Smartphone Home Security System

Gone are the times when smartphones were used only as a device to call and text. These days, around 33 million Americans use their smartphones for automatic unlocking, thermostat controls, and security alerts.

As security concerns grow among the common public, security systems started offering smartphone security apps so users can have better control over their home security.

Some of the popular smartphone home security systems include Vivint, FrontPoint, ADT, and a couple of others. The security services they offer are compatible with iOS and Android alike.

Let us dive into the subject and discover which smartphone security system will be your perfect match.

Home Security System Smartphone

By now, you are acquainted with how you can use smartphones for different purposes. One of the tops remains security system integration through security system applications.

But what options do you have? And which one should you go for?

Here is the list to guide you through.

1.   Vivint Smartphone Security

Vivint is a known name in innovative home security systems. Why is it the first choice for a home security system? Let me present a list.

  • Vivint gives full access to your smartphone security
  • It doesn’t bind you to contracts
  • It has feature-rich products
  • It’sIt’s professionally installed due to high-quality products with no extra charges

Vivint security comes in handy with home automation and third-party smartphone app linking. The smart home pros that install the security system in your homes make sure your devices are working well with the system.

2.   FrontPoint Smartphone Security

FrontPoint security systems are designed specifically for individuals who prefer smart homes and constant connection.

What FrontPoint Offers?

  • Installation ease (either DIY or professional help)
  • Quick smartphone app integration
  • Wide variety of sensors
  • Advanced video integration

FrontPoint security system smartphone application gives users the freedom to define their security terms and monitor their homes from anywhere around the world.

3.   ADT Smartphone Security System

ADT is a 145-year-old security system that has been protecting its users for decades. It held streaming waters with its premium customer services.

I’m referring to this here: When you place your order for ADT security services, their smart home professional comes and studies the project for appropriate product placement on the premises.

What ADT smartphone security offers:

  • Premium security services
  • Smart monitoring and control
  • A wide range of home automation options

Customers like you and me prefer quality over anything. We understand that the participants who have been there for the longest must have something that they can still counter their competitors.

The insights were into the smartphone security systems that you can use when you know the potential and peace of mind you get with a sense of security.

And, there are some clear benefits of using a smartphone security system. 

Smartphone Home Security

It’s a one-time decision, but the impact is for a longer period. What you can do is judge and choose the right services.

What does smartphone home security give back to its users? Why is it becoming common every day? You’ll get your answers in this section.

1.   Instant Alerts

I am a fan of smartphone home security systems for one main reason: AUTO ALERTS. When your smartphone is linked to your security system, you can be sure that it is safe and protected.


The system you installed is smart enough to detect any unlawful or abnormal activity and notify you immediately to get quick action without wasting time.

2.   Connected 24/7

Smartphone security systems are wireless. With no wires in place, it’s only out of the blue that you get disconnected from the security system at home.

There will be no interruption in video or camera recording, the motion detectors will work as they are supposed to, and you’ll be sure that all are well.

3.   Smart Automation

A sound security system always comes with home automation features. One of the best reasons for using automation is convenience.

You can unlock your doors and windows with just a click. Turning the lights or other electronic devices on and off is also more accessible now.

If you’ve babies, you won’t have security concerns because smart devices are watching them.

4.   No Remote Restrictions

For a working parent or child, it’s important to stay alert all the time, even if they are out for work trips.

They are always distracted with different things in mind regardless of the caretaker’s presence.

When I used to go on weekend trips or nights out with my friends, I always worried about kids back home if I didn’t ask anybody to babysit.

But now, things have changed.

I just peek into the live camera recordings and switch between rooms to see what’s happening there. Sometimes when we have a visit back home with no adult presence, we can instantly talk to them through 2-way smart communication. That too, from anywhere!

5.   Emergency Alerts

Emergency alerts are transmitted to you with your security system’s smartphone integration.

The emergency alerts can include sensor notifications, fire or burglar alarms, smoke alerts, and anything that you want to fit in there to stay in touch.

You will just need to connect devices using a Wi-Fi connection or, better, ensure that your security system does well with third-party devices and applications to have a smooth experience.


The security systems for your homes can be expensive, but you’ll always have the choice to settle for your range. However, investing in a smart home isn’t a waste of money. It’s an investment.

For advanced features like 2-way communication and HD filming, you will have to use a system that’s providing your value for money.

If you are already using a security system that you’re not happy with, it’s never too late the switch, and if not, which of the security systems do you think will be good for your home?

You can use the comment section under this blog to give your opinion. I’ll be waiting to discuss this with you so we can come to better conclusions.

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