How To Fix Go.Roku.Com Low Power?

What do you do when your Roku device shows a ‘low battery warning message? Connect it to the nearest wall outlet or power extension.

That’s a common response to the low-power Roku problem. But, a Roku Streaming Stick can also be charged from the USB port of your TV.

The ‘ power’ sign on your TV screen is because you attempt to power up your Roku device using the USB port on your TV.

Some TVs do not generate enough power. When your Roku device alerts you with a “low power” warning, it conveys the message of connecting your Roku with its power cord or USB adapter and plugging it directly into a wall outlet.

Let’s discover more hereunder about what the Roku series are and how the Roku streaming player or stick works.

The Roku Series

Roku is a chain of digital media players featuring new features and online content options.

The interface is simple, but streaming media is powerful and popular. However, Roku sometimes also can face issues.

Different USB ports in Roku offer different power potentialities.

Plugging your Roku into any of those USB ports placed at the back of your TV might help.

Roku Depends on Power To Work

To learn about addressing the problem, you must first learn about the reasons behind the problem, i.e, the Roku low power issue. Roku works with a continuous power supply.

Roku sticks get power in any of the two ways.

A TV Connection

You can connect your Roku to your television through the USB port. It generates and provides power through the electrical connection of the Roku TV.

A Wall Outlet Connection

If you cannot find a USB port on the TV, you can still power your Roku stick via a power adapter plugged into the wall. The power adapter comes with the Roku.

Reasons Behind Roku Low Power Issue

Some of the most common reasons behind Roku’s low power are given below:

  • If someone uses cheap or older USB cables to provide a proper amount of power to Roku. An inefficient cable won’t do any good anyway.
  • A different USB port might be providing low power to the Roku device.

What are the low-power indicators on the Roku device? We’ll discuss them in the next section.

Roku “Low Power” Indicators

The Roku Streaming Stick and players can be charged by connecting with the TV’s USB port. These are USB-powered interfaces.

Besides, this power supply does not always prove to be sufficient enough.

Roku players use two different ways to indicate low power. Those are:

  • The red power flashing light
  • The ‘low power warning on the screen

You might see your device working with lower voltage, but this can lead to crashing, instability, or other issues. Hence, fix it right away using the right techniques.

The Red Flashing Light

Roku players come with a light on the unit’s front. Normally, this light remains white. It only flashes when the remote control buttons are pressed, and the remote works.

It flashes RED indicating danger when your Roku has inadequate power.

Note: You should remember that if you see a solid red light that is not flashing, it shows overheating.

You are advised to unplug and remove your Roku player instantly and allow it to cool down before trying again.

The ‘Low Power’ Warning on the Screen

When your Roku player or Roku Streaming Stick receives low-power signals from your TV, you will see the succeeding message after the device boots up.

The error message says: “ power.’ Or you might also see an alternative ‘Insufficient Power’ message.

For further information on insufficient power issues, continue reading.

The First Thing to Do After the Issue

After seeing the low power issue for the first time, you can follow these steps:

  1. Unplug The device.
  2. Get the USB connector cord out of the device.
  3. Wait for a few minutes.
  4. Plug the USB cord again into the device.
  5. Power on the device.
  6. See if your Roku red light is still flashing.

No wonder Roku products are the leading streaming service devices available.

Despite using less power for operations, its online content is high-quality and allows you to access many channels.

How much power does Roku consume?

You might be wondering how much power Roku consumes; power is an ongoing necessity for Roku devices.

Usually, Roku players and sticks consume a small amount of energy when in use.

Roku streaming players and devices consume very less power.

Your 4K HDR content with a Roku Ultra device takes up to 4.5 watts. For your Roku Stick, it will take around 3 watts.

Tip: Want plenty of power for your device? Use the Roku power cord or Roku adapter that came along with your device at first. Plug it directly into a wall power source.

Some Easy Fixes for Roku Insufficient Power

We have compiled some easy fixes to help you address Roku power requirements.

  • Cross-check if you are using any dysfunctional USB cable other than the official Roku cable. If so, replace it immediately. It has a lower voltage triggering the problem. Replace any cheap USB power cable with the provided Roku USB power supply, and enjoy higher Roku’s best results. 
  • Try to plug it into a different USB port: It might address your power problem. As mentioned earlier, its USB ports have various power ratings. So, a different power outlet might be a great help. It has worked for many Roku users.
  • Use the wall outlet directly: Connect Roku to a power outlet. The wall power sources have additional advantages. It gives the correct voltage for your Roku model enabling the devices to run faster and more efficiently than a TV connection. Avoid using excess extension cords for Roku’s best performance. 
  • Connect the adapter: Check if it is firmly attached to the Roku device. You can test it to ensure it’s correctly plugged into the socket. If it is loose, an ample power supply will not be possible.
  • Use HDMI cables: HDMI cable or power extension cables to pair the television and Roku. It sometimes goes wrong. The extender overheats the device, and then you see this message. So, ensure that you remove all the extensions.
  • Clear Roku cache.

Let’s find out more about clearing the cache because it might be a problem if you are using this product for the first time.

Clear the Roku Cache

To suggest something different, clearing up your Roku cache might be a good idea.

Now that you have connected your Roku player directly to a wall power outlet through its power cord adapter, you still notice crashes and instability in your Roku operations.

This indicates that you will need to clear your cache.

Several issues such as app crashing, screen freezing, sound going up, TV buffering, and more, can be the outcomes of your Roku cache.

The following steps will help you through the process of clearing up your cache:

Press the home button on your remote. You will land on the main screen.

Wait for 2 to 3 seconds.

Enter the following combination on the remote:

  1. Hold the home button (x5)
  2. Up button: (x1)
  3. Rewind button: (x2)
  4. Fast forward button: (x2)

Note: Press the buttons non-stop, one after the other.

Roku will reboot once or twice. Allow it time to show you the home screen for at least 10 seconds. You can then use Roku again.

And there you go! Your issues are gone since your cache is cleared.

Wrapping UP

The occasional irritable behavior on your Roku hardware is super easy to handle.

Crashing, freezing, buffering and low performance of Roku is normally just a Roku adapter away!

We hope this post provided you with detailed information on the reasons for the low power problem on your Roku and simple DIY ways to resolve Roku’s low power common issues.

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