Firestick No USB Storage Detected: What Do I Do?

You are not alone if you face problems adding a USB storage device to your Amazon Firestick.

The common and biggest complaint with the Firestick is it sometimes fails to recognize external storage sources. This can happen when your device is cluttered with many used apps. Also, when ADB Debugging is enabled.

Not to worry, a simple remote reset, uninstalling the unnecessary apps, or formatting the drive might help.

This article will help you through the troubleshooting steps for this issue.

I will also answer some other common storage problems reported by Firestick users.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick

Let’s look into some common causes and possible solutions to the Firestick not detecting USB storage.

The article covers the following Amazon Firestick models:

  • 2nd Generation Firestick
  • Fire TV Stick Lite
  • Fire TV Stick HD Latest version
  • Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Several other Fire TV devices have different storage methods, like Fire TV Edition and Fire TV Cube.

I haven’t covered those methods in this blog since that’s not our main subject.

Understanding the problem will also enable you to understand solutions.

You will also be able to prevent this from happening again. So, let’s take a look at the in-depth guide to resolving this issue.

1.   Force Remote Reset

People believe, that for today’s smart TV and various other home appliances, forcing reset is the first thing to make things work.

The same goes for the Fire TV Streaming Stick if you face any problems using it.

A force reset addresses the problems by restoring the system to the previous state it began from.

It returns any recent changes hindering devices’ performance.

To reset your remote your Amazon FireStick, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the Select and Play buttons on your remote.
  2. Press and hold them together until the reset starts.
  3. The TV screen will display the Fire TV Logo after the process completes.

By doing this, you have reverted any recent changes to your device.

Note that this process does not clear any data saved to the USB anyway.

Now, you can insert your USB once more; this time, it should get recognized, and you can start using it.

2. Check Drive’s Support

Make sure that your drive meets the requirements. Proper specifications like size and compatibility are crucial for the device to operate.

For example, a few Fire TV devices only work with a USB drive that is USB 2.0 compatible and 128 GB or lower in size.

Firestick 4K Generation 1 and 2 USB drives do not go with app storage.

Although it will allow you to watch videos and work with file manager apps to handle files. Such as ES File Explorer and Downloader.

Firestick Generation 3 and Firestick Lite let you move Fire TV apps to a USB stick.

To enjoy this feature, you’ll also have to check the software version of the Firestick you are using.

3. Format Your Drive

The Fire TV will not recognize your USB drive if it contains any malware.

One possible reason might be that any potential virus might damage the system. So, the system tends to avoid it.

Additionally, insufficient USB power is a big threat to the system’s functionality.

An easy way is to format the USB device and store safer data. It needs a computer to format the drive to the FAT32 file system.

Yet, you can also format the drive through your Fire TV.

Format Drive Using a PC

The following commands will let you format the drive through a computer:

  1. Insert the USB into your Windows PC. Allow time for recognition.
  2. Click on This PC.
  3. Find your inserted USB flash drive.
  4. Under the USB, left-click your mouse and select Properties.
  5. Open Format and choose the FAT32 File System option.
  6. Wait for the formatting to process, and unplug when the system completes it.

Formatting ensures the safety of your drive. You can go on with storing new data and reconnecting it to the Fire TV. Enjoy your favorite TV shows now!

Format Drive Using Your Fire TV

To watch videos using the Fire TV Media Player, you should format the USB drive to store Fire TV apps. Use your Fire TV to format USB with these steps:

  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Click on My Fire TV.
  4. Choose USB Drive.
  5. Tap on Format to External Storage.

Note: Firestick 4K or Generation 1 and 2 do not support USB moving apps.

Your Fire TV will need a restart before moving apps to the USB drive. It’s important to ensure that the drive is not write-protected when storing apps.

You can control this feature through a small switch on the drive.

4. Turn ADB Debugging or USB Debugging Off

An Android Debug Bridge is a versatile command-line debugging tool. It lets you communicate with an Android device.

It also gives access to a remote ADB shell that runs many commands on a device.

The disability of this feature will not allow the Fire TV’s USB port to work with any external hard drive or device.

Keep in mind that developers use ADB Debugging when developing apps.

You don’t need to have it enabled often. To disable this option in your system, go to the settings. Do as directed:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Please scroll down to find My Fire TV or System.
  3. Choose Developers Options.
  4. Set ADB Debugging to Off. It shows as USB Debugging on some devices.
  5. Restart the Fire TV.
  6. Try connecting the drive again.

5. Look for Insufficient Power Supply

The least power requirements information for the Fire TV is present in the user guide.

But when you connect a USB, these requirements will increase to fit in with its power adapter.

With low power, the device’s system does not recognize the USB. check your TV’s HDMI port too.

Ensure enough power supply by using a power block. It helps at this stage as it has a high wattage that supplies more power.

It adds up to the system’s power and enables the USB connection to get recognition.

Tip: If trying many power blocks did not work for you, try replacing the power cable or micro-USB cable and check your power outlet.

6. Confirm Moving Apps Aren’t Conflicting

Your Fire TV’s file management app and video files player might be colliding with the USB function.

The Operating System (Fire OS) on your Fire TV will not work with external devices. It is when the other apps are accessing the drive.

I recommend you uninstall any apps that can access the USB drive and check if it solves the problem.

After removing the app causing the problem, remove the power input from the Fire TV. Do this for about 10 seconds.

Plug it back in. After the TV starts, remove the USB and insert it again.

The ES File Explorer also creates a problem when you move the apps.

You will continue seeing the error message, No USB Storage Detected.

You should uninstall it completely. Denying permissions might not work in such cases.

The best thing is the Fire TV Streaming device, and its paired accessories go through an auto-download software update when online.

7. Avoid Using Ethernet Connection

The Ethernet Network connection of the Fire TV box often hinders the USB port from performing well.

If so, you’ll need to disconnect the wired network cable and use your Wi-Fi connectivity instead.

One of the main reasons for this interruption might be the Fire TV’s lack of enough power supply to work with the Ethernet adapter.

Still Not Done?

If trying all these methods could not solve the problem, what should you do in this case?

I suggest contacting the Amazon support team for assistance.

They will guide you better with accurate technical solutions or send their experienced personnel to help you right away.

You can also confirm from the manufacturer if your USB is compatible with your TV model or not.

Note: You can find the manufacturer information on the right adapter option

Wrapping Up

Amazon Firestick is amazing. These devices converted conventional TVs into smart devices without costing us extra money.

A Fire TV’s USB port lets you connect a USB drive so you can view the video from the USB external drive.

But the occasional technical issues like your Fire TV not detecting the USB drive becomes more irritating at times.

And only a little fixing can help solve such a common issue.

You can take help from the simple steps above if your Fire TV USB drive is not visible or working.

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