How To Fix a Ring Light That Won’t Turn On? Try These Ways!

Don’t worry if your Ring light is not turning on. Even the best Ring lights sometimes act up.

The solutions are easy, and you can follow most of these tips effortlessly.

Use this blog as a free guide to solving the Ring light problem.

There are multiple ways to fix your Ring light that’s not turning on or responding to the commands for the remote control.

The most tried-and-true way is to peek into the Ring app’s settings and ensure the Ring device is powered on.

Also, it is plugged into the power source. There are certain Youtube videos that will teach you how to fix the light source.

If you’ve tried to fix your Ring through this method, explore other practical ways that will surely work.

Let’s dive in.

The Ring Lights 一Brighten Up Your Home!

The Ring lights are the top picks for most homeowners to secure their homes. The brightness of the light keeps your home lit the house brightly for a long time.

You can remote control Ring’s smart lighting around your home from the Ring app. You can easily control the lights (turn them on or off) when you are away.

You can use motion detection lighting by linking your lights to Ring Video Doorbells and security cameras.

A great option is to select from new solar-powered options to add flexibility.

Note that the adjustable color temperatures and the range of your motion zones are convenient from the Ring app.

The good news is that all types of Ring light sources are sturdy ーThey work.

The brightness of different light levels is customizable and can interact with other motion sensors.

These lights offer good coverage and enough light and are inexpensive compared to hard-wire lighting.

Reasons Why Your Ring Light is not Turning on

It’s good to know why your Ring light is not responding to the requests before we get into how to fix it.

Knowing the cause will also help us find a reasonable solution.

Your Ring Light Doesn’t Have a Wi-Fi Connection

All Ring lights are smart devices which means they need Wi-Fi to function.

Considering this, a common reason for your Ring light not turning on is that it’s not connected to the internet.


  • Turn on the Wi-Fi through the Ring app.
  • If the Wi-Fi is turned on, you need to disconnect and connect it again with the Ring light.
  • Power cycle the Wi-Fi router if the Ring light was connected to it and didn’t catch the signal.

Maybe it’s the device that’s not responding to the internet connection. In such a case, you can power cycle your Ring lights through the application.

Note: Your home WI-Fi network empowers your Ring video doorbells and security cameras. On the contrary, a mobile device hotspot is not meant to do so.

If you still use a hotspot in place of a home internet connection, you might face irritable failed setup attempts, or your Ring device might disconnect from Wi-Fi more often.

Auto Shut Off Timer is on

Many smart devices we have at home are default device settings as a ‘one shoe fits all example.

So, if your home environment and schedule differ from a standard user profile, you must configure your Ring light to your home’s settings.


  • Go to the Ring application
  • Go to Devices
  • Select Ring lights
  • Check the Auto Shut Off control. If this setting was turned on, turn it off.

Usually, the auto shut-off timer is not turned on by default.

But if your Ring light is not turning on, you may have toggled this timer on. you can also press the power button to restart the device or press the reset button to redefine the settings.

The Ring Light is not Grouped Well

Grouping your Ring smart devices helps you treat the issue immediately.

When your device catches movement, the group of Ring smart lights turn on and illuminate the entire area.

So, if your Ring light is not turning on, maybe you have grouped them incorrectly.

Here’s how to fix it.


  • Go to the Ring smartphone app
  • Go to devices
  • Go to the smart lights
  • Click grouped devices (here’s where you can check the connected devices and remove them from the mismanaged group).

Note: To use the grouping features on your smartphone, you will need the light bridge to facilitate your smart light wireless control.

The Ring Camera’s USB Port is Loose

Another cause for your Ring system’s smart light not responding is the open USB port of the Ring camera.

Make sure that the USB port is plugged well into the device.


  • Unplug the power cord from the USB port.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Plug it back in.

Your device can also lack enough power when the USB port loosens.

It might flip off accidentally, so be vigilant for all the power connections’ proper placement.

The Ring Camera’s Battery has gone Offline, or it is Loose

The specific requirement for your Ring camera’s internal battery pack might be refixing. It might be loose. In this case, try the following steps.


  • Remove and replace the internal battery.
  • Check if your camera is taking instructions and lighting up.
  • On the Ring device, click on the Setup button /setup mode.
  • Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Click on it again to see if it works now.

Checking your batteries from time to time is important. They may be defective or not placed correctly.

However, If it still doesn’t work, check your device’s battery life to ensure it’s charged properly.

The Loose Wires on the Ring Camera

Your Ring device might not be lighting up due to the misplaced wiring on different outlets.

You can tell that all wires are connected well if you see the green lights on your router’s front. If not, do the following:


  • Unplug your router for about 30 seconds.
  • Plug it back in. See if the camera’s light works.

Note: You should also check whether any other Wi-Fi device has difficulty connecting to the internet.

Some of the other possibilities for your Ring light not working are:

Your Spotlight is on, but it isn’t responding to Ap control. There are several reasons behind this. You gotta check the following items:

  • The batteries.
  • The Ring app’s Auto Shut Off control controls the cell phone’s device.
  • The ‘time’ on control.

2. One or more Spotlights are continuously flashing on and off. We recommend checking the following items:

  • The batteries.
  • The area surrounding the lights. Something (a small animal) might be triggering your lights.
  • Your motion sensitivity controls in the Ring app. The controls must have been set too high for your layout.

3. One of your grouped lights might malfunction. Try these steps:

  • Ungroup the lights and see if the lights function.

Tip: For optimal Wi-Fi performance, move your Ring device as close to the router as possible.

You can also unplug the other electronics hindering your connection or get a Wi-Fi extender.

If any of the above-mentioned methods do not work, you might need expert advice.

You should contact support. Just give Ring Customer Service a call, and the support team will create a custom security solution for you.

Warning: If a burning smell or smoke comes from the Ring Spotlight camera, turn off the lights instantly.

In this case, also contact Ring Customer Support for help.

The ultra-bright motion-sensing smart Ring Spotlight uses a single beam and is battery-powered for an easy installation with no need for wiring.

Especially for the areas that are hard to reach. Such as trees and dark corners. The Ring smart light brightens it all.

Why Should You Choose Ring Lights for Your Security System?

The Ring lights are a nice addition to the Ring security. You do not need to worry about living on a dark trail, for it lights up the walkway and street.

The natural lights are pleasant in color, durable, and designed well.

The easy installation and grouping of lights together when motion is detected are impressive and advanced features of Ring.

The Ring light kit light up every step you take through your blind spots 一whether it’s your pathway through the garden, driveway, backyard, or the step lighting.

These key lights also illuminate a single focused area with its brightness levels. Like a car porch or shed with spotlights and Ring floodlights.

Choose your power type. You can also go for the hardwired bright lights to get non-stop power round the clock.

You can place the battery-operated lights almost anywhere. Whereas solar lights have much more ease to offer.

Key Takeaway

Although the Ring Bridge, 一 the hub of great lighting, offers its users smart security features and connectivity of your best Ring lights with other compatible devices /mobile devices, the lights might sometimes face some technical issues.

We hope this article has helped you keep your Ring Spotlight working best.

Use the simple ways above to make your whole yard shine or contact the Ring support for better guidance.

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