Amazon Home Security Cameras

It never was easy and affordable to have good protection for your loved ones, valuables, and on the whole, your home.

Starting with the simplest camera for my home security, I am using Amazon home security cameras for ultimate protection around the house, indoors, and outdoors.

Bring your home security under one roof with Amazon home security cameras. With frequent updates, Amazon is offering ultimate security to your homes being an all-in-one hub for your security devices.

Home Security Cameras Amazon

Besides Amazon’s camera addition various devices are Alexa-compatible. They offer complete security from live monitoring to voice controls, light controls, auto-lock and unlock, sirens, security alerts, and much more.

Some of the most popular names in the security world that work with Amazon Alexa are;

Frontpoint home security

  • Alexa virtual assistance support voice commands
  • Voice-controlled security system access
  • Light on and off
  • Doorbell camera
  • Arm and disarm locks


  • Voice-controlled security system
  • Lighting
  • Security camera virtual access
  • Doorbell camera
  • Solar-powered outdoor cam

Besides these two most popular home security systems, Blink, ADT, and Arlo have made their way to the best Alexa-supported systems for home automation.

Connecting security systems to Alexa

Considering convenience and safety a priority, Amazon has made it easier for customers to connect their home security devices with Amazon virtual assistants, like Alexa.

Using Amazon security panel controller API you can connect any compatible device with your Amazon home security for better control and security.

What you must know; Limited connectivity

The security panel controller API is not available in most of the regions, just for now. Once connected to your security devices, you can access;

  • Home mode
  • Away mode
  • Night modes
  • Arming and disarming locks

Security Panel Controller API compatibility

There are a few high-end security system providers that allow security panel controller API compatibility for improved protection and affordable security without needing to change your whole security system.

  • Ping
  • ADT
  • Honeywell
  • Abode
  • Scout Alarm

If you already have Alexa, you can feasibly get your hands on any of these systems for security to save yourself time and money along with the effort in the search for the best home protection.

Amazon Security Camera

Oh so long!

All of you, especially the ones using Amazon Home Security have been waiting for home security cameras on amazon. Well, the latest addition to the Echo line is THE ECHO LOOK.

Specializing in the field of home security, Amazon announced its new intelligent security camera known as CLOUD CAM along with a smart locking service called Key.

The best part is that you can control both screens, keys, and other connected devices with your Amazon Alexa voice assistance in Echo speakers.

The Echo Look; Expectations

Well, where it adds a lot of convenience as a smart mirror, it has not yet reached the level of the best home security monitoring camera.

It surely gives you the option to look at yourself in a better way, but alongside that, if kept turned on, it can record all the activities, which surely cannot be called “the best home security cameras”.

You may have to wait a little longer for Amazon to excel in the particular security monitoring cameras.

Home Security Drone

Ambition and passion drive the best security. Speaking of the best security, Ring takes the flight to give you 360-degree coverage of your home.

Where were we living till now, right?

Being compatible with Alexa and Amazon, Ring’s new “Always Home Cam” is a home security drone camera that flies around inside your home to give you access to LITERALLY every corner of your home, a bird’s eye view.

Always Home Cam comes with a base station, where it lands, once the drone is done flying around the house completing its cycle. It lands on the base station to get charged.

Wireless Home Security Cameras Amazon

Amazon Alexa integrated security cameras are known to provide more control options and increase ease of use, in comparison to security cameras that do not have voice assistance.

These cameras are utilized in a variety of settings, including residences, offices, and small-to-medium businesses.

Wireless Home Security Amazon

By installing a smart wireless home security system, you can not only gain control and management over your property’s surveillance, but you can also integrate a variety of other applications, such as;

  • Amazon Fire TV support from security cameras
  • Cloud service
  • Easy access to the Echo Show

Wireless Home Security; Pros and Cons

Surely wireless home security offers more advantages over wired home security at a better price if you are willing to invest in the high-end and most advanced and secure home security.

Let’s have a look at some benefits and drawbacks wireless home security comes with to narrow down your research.


  • No wiring required
  • Increased camera components’ flexibility
  • Secured and encrypted footage
  • Easy accessibility via local or cloud storage


  • Expensive
  • Prone to interference
  • Risk of hacking
  • Batteries

Final Verdict

Weighing the pros and cons of wireless home security, it offers easy and instant access, but like other alternatives to some point, it lacks in a few aspects such as price, signal interference, and batteries.

Though, the batteries for wireless home security last to 3 years expectedly, if the batteries are weak, there are chances of lagging.

To makes the most out of your home security, consider your personal preference along with the price, features, and reliability of the security system you are going to get your hands on.

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