How To Reset A Keyless Entry Door Lock With Ease? (Complete Guide with Steps)

Resetting a keyless door lock is an easier task if you’ve your manual. But in case you lose it, and you want to reset the door lock code for any reason, I’ll tell you how to do it.

There are different kinds of digital door locks, so we have a couple of ways to tackle the issue.


  1. The first step starts when you take out the screws from the internal faceplate.
  2. Next, to reset the code on the door lock, take off the digital lock with the screwdrivers.
  3. Take off the backplate and turn the digipad downwards. Notice the red screws. These are the main actors.
  4. If you’re still questioning how to reset the door code, you know it starts by taking out the external pad, removing the rubber back, and now using a screwdriver, taking out screws from the backplate.
  5. The backplate comes out, and the code that was previously chosen will be shown in red (as we’ve said earlier). Other colors like blue and black represent non-code buttons.
  6. You have to keep the ‘C’ button engaged in the entire process of shifting codes.
  7. Remove the buttons and set them aside carefully.
  8. Now is the time when you can reset the code. Replace the buttons with your new code.
  9. Put back the backboard and fix its screws.
  10. Don’t apply pressure or tighten the button.
  11. Insert the digital back into its place with the spindle.

Keyless locks are also called ‘smart locks’. They are called ‘keyless’ because instead of keys, we have a code at the entrance.

The 11 steps that I’ve told you will help you get the code reset in 15 minutes or less.

How to Reprogram Electronic Door Lock Using a Manual

This method is when you have got your manual.


  1. Read the user manual and find the code given there.
  2. Given the written code in the keypad, the door should unlock.
  3. Next, press the ‘C’ button to clear the code.
  4. Decide the code and put it in.
  5. Try locking the door with the new code and see if it unlocks.
  6. It’ll unlock, and you’ll have the new code.

Next, let’s look at things that you need to keep in check.

Things to Take Care of When You Reset Door Code

The main purpose behind using a keyless door lock is to protect your house and loved ones from uninvited guests or visitors. Considering this, it’s important to be careful about certain things.

  1. DO NOT use your birth date, your child’s or parent’s birth date, or your anniversary date because these are obvious giveaways.
  2. Most digipads do not offer pattern locks, but even if yours do, please don’t use them because they are easy for intruders to get hold of.
  3. It’s smart to start your passcode with a number. It’s safer than letters.
  4. When you first install the keyless lock, the first thing is to reset the default password so remember to do that.
  5. We have codes for our banks, social accounts, and everything else. What you should do is never keep the passcode the same. If you do that, it’ll be like sticking one’s neck out for the attack.
  6. Press in the code quickly. You usually get 5 seconds for each key press.
  7. Keylock codes are easy to reset if you have a manual, so keeping them saved is important.
  8. If there’s no way to recollect the memory of the password, call a locksmith to help you. You can also contact the company where you bought it from, and they’ll help you set the password.

These are some important tips to take care of before getting to the how-to reset digital lock part.

Tips to Remember Your Passcode

It’s normal to forget the keylock code because we’re not constantly locking and unlocking the door, unlike our phones. But, there are some measures that you can take to keep the code in mind.

  1. Once you set the code, you can write it in a notebook or your phone’s notes, but it must be written somewhere.
  2. If you’re unlucky with memory matters, use a tagline to create a password that you always remember. For example, this is your password 9MJO. 9th is the first date of your job, M is for McDonald’s, and J and O stand for JOJO, which is your dog’s name. These kinds of combinations secure your passwords while making them interesting enough to stick to your memory.
  3. Take your name and associate it with digits. Don’t get it? If your name is ALEX, you can choose 4 for A, 7 for L, 3 for E, and 8 for X. The numbers are random and resemble the letters, so they are secure and easy to remember because one never forgets their name, right?
  4. Repeat the passcode you’ve set in your mind throughout the day. Write it down a couple of times and even try unlocking the keylock with the code every once in a while.
  5. Instead of panicking about forgetting the password, you should sit and relax. Try to track when was the last time you tried it.

Sometimes remembering even the easiest things becomes a challenge, but you don’t have to worry. You’re a human, and this is normal, so look for solutions immediately.

If you’ve broken the lock to unlock it, the best-selling keyless door keypad locks are here.

Best Selling Digital Locks in 2022


August is a brand that offers smart products with home automation abilities through a mobile app. It’s affordable and smart, which makes it a top choice for security homeowners.

These locks are easy to install and have security features like two-way authentication and phone loss tracking.


UltraLoq allows users complete control over their home security, especially the entrance.

Smart locks by UltraLoq are 6-in-1 with fingerprint and touch capabilities.

The installation is DIY-supportive and user-friendly. You can control the smart lock system from anywhere with your smartphone.


Kwikset makes it easy for you by eliminating the struggle to remember your password.

Traditional Kwikset locks come with a fingerprint so there is no need to remember the entry locks.

The best thing is that Kwikset allows you to reset your lock key by yourself through the mobile app in case of vulnerability.


Schlage facilitates the users to create 100 plus access keys for visitors, which protects your entry code.

It has voice control and a touch screen, so there’s hardly any chance that you’ll have to do anything, fearing that it can get stolen.


Your security should be a priority considering the burglary rates. But, if you don’t want to go for an overall security system, a good smart lock will be enough.

You can control it from anywhere with a smart mobile app. There are no subscription fees but an overall cost that you pay at the time of buying.

I’ve listed some of the top-selling brands of smart locks, and you can use the resources to explore your options.

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