Home Security Systems for Apartments

One of the best reassurances that your home will stay safe is through adopting home security systems. Imagine having an alarm, a camera, and a countermeasure all working with your phone as a central control unit.

That is convenience and safety packaged as one. Check out the latest technologies used to ensure the security of your house, apartment, or condo unit.

Apartment Home Security Considerations

If you are looking for the latest home security for apartments, you need to consider the following aspects:


Most of the recommended brands on the list are catered mostly to rental residences. If a security system is complicated, it may destroy the structure of an apartment or rented home, and you can incur additional expenses.

Furthermore, security systems can comprise different devices. They can have sensors for motion, door entry and window openings, and glass sensitivity.

Some even offer loud sirens, smoke detectors, and utility controllers. The most common device of all security systems, though, is a camera.

A basic apartment security system does not usually offer outdoor cameras. You might be spending more by selecting a package wherein one or a few of the devices do not apply to your living situation.

If you are on a tight budget, choose at least a single aspect, either monitoring, alarm, or control.


A contract indicates the relationship between a client and the provider, which is the security system company.

In this type of contract, there is a specific responsibility that the system company must uphold, such as surveillance, notification, and maintenance.

When selecting which security system you need to have, you must look at the contracts they offer. It will be better if you choose those that don’t offer long-term contracts since you are just renting an apartment unit or a house after all.

Apartment (APT) Alarm

When it comes to apt alarms, cameras are not enough. You need more features than that to protect anything or anyone inside your apartment from apparent danger.

Take a look at the leading alarm system brands and their best systems offered.

●       Ring – 8-Piece Kit Alarm

Ring is one of the best brands in terms of affordable home security systems. If you need an apartment alarm system, then make sure to check out their ‘8-Piece Kit Alarm’.

This kit is ideal for 1- or 2-bedroom residences, and it includes the following: base station, range extender, keypad, motion detector, and 4 contact sensors.

The whole system can be synchronized with Alexa.

●       SimpliSafe – 8-Piece Wireless Home Security System

If you wish to have a more flexible security system, then SimpliSafe is a great choice.

They have an ‘8-Piece’ system which includes the following: base station with 95-dB built-in siren, keypad, motion sensor, panic button, and 4 entry sensors.

If you wish to be notified remotely without Wi-Fi, don’t worry since the system has an integrated cellular connection.

●       Abode – Essentials Starter Kit

Sometimes, a user interface can be the main factor for considering an alarm system.

The Abode Essentials Starter Kit not only provides you with the basic devices for your security system, but you also can navigate easily with Abode’s user-friendly web interface.

There is even an app available for mobile monitoring.

●       Nest Secure – Alarm System With Outdoor Cam

Nest Secure alarm system’s best offer for APT security is the option for outdoor monitoring.

With the addition of an outdoor camera, you don’t need to worry about harsh weather and dark portions.

However, if you want to make the most of the security features, you must subscribe to Nest Aware.

●       Blink – Smart Security Camera Kit

Are you looking for another affordable option? The Blink XT2 kit can be your solution to your security problems.

It has 2 wireless cameras that can be used either indoors or outdoors, a battery that lasts 2 years, and features like motion detection, infrared night vision, live-feed recording, and 2-way audio.

●       Cove – Wireless Security System

As mentioned, Cove’s strength is that its system can be tailor-made. So, if you wish to choose devices that fit your apartment setting and have the financial capability to add more, then Cove Security System is a great option.

Condo Alarm System

Alarm systems for condominium units are not that different from those of apartments. The difference, though, is that you have a lot of liberty in a condo unit since you particularly own the place.

Therefore, you can have a wide range of options to choose from. Here are the most recommendable brands out there.

●       SimpliSafe

If there is one word to describe SimpliSafe, it will be ‘flexible.’ Not only are their products great for apartments, but they are also applicable to condominiums.

You can choose a 5-piece, 8-piece, or 9-piece security system. You can also subscribe to optional services, namely 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, and Cellular Connection.

●       Ring

Ring is another familiar brand and very reputable for being affordable. The brand offers either a 5-piece or 8-piece security system.

A 104-dB sired in the base station creates a very loud alarm and can even be reinforced with long-lasting batteries. Another great thing is the 24/7 monitoring by professionals, which you can avail of through a monthly subscription. 

If that is not enough for you, then there is the 2nd gen of Ring Alarm Systems. It is a slight improvement of the 1st gen, but it now offers a camera bundle option. And for the record, all components of both genes are backward compatible.

●       Arlo

Want to have an all-in-one security device? Introducing Arlo Pro 2, wherein the cameras can even replace contact and motion sensors.

These cameras are wireless, weatherproof, and available in 1080p. Aside from that, there is also a 100-dB smart siren.

Do you want an even better option? There is Arlo Pro 3, but it is more recommendable for houses.

●       ADT LifeShield

If you are looking for security systems that can operate beyond the internet capability, then you may want to consider ADT LifeShield. It offers 4 protection layers: through the internet, cellular text, cellular signal, or landline.

●       Eufy

The home security systems of Eufy are closely similar to Arlo’s security systems. Meaning, the cameras do all the heavy lifting.

They are relatively newer designs, and they include advanced features such as human detection and setting up zones to ignore detection from unwanted stimuli.

●       Zegoal

Zegoal security systems are pretty much straightforward. The kit includes contact sensors, motion detectors, and a powerful 120-dB siren.

One of its advantages is that you can add any compatible third-party security camera.

Home Security For Renters

If you rented a house, you need better security systems than the ones being presented. Here are some of the best home security systems for renters: 

●     SimpliSafe

As you can see, SimpliSafe is a brand recommended for all common housing options. For home renters, there are 2 options you can select: the $15-a-month plan, which offers basic components, and the $25-a-month plan, which has limited automation and voice-activated features.

●       Cove

Since a house can vary in size, you may also need to adjust the range of your security system, and fortunately, Cove can be customized according to your needs.

You can start with the $15-a-month option, and if you need upgrading, there’s Cove Plus for a price of $ 25 a month.

●       Frontpoint

Frontpoint’s selling point is being great for covering the whole perimeter. There are outdoor cameras included in their packages. However, the cheapest offer they have is $ 69 a month.

The system may be a bit pricey, but it caters to a smart home.

●       Abode

Abode is similar to SimpliSafe in terms of affordability and being tied to no contracts. Their ‘Iota’ security system is an all-in-one system with an integrated camera.

The components are designed to be ‘plug-and-play types, and they can even tap into controlling utilities like lighting and electrical outlets. You can get all of that for $229.

●       Brinks

Brinks has been around for a few generations and still offers great security services. When they abandoned their style of seeking long-term contracts, they switched to providing quality home security services.

Their professional monitoring services cost either $29 or $39 monthly. In terms of alarm response, Brinks can notify within a 30-second window.

●       Ring

As far as you can remember, Ring has always been one of the security options for apartments and condo units. Now, their security systems apply to rented homes too.

They are the cheapest, yet they can still compete with other brands. Maybe all you need is their $10-a-month service, after all.


As you can see, the most recommendable brands, whatever the housing situation will be, are SimpliSafe and Ring.

One is flexible while the latter is affordable.

When you choose a home security system for apartments, condo units, or rented homes, always prioritize your budget and your home perimeter. 

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