Nest Thermostat Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi? (Try These Fixes)

The Nest thermostat by Google is a must-have device whether you live in a colder region or a hotter one. It not only controls the temperature but is also efficient in energy consumption.

The temperature simulator works with an HVAC system and wireless networks.

Nest thermostats can sometimes have connection issues when the Wi-Fi router is too far due to the lack of signal strength. It’s one of the common problems for Nest thermostat users.

Fortunately, you can fix these issues in different ways discussed in this blog post.

Let’s dive into the details.

Nest Thermostat Offline: How to Fix?

Smart devices like Nest’s thermostat need a strong Wi-Fi connection to work optimally, so you must fix the connectivity issues as soon as possible.

Sometimes it’s Nest that is experiencing an interruption in services. Other times it’s your internet.

To fix the offline or low internet connection issues, you need to ensure that your smart thermostat is connected to the internet.

You can then go and type the network name. If that doesn’t work either, the next step is to reboot the device.

The last option is to contact your internet service provider to discuss the Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Don’t know how to do it? We’ll give you a stepwise guide to work with. Buckle up.

Check Nest’s Network Compatibility

One of the first things you need to fix is going to your Nest learning thermostat device and its network settings.

Nest has this brief list of the networks its devices are compatible with. Please give it a rundown and see whether your network type or service provider is mentioned.

We will tell you the type of Wi-Fi devices that are incompatible with the Nest thermostat only because they have an older software version that isn’t supported by the Google Nest thermostat.

WPA and WEP Home Wi-Fi

If you have basic WPA and WEP network devices, know that Google Nest will not work well with them. These are older versions and not as secure as Nest would prefer.

You need to level up to the latest version that goes by WPA2 + PSK or WPA3 + PSK with robust features and stronger Wi-Fi signals.

Use the Updated Software Version for Google Nest Thermostat

You can seamlessly access your google home app with a Wi-Fi connection.

In case of connectivity problems, you should try to update your device with the newest software version.

Google usually reminds you of pending updates, but if you miss them, you can go to your Google Home app to see if there are updates to be installed.

Regular updates check for a smart device to work in harmony with other compatible devices.

A thing to remember is that some updates by Google restrict the functionality, so you should be paying attention to the software updates you are accepting.

Ensure Router’s Connectivity

You must check your router’s connectivity to the internet if your Google Nest thermostat is offline.

You’ll only need your phone to make sure there’s no obstruction in router connectivity with the internet. 

Steps to Check the Connection

  1. Set your mobile phone on ‘Airplane mode.’
  2. Turn the Wi-Fi on.
  3. Connect with Nest home or other wireless devices that you use.
  4. If other devices work fine, but Nest doesn’t, it’s probably the issue of your nest thermostat and not the router.

You may also need to restart the router to stay on the safe side, so there are no possibilities of losing connectivity to the Wi-Fi chip.

Reset Your Router Device

Your Nest thermostat must start working with the Wi-Fi after the reset. If it doesn’t, you may need to reset the router.

  1. Unplug the device from electricity sources.
  2. Please wait for 30 to 40 seconds before you plug it back in.
  3. Plugin the switch and try connecting other devices like your smartphone app to see if the internet is working.

When you don’t see a problem with the wireless network, know that it’s time to reset your Nest thermostat.

You can also explore router settings for better coverage.

Look into the Device Settings

In case the router is working well, but your Nest is not, the good idea is to sneak a peek into the thermostat’s factory defaults.

There are simple steps to consider. We will tell you how to reboot your Nest device and reset your router.

Reboot Nest Thermostat

Rebooting the thermostat device is one of the easy fixes with no effort required. You just have to follow the steps.

  1. Go to the Nest’s smartphone app
  2. Click ‘Menu.’
  3. Click ‘Settings’
  4. Click ‘Restart’ among the options.

The device will turn off and restart automatically. A green blinking light will be a sign that the Nest thermostat is restarting.

If the issue doesn’t resolve, you can reach out to Google’s support forums for further assistance.

Nest at Low Battery

Your Nest thermostat may be showing a connectivity error message because of the low battery. There is a red light on the display screen of the smart thermostat device that indicates a low battery.

You must immediately charge the smart Nest device when you notice the low battery signal because the Nest thermostat disconnects from connected devices when low the battery.

The only reason behind the shutdown is to save energy so the thermostat can work for a bit more time.

You must take care not to overcharge the thermostat, as it will only deteriorate the battery life. Instead, you can try to connect it to the charger when there’s a need.

However, you can also try to use a C wire rather than the common wire that usually comes with the devices.

These are the top 5 possible reasons why your Nest thermostat is not connected to Wi-Fi. There can be a couple of other common issues.

Nest Won’t Find Wi-Fi – Easy Fix!

If your Nest device won’t find the network, then it’s a device issue. In such a situation, the first thing to do is to turn off all other connections from bedroom appliances or the Google home device.

They can be a hindrance in the flow of signals.

Investing in a robust Wi-Fi adapter can be a real movement here. It will help circulate the signals throughout the place and improve connectivity.

You can then connect to multiple devices at a time with no low connectivity issues.

If the Nest thermostat is unable to find the Wi-Fi despite the reboot and all other precautionary steps, then it’s the walls of the room restricting the network’s access to your device.

Anything that’s like brick or concrete can be a signal stopper. Moving your Wi-Fi router closer to the Nest thermostat will equip the device to connect seamlessly.

Nest Can’t Find a Network – Here’s What to Do

Your Wi-Fi may be working fine, but the Nest thermostat device is unable to discover it. It’s an access point issue in most cases.

You can try all the ways given above or reset your Wi-Fi password because you can connect your router to multiple devices at once. This hinders the Nest thermostat’s internet connectivity.

We are using Wi-Fi 24/7 when at home so that the Wi-Fi devices can wear out. This is also why Nest can’t find Wi-Fi.

Restarting or connecting the device again within a couple of minutes can also help in this circumstance.

Whether it’s security cameras or the thermostat, Nest products only work with 2.4 and 5 GHz networks.

The Wi-Fi is either one of these or both. A dual-band router is a helpful tool to overcome this problem.


Using a Nest thermostat is a life-changing addition to improving the quality of your life, but it won’t serve the purpose to its truest means if the network connection is a problem.

You must get started on the solution if you face a connectivity issue.

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