Toshiba Fire TV Keeps Turning Off

You were falling in love with your new Toshiba Fire TV every passing day, but now it keeps turning off on its own.

There could be several issues with why your Toshiba Fire TV is turning off automatically. It could be a software issue, the TV might need an update, or the sleep timer setup might be programmed to shut off at a specific time.

The good thing is that the solutions are simple.

You don’t need professional help to fix these issues. We’ll help you know the source of the problem and learn the simple ways to fix it. Let’s find out!

Why Does Your Toshiba Fire TV Keep Turning off?

TVs don’t turn off automatically unless there is an underlying issue. If your Toshiba Fire TV is losing screen power or shutting down, several reasons can be.

Some of the reasons are:

  • Fluctuating power issues.
  • LED failure.
  • Overheating of the machine.
  • Sleep timer or TV inactivity.
  • Malfunction with the remote control.
  • Faulty HDMI cable.
  • A REGZA-Link signal issue
  • Required software updates

Now, among a dozen possible causes of such malfunction, you must be craving a reasonable solution that stops your TV from switching off.

Does Toshiba Fire TV Have A Sleep Timer?

Yes. The Toshiba Fire TV device has a sleep timer. You’ll need to press and hold the home button on the remote control for 5 seconds.

A menu will appear on the screen’s lower side. You can then select a sleep mode and set the amount of time you want.

Tip: The sleep timer activates without redirecting the system to the Home page. You can continue watching your show.

Initially, your TV is auto-set to turn off after five to ten minutes of inactivity. It serves for power conservation and the TV screen. You can fix it any time if you don’t want this setting.

Use the following steps to turn off the sleep timer:

  1. Go to your TV settings
  2. Find “Clock” or “Timer.” Click on it.
  3. Turn off the inactivity timer.

This prevents your smart TV from turning off when you are away for a few minutes.

How to Stop Toshiba Fire TV From Turning Off?

You can prevent this obnoxious experience of the TV going off now and then by following some tried and true tips that we’ll share with you. These tips will only take a few minutes to fix the issue.

Let’s look into the details of some easy steps you can take to stop Toshiba TV from turning off.

Check The Power Cable

You should first check the TV’s power supply cord. If the power cord is not functioning well, it can interrupt the flow of power to the smart TV, causing it to turn off.

The power cable can malfunction even on brand-new smart devices.

Not to forget, the socket in which the cord is plugged might also be the culprit. Be it the wall socket, surge protector, or extension cable. Any of these can create issues at any time.

Monitor LED Failure Or Overheating

Toshiba Smart TV comes with a 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) display. These displays comprise Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panels.

The panels are backlit with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Sometimes one or more LED strips start failing. This results in the screen turning off from time to time.

The TV’s surrounding warm environment or location can heat it and turn it off. If your TV is placed near the kitchen or a heater can result in a bad user experience for you, leaving the device hot.

The dust built up in the TV’s vent often causes the appliance to heat up.

Fix & Clean The Remote Control

You should first try to find an easy fix to the problem. The small or Fire stick’s power source may sometimes be sticking, causing your Toshiba TV to keep turning off.

You should make a routine of cleaning the remote buttons to make it work. Use a household cleaner and a q-tip to reach the very narrow openings. You can check if now your TV is turning off or not.

Or sometimes, your Amazon Fire TV stick’s battery might also be weak or completely dead. It might send a signal to the TV to turn it off. You’ll have to get new batteries once you find out about this problem.

There may be another case too. If your whole house uses the same remote for multiple TVs, then the remote may have got hit by someone.

It might cause TVs in other rooms to turn off. This doesn’t work at a far distance, but TVs in the next rooms might get affected.

Try turning on your TV from another room. If it turns on, then this could be the cause.

Disconnect The HDMI Cable

Your Toshiba TV has a variety of different audio and video inputs. It needs to receive high-definition signals from your cable box or satellite dish using an HDMI cable.

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the most widely used HD signal for transferring high-definition audio and video signals through one cable.

Any faults in HDMI cause the TV screen to turn off if the TV is connected to other devices like a gaming console or a tablet PC.

You should disconnect the HDMI connection in this case and get a new one.

Disconnect Wifi and Smart Assistant

The most enticing feature of a smart TV is its direct online streaming feature through an Ethernet cable or wifi connection.

It is also called the Smart Assistant Interference of a smart TV.

A few Toshiba TV appliances also come with built-in integration with Alexa, making you control your TV with voice commands.

You can even get Alexa’s help to perform certain tasks automatically by setting a smart routine.

These smart features are comforting to the users, but sometimes they may cause interruptions in TV performance. It can shut down randomly.

You should disconnect the wifi network for a few days. This will cut off all the built-in programs like Alexa from interfering with your TV.

Disable REGZA-Link

Toshiba Smart TVs have a function that controls HDMA called REGZA-Link. It lets you manage multiple devices connected to the TV through HDMI with only one remote control.

So if you turn on a game console that is a connected device to your TV, the REGZA-Link will automatically turn the TV on and shift to the input you are currently using.

With many external devices connected, the Regza-Link might stop working as one of those devices sends out false signals.

You can disable it from your TV settings menu. Navigate to the REGZA-Link and turn it off.

Update the Software Or Firmware Bug

If the TV’s software or firmware is outdated, it develops performance issues. Such as turning off the TV on its own.

A few software have bugs from the beginning. They need an update to get rid of them. Besides, some updates invite bugs and glitches into the system. But it depends on your age and your TV model.

If you find out that your TV is turning off when you open any Amazon Fire TV app, this indicates inconsistencies between the TV and the mobile app’s cached data.

See if the TV has a Fire TV software or firmware update available. To check this, you can go to Settings, click on Devices and Software and choose About.

If you find the option to “Install System Update,” tap on it. In older and different models of Toshiba TV, you can get the upgrade option under “Get Help” in the Menu section.

You should also clear the apps’ cache from the Settings menu button to remove any interrupting data and enhance the TV’s performance.    

These were some of the possible reasons you face the irritating issue of your Toshiba Fire TV device turning off repeatedly.

How to Reset Your Fire TV Device?

If your TV keeps turning off, and you’ve tried everything on hand, you should reset your smart television to factory settings. You can reboot and restart Fire TV by using the following steps:

  1. Unplug the TV from the wall socket.
  2. Press the Power button.
  3. Hold it for a few seconds.
  4. Plug it again.
  5. Check out the TV.

You can always use the “factory reset” by using your TV’s settings to set the TV’s factory default settings. This magical option resets the television as if it is brand new.

Finally, if nothing works for you, you can contact Toshiba customer support for help.

Wrapping Up

Smart TVs add value to our lives but can cause frustration by rebooting or turning off on their own.

Using the steps given above, you will get to know where the issue is coming from and how you can resolve it.

By implementing the majority of these fixes at home, you can again enjoy your new Toshiba Smart television in no time.

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