’t require a monthly charge. But you may have to buy their package for the starters, but that can’t be counted in the service’s monthly fee.

What Determines the Monthly costs?

The monthly charges for services and plans available will differ depending on your self-monitored systems supplier.

For instance, for $25 per month, a reputed brand’s top-tier monthly package can offer extra services like a professional monitoring plan, emergency response dispatch service, limitless camera recording, and more.

The cost of extra features like continual video recording and wide storage is determined by several factors, including the count of sensors and processing capabilities.

It also relies on optional features like smart home integration, mobile alarms, and uninterrupted footage.

To reserve money on your monthly charge, you can get Ring security cameras but skip the extra services and features.

You can avoid further charges by ignoring the fee for smartphone app monitoring.

The good part is: You’ll be able to receive alerts, view life’s camera activity, and control your security equipment or smart home devices.

The Not-so-good part: While some providers include this expense as part of their optional plan, you can decide to use the free services or smart home integration features and have limited mobile management.

If you say no to home automation management, you may save a good amount of bucks.

The good part is: You can completely prevent updated plans that include intelligent home management if you don’t have innovative home equipment.

The not-so-good part: Home automation options like voice activation and pre-programmed routines are frequently added costs.

If you’re interested in intelligent hoarding, it’s one approach to saving money, and you’ll generally have the choice of adding or eliminating the function.

Best No Monthly Fee Home Security System

There are many no-monthly fee solutions available today, but you and I should pick the one that suits our budget and is compliant with the service we need.


SimpliSafe is my #1 option for low-cost professional monitoring, long-lasting devices, and dependable home security services. Even if anything goes awry, you’ll have all the essential devices and functions to keep you calm.

SimpliSafe security bundles are among the most economical in the industry, with prices going from $229 to $489 and a three-year guarantee on each.

A good option here is that you can create your solution for $184.98 by beginning with the basic station and keypad and adding sensing devices ($14.99 each) and other extras like a video camera ($99) or a digital doorbell ($169).


  • Affordable
  • Expert tracking
  • Wireless technology
  • Cellular surveillance
  • Performs with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and several smart devices


  • No variety of linked home devices
  • No mobile app
  • Smart home features not accessible in the basic monthly monitoring fees
  • Mobile alerts are not counted in the standard monitoring plan


Abode provides self-monitored or monitoring security systems and home automation technology without long-term contracts or monthly payments, while professional tracking can be added as a contribution if desired. Their systems are self-monitored, do-it-yourself, wireless, and usually simple to set up. This system is also compatible with any Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Wi-Fi third-party device.

I ran into a minor difficulty installing the dwelling, so the setup wasn’t exactly as simple as I’d hoped, but I still managed to get it done within just 30 minutes.

Now for the unique feature of the abode’s higher-priced beginning package. You also receive a digital hub named iota, which has its own designed HD camera with a motion detector and two-way communication, besides everything else.


  • Competitive equipment costs
  • No long-term agreements
  • Quick DIY wireless placement
  • 30-Day equipment free trial
  • 1-Year equipment assurance.


  • Installation can be more simple.
  • Restricted equipment in starting kits
  • No touch-screen displays
  • They could improve customer support


With Blue by ADT, you’ll get a dependable professional monitoring service and a simple-to-install self-monitoring security system. Better yet, the first period of watching is entirely free. You have the choice of selecting a no-contract plan as a Blue by ADT customer.

It also includes buying the kit without having to pay for professional monitoring. If you decide you need professional monitoring services later, you can always go back and add them to your self-monitoring system.


  • Standalone and whole-home security solutions
  • Optional professional monitoring by ADT’s award-winning specialists
  • Performs with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


  • No professional installation option
  • No innovative home equipment offered
  • Extra costs for cloud storage

The self-monitoring security systems mentioned above are the top ones if you want to go for one.

DIY Home Security Systems No Monthly Fee

You can save monthly fees by purchasing the security system upfront and self-monitoring to avoid paying for specialized supervision.

DIY solutions don’t require complicated procedures; all you have to do is implement the easy and fast guidelines.

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System Camera

This self-monitoring system includes 10 pieces of signal-bursting innovation to protect homes of all sizes with a range of up to 1000 feet. Range.

Furthermore, the movement sensors detect movement within 30 feet, have a 90-degree visual field, and are compatible with pets weighing less than 50 pounds.

The SimpliCam security camera, for example, allows you to monitor your system and what’s going on at home from your phone, tablet, or computer at any time, and it comes with a built-in stainless steel shutter for absolute privacy controls.

The ADT DIY LifeShield

ADT 13-piece life shield system includes:

  • One base
  • Entry keypad
  • Interior camera
  • Four-door/window detectors
  • Two animal-friendly motion sensors
  • One keychain remote
  • One-yard sign
  • Four window stickers
  • One fire protection sensor that integrates with your current fire/CO alarms.
  • Position sensor
  • Live video
  • Video recording

These are all included in the intelligent indoor camera. In the event of a power outage, the wireless rechargeable indoor cameras have a 24-hour battery backup.

Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 GSM

The Security Alarm Package by Honeywell Lynx comes with 3GL Cellular Communicator Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 7000 all-in-one residential and corporate tracking solution.

The DIY system comes with video streaming, Z-Wave control, enhanced alarm signals, garage door alerts, and control, storm alerts for people in the United States and Canada, and software-based user-friendliness.

You can easily install security devices, thermostats, lighting, locks, generate notifications, and more with Honeywell Total ConnectTM Remote Services from most smartphones, tablets, and computers while traveling everywhere in the globe.

Home Security no Monthly Fee

Home security is without a doubt a heavy expenditure that most of us can’t easily afford. We want the best quality but in an economical price range. So what are the options that we are left with?

We still have a pretty good quality of products that will fit our budget. Let’s explore.

Ring Alarm Solutions

If you live in a normal apartment with two to four bedrooms, Ring Alarm is a good home security solution for you.

The Ring alarm system includes two keypads, two surveillance cameras, one access point, and eight motion detectors, all of which are simple to install in your workplace or home.

With the smart keypad, which includes emergency controls as well as little touch sensor pads that can be placed throughout the house, you can buy these separately.

Adobe Security Solutions

Another great option for a no monthly fee is the Abode professional monitoring security system. Its basic plan is both economic and simple to install or operate.

Adobe has been on the list because it responds to our (user) demands. We can quickly expand it by adding various additional capabilities, such as environmental monitoring, voice commands, and automation.

Home Security System No Monthly Fee Smartphone

When we talk about the smart security system, it’s understood that it’s about the comfort that they offer via smart cameras and sensors and making it through linking to our smartphones.

But not all smart security systems offer smartphone or app connectivity, so we have to pick wisely before making a purchase.

Here are some of the home security systems with NO MONTHLY fee that offer smartphone ease. Isn’t it a treat?

  1. Cove
  2. ADT
  3. Front point
  4. Vivint

SimpliSafe isn’t included in the list because it doesn’t have a smartphone app.

Home Security System Without Phone Line

Older professional monitoring alarm systems used your phone line to notify a monitoring program whenever there was a situation. But, without a phone line, how do these home security systems work?

Security systems that do not have landlines to interact with the control center use cellular technology. It’s not about wires but signals.

Many security systems have typically concentrated on a phone line. Still, as more of us rely on cell phones, home security systems are expanding their offerings to include cellular technology as a standalone professional monitoring system rather than just a standby.

Home security systems devices were often only used as a cellular backup if they disconnected the landline during an attack or other incident, but now they are a must-have cellular backup.


So.. we have come to our conclusion about the blog post.

These smart home security systems are at our rescue from any online threat we can face without implementing one. It’s still not too late. What do you think? Comment below and let me know.

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