iPhone Home Security Systems

Security is among the top concerns for people today. With burglar reports coming out every 25.7 seconds of the day, it will only favor us if we prepare beforehand.

To have a security monitoring system installed at your place, you don’t have to go all overboard with the right size and 24/7 monitoring. You can integrate your security system into your iPhone and get about going in 30 minutes.

Apple, ADT, FrontPoint, Vivint, Ring, and many other security systems are good options to connect with your iPhone. You’ll just have to verify if they offer what you’re looking for. Or… you can just read this blog.

Let us begin with iPhone home security cameras because that’s the number 1 thing you may have on your mind regarding your protection.

iPhone Home Security Camera

iPhone is the one brand that sells almost everything of its own. When you Google iPhone home security cameras, you’ll get a good list of Apple home kits with its top 4 cameras, including doorbells.

  • Logitech circle view wired doorbell

Encrypted data storage

Smart recognition

Flexible to record particulars only

Storage ease

  • Logitech circle view Apple home kit enabled security camera

1080p resolution

Night vision optimized

High-quality sensors

Weather-resistant with mounting walls

  • Eve cam

Supports Apple videos

Maximum data security

Easy to install

Motion detection

End-to-end protected

  • Eufy camera 2 pro wireless home security camera  

2K Detection

Repeater mode

Military-grade encryption

Smart integration

Human detection

All these iPhone security cameras come under a very affordable price range, each with its features.

iPhone Home Security System Monitoring

Home security monitoring is essential not only when you are away but also when you are present at home. Do you want to know why?

A study shows that 26% of burglaries happen when a person is at home. This means that you need to be vigilant even when you are at home, and that’s sometimes difficult because you are juggling between different tasks.

iPhone home security system monitoring comes in handy in such an instance. It has numerous benefits to celebrate.

Here are some of the perks of home security monitoring.

1.   Break-in Protection

A security system monitoring works its best when there’s space for you to get caught off guard.

Usually, burglars enter a home through the front door, but this can be prevented with security monitoring. If you’re using a good system, it’ll notify you even before the intruders approach your door so you can be ready and alert.

If you’re not home, the security monitoring system can notify your service providers, and they dispatch security police right away to protect your loved ones and your valuables.

2.   Fire and Smoke Alerts

Okay, so one fine evening, you are in your kid’s room, and you completely forgot about the chicken in the oven.

What now?

The monitoring equipment will alert you first with notifications and then with sound. It’s just like having an assistant taking care of you all the time.

3.   Emergency Calls

The monitoring security system also serves a reasonable purpose in tackling emergencies. This happens with the help of motion detectors in place.

Besides, if you have kids or pets alone and playfully do something alarming, the sensors will notify you immediately.

A good security system monitors even the smallest of details, so you have the help at the right time.

4.   Guest Authentication

A good reason for installing security systems at your home is that everything is verified. You have a parcel guy, and the security doorbell will show you his face first. You can decide if you want to go all the way to open the door or just unlock it from where you are.

Other instances can include when you have to leave early, and the nanny has not yet arrived. You are on your way when she comes, but the kids are alone in the house.

You can conveniently see her through the security camera app that’s installed on your phone and let her go inside.

5.   Automated Approach

There was a time when automation was considered the future, but now it’s here. It’s present, and your security monitoring is leveraging it to the fullest.

A good security system will have you control your lighting, temperature, and locks with just a click of your phone.

You can use the mobile app for advanced controls from anywhere around the world. It’s like you’ve got an extra pair of eyes at home to look after your kids and house.

Security systems are becoming common as people become more aware of the possibilities and protection measures. The market for security monitoring has also grown massively over the last decade, which also stresses society’s need for better and smart homes.

iPhone Home Security Systems

Having iPhone security cameras installed is not enough. You may want a complete security system for your home monitoring that’s also easy to link to your iPhone. In that case, you’ll need to look for security systems that aren’t basically from Apple.

Here is a list of characteristics of the systems that you can try.


ADT security systems are old players of the team. They offer professional installation with extensive monitoring.

The main reason the ADT security system is on the list is its compatibility with the Apple home kit (that we discussed above). At the same time, it also provides a good match with iPhone so apple users can get complete control of their security measures.


Vivint has been one of the security companies to have overall application support. It runs well with android and iOS alike.

With iOS version 13.0+, Vivint gives top security system connections to Apple devices. Apple users can install the Vivint app and set security protocols for themselves.


FrontPoint is a security monitoring system with around 4 stars on the Apple store, which speaks of the brand’s services.

All iPhones can install and start using the FrontPoint application on the go. It has robust and reliable security monitoring equipment that iPhone users can depend on and manage with their phones.


The Ring security system is among the top 5 systems for iPhone. It stands at 4.5 positive reviews on the iOS store. Its security monitoring system is iPhone-friendly.

Its security equipment comes with 2-way authentication, HD video recording, and advanced motion detection with automation.

There are other features as well, but the mentioned ones are what iPhone users appreciate in the reviews.

Apple also has its security cameras and doorbells, but the additional security systems are all-encompassing and can easily connect to Apple’s security devices.


Security is our primary need, and in lives so chaotic, we need a sense of security to be in comfort.

For your peace of mind, if you’re planning to have an advanced security system installed at your place, I would suggest you choose the ones with the best iPhone integration qualities to avoid any mishandling in the future.

You can choose the ones mentioned in this blog or do your research to best suit your security needs.

So.. comment down your preferred security system for iPhone security to discuss and exchange ideas about the subject.

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