Wired Home Security Systems

Yes, wireless is tempting – but it is way more than that. I suggest you not jump into what looks good but always weigh more into what gives you an edge when it comes to perfecting your home security systems.

As per my experience and what most people have to say, wired home security systems are the best.

Wireless vs. Wired home security systems

Where everything these days is wireless, but you are not going to compromise your home security under peer pressure.

Look out for yourself when it comes to choosing the best home security systems, weighing what matters the most and what does not. I have experienced a few ups and down in finding the best alarm system for my home.

From price to the best features, numerous factors contribute to choosing a security system that does not only offer the best protection but also mental satisfaction.

This past year, I have been using a wired security system(switched from wireless).

You may ask why. So, here are some of the great differences I have found between the two.

Needs to be properly installed, internal or external wiring is required by a professionalReady to use, plug and play, with some settings that need to be done.
Portability is tiresome; you need to remove, change or install new wiringHighly portable
Highly protective against interference; minimum to zero chances of false alarmCan be interfered with other radio signals; more chances of false alarm
Wired security systems offer constant power to camerasWireless systems need battery changes time and again
Low cost, but requires professional installationCostly, but can be installed by yourself if you have previous installation experience
The number of cameras you use with wired systems is limitedAny number of cameras can be connected

I went for a wired alarm system for my home as I needed to cover a lot. Depending on your personal preference is a wise choice to make the right purchase.

Best wired home security system to get your hands on!

Stability and reliable connection that does not allow interference make the best overall wired home security systems for you to go for.

How does wired home security system work?

Hardwire security systems have wires

Some of the best-wired home security system names in the market are, Arlo, ring, and blink. I also have a personal experience with Arlo as my sister has it in her home and guess who helped with the selection, installation, and setting up? Your’s only!

What you should expect from a home security system?

Having first-hand experience with some of the best wired and wireless home siren systems, I would love to let you know what all of these wired home security systems have to offer when it comes to ultimate protection and convenience with their amazing features.

  • Low-cost wireless security
  • Their feed to the hub is highly secure and unbreakable, some of the credit surely goes to a wired connection, but not all wired systems are adequate.
  • They offer strong signals, unlike wireless systems to some extent.
  • Amongst other alternatives, these systems are flexible enough to connect more cameras as per your requirement.
  • For a wider view, you can easily set up 4 to 6 cameras at various locations.
  • These are perfect if you own the house and are not planning to move out any sooner.

 Hard-wired home alarm systems

Wandering through various systems, I ended up getting ADT, which offers the best security and all the basic and additional features that most of the home alarm systems fail to do so, but still, it doesn’t need to work fine for you as well, because remember what I said earlier, every system work differently for different needs.

I will be using this as a standard for the best hard-wired home alarm systems for their security.

 Hard-wired home alarm systems

If you want a complete indoor and outdoor security alarm set up at your home, you do not have to think twice while going for ADT.

In comparison to other alternatives;

I would say if you are in search of the best device that can be trusted whether you are at home or not. Speaking of one time best investment, it is quite expensive in comparison to other security cameras, but worth the price;

  • Professional installation is provided by the company for complete protection.
  • High-end surveillance system for a better view of remote places.
  • It has multiple monitoring stations if you get the whole package. If one goes down, it does not mean that you are being left unprotected. Professional monitoring starts if you have professional assistance.
  • It offers a fast response time in comparison to wireless systems as they can interfere with outside radio signals from other devices.  

I was not expecting wired home security systems do it yourself with a wide range of surveillance cameras out there – but ADT gives you an edge to set up on your own.

What a steal!

Security system for pre-wired home; Do’s & Don’ts

No doubt pre-wired home offers much more flexibility in adding a security camera, but there is not much difference in the type of security system for the pre-wired home you are going to get, but the wiring.


  • Check wiring compatible alarm systems and go for them to avoid new wiring.
  • Consider going for hybrid security systems for your pre-wired home as it does not only offer the best security but also provide flexibility when it comes to installation or setup.
  • If you already have security alarm system wiring in your space, then adding or changing the device will not be a problem. The best part about a pre-wired home is that you can save a lot of money on wiring throughout the house for the new system you want to install.


  • Try not to leave any wiring outside the walls or must set them in hidden spots or else it can easily get tempered by burglars.
  • Even if you are experienced, get professional help for installing new security devices as you do not want to leave the protection of your house on some unprofessional work.
  • Keep checking the wiring time and again for internal damage for the ultimate working of the device.

What to look for in hardwire home security systems?

If you are new to home security or do not have much knowledge, here are some of the most important factors(features and specifications) you should not compromise on when it comes to buying a new home security system or upgrading your old one.

  • Self-monitoring vs. professional monitoring
  • Installation
  • Smart platform integration (Google or Alexa)

Besides these features, know that the device you are going to get comes with all the basic components that make any security system the best for you.

  • Security camera; indoor and outdoor
  • Audio and video doorbells
  • Motion detectors
  • Two-way communication
  • Window or door sensors
  • Base station
  • DVR or NVR (digital video recorder or network video recorder)
  • Storage space; local or cloud
  • Smart device integrations
  • Face detection
  • Night vision

It is easy to customize a home security package as per your convenience, need and requirements.

Bottom Line

Finally, once you have evaluated your concerns that help in making the right purchase decision, is time to go out into the market, looking for what you need.

Personal preferences like the size of your place you want security set for, the number of cameras you need, or if you would be adding more cameras in the future, you must go for an option that is flexible enough to save time, and effort, especially money.

You can get the best home security alarm system at a decent price without compromising the quality and performance, only if you know what features you need to look for.

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