Can I Use My Xfinity Security Camera Without Service?

A name that is familiar to most people, Xfinity offers home security technology that is affordable despite its high level of quality.

It is safe to say that they are one of the more well-known names on the internet, Xfinity TV, and mobile phone, among other things.

However, they have recently introduced a new service to their already extensive range — many of us are unaware of it.

There is no doubt that home security is a worthwhile investment, but some of you have been wondering: Is it feasible to use their Xfinity camera without service? Quite amazingly, the answer is a loud “YES!”

Xfinity Home Service: What Exactly Is It?

The Xfinity home system is arguably one of the better-known businesses out there for the Xfinity alarm system, Xfinity internet, cable TV, surveillance cameras, phones, video doorbell, garage door openers, smart locks, and other services like home station and Xfi gateway these in several different ways.

Being an overall home security provider, Xfinity Home Security Camera grants you ownership of the camera, allowing you to utilize it independently of the monitoring service.

To begin using it without service, you would have to go through a few steps to set up your IP camera without the Xfinity services. 

Having said that, if you are willing to put in a little bit of additional work, there is almost always a method to get around these difficulties.

Can Xfinity Home Security Work Without Service?

When you buy one of the Xfinity home camera security packages, you get to keep the camera even if you don’t want to get a paid subscription.

There are a few ways to get your Xfinity cameras working without a subscription. 

Early Termination Fee

First and foremost, if you wish to own cameras and keep them working without a  subscription service, making the first payment to be able to go through the Xfinity Early Termination Procedure is the best option to avoid the cancellation fee.

Moreover, purchasing it from the previous owners and then connecting the cable box and internet service is also a smart choice.

Early termination fee: The cost of an Early Termination Fee (ETF) varies based on the sort of agreement you’ve entered into and how far along you are in it.

For instance, if you are signed up for a 12-month contract, your ETF would begin at $110 and reduce by $10 each month until the 12 months are completed.

On the other hand, your ETF credit check would start at approximately $230 with a two-year contract and then fall by $10 each month until the time the whole 24 months is up.

Used Xfinity Cameras

On the other hand, you can also get used Xfinity cameras from prior owners and integrate them into existing DIY security systems.

All you need is an Xfinity camera, a pin, a Y-cable connector, and an internet connection that includes all the devices you want to access via your internet provider and the camera to set up your security system.

Additionally, you can get a good deal on a used system because it’s still reasonably new.

You are free to use the cameras and other home security equipment provided by the service to launch your local network connection even after your subscription has been canceled.

When you cancel your Xfinity Home Security subscription, you get to keep all of the equipment that comes with the system, even if you purchased it from someone or directly from Xfinity.

This is true regardless of where you purchased the Xfinity system from.

It’s true that without the subscription, you’ll be unable to take advantage of any previously included features, such as the Xfinity voice remote for X1 TV and live feeds.

However, the security system’s core functionality will remain intact.

How to Set Up the Xfinity Security Camera Without Xfinity Services?

Now that you know the camera can be yours without a subscription, you can set up your system. 

One crucial fact to remember about Xfinity cameras is that they can be used in whatever way it seems fit to you, software-wise.

Therefore, you won’t face any obstruction or challenge at this point.

However, you’ll need to reset them to their factory settings to use them without the need to disassemble the components or do anything of the sort.

However, the only tool you will require is a pin and a power adapter.

  • Press and hold the button for a short while, and it will reset itself for you promptly. You will find the reset button of the camera hidden on the inside of the device so that no one may press it by accident.
  • Next, you’ll need a Y cable connector, which will allow the cameras to connect to your home network. It’s also important to note that the camera’s power cord or adapter must be reset before it can be used.
  • After completing all of these steps, you will be able to connect to the Xfinity network at your home using either Ethernet cables or wireless connections.
  • The next step is to note the particular IP address of each camera you intend to set up later on.
  • After you have completed that step, everything after this point should proceed without a hitch.
  • The camera industry has pretty much standardized the IP protocol. As a result, a wide variety of respectable applications available on the market today may be used in conjunction with them.
  • Simply enter the IP addresses displayed on the camera(s), and it should immediately set itself up for you to use.

While do-it-yourself Xfinity Home installations are possible, experts are recommended for setup.

You will require professional installation if this is your first time using Xfinity or if it has been more than a year since you’ve had an Xfinity system in your home.

A trained technician is required to install advanced systems that have more than four individual pieces of hardware.

Xfinity; Overall Home Security System 

The Xfinity Home Security Package includes all the necessary components for a dependable alarm system that you can completely trust.

A touchscreen control center, a wireless keypad, door sensors, and window sensors are included in the starter kit.

Additionally, it offers remote access to various useful features you can arm and disarm the system using a touchscreen control center. 

The motion sensors have an astoundingly wide weight range, which is the feature that has left us feeling the most awed.

These security sensors are resistant to the effects of pets and can overlook motion up to 85 pounds in weight.

If you have a big dog or kids who like to remain home alone, this is a great feature because it prevents false alarms from being set off by the pets or the kids.

The Xfinity Home app gives you further control over your home by allowing you to connect accessories, such as an indoor and outdoor camera, a Zen thermostat, a smoke detector, and an outlet controller.

Features of the Xfinity Home Security System

Xfinity gives control to your hands with nifty smart features that distinguish it from other alternatives, including;

Battery and Cellular Backup – Even if the power goes out, your house and family will remain protected by your security system because it is equipped with both power and cellular backup.

However, keep in mind that the connection used for monitoring by Xfinity Home is broadband, making it less dependable and slower than cellular monitoring.

Xfinity App Support – The Xfinity Mobile app is supported by every Xfinity system that offers live video.

You can monitor your property from nearly any location on the planet. The app is not particularly impressive in terms of its design or ease of use, but it works.

Push Notifications– If your security camera identifies motion or a security breach takes place, you will receive an immediate notification on your mobile app.

In other words, if there is any suspicious activity going on, you will be the first person to find out about it using its two-way audio services.

Video Monitoring – Although Xfinity only provides a single HD camera, you are free to place it either inside or outside your home.

When upgrading to the premium plan, you may use their backup service to save up to 7 days’ worth of video recording across up to 4 cameras.

Access Via Television – Let your television serve as the interface for your smart home devices and automation system.

You may control it with either the remote for your TV or by using your voice. Current Xfinity X1 customers are eligible to make use of this supplemental feature.

Smart Home Automation – Xfinity offers home automation services, among the products they sell are smart devices like smoke detectors, thermostats, security cameras (both inside and outside the house), and plug-in adapters.


Even though we would generally advise you to use Xfinity Internet service exclusively, we believe that investing in their complete home system would be a prudent option for you to consider.

Moreover, you can choose a convenient home security plan according to your needs and requirements.

From home to a  professional monitoring plan, you have the option to customize the equipment packages that best suit your home security needs for enhanced peace of mind.

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