Home Security Amazon; Everything You Need To Know

I and you may not agree on what an ultimate home security system is. Hearing the word home security, the chances are that you think of “a good camera and an alarming device”. This is not what I call home security.

Home security is not just a camera and an alarm, but a lifestyle. A device that perfectly fits into your life making access to everything at home remotely and securely.


Many of you may already have Amazon Alexa voice assistance at home. Those who do not have one are missing the best security options available at their fingertips.

Amazon home security portal has bought innovation in the security systems with completely remote protection to your home that includes;

Amazon home security plans

For your convenience, I am comparing two amazon security plans to have a better understanding of what you get for the price and if it is worth your time and investment.

Cheapest Amazon Home Security

Price: Under $250

Includes: Echo Dot outdoor base | indoor lighting

Most Expensive Amazon Security

Price: Under $850

Includes: alarm | motion sensors | safety sensors | camera | Echo Dot | video doorbell | lighting


Well, it is not that hard to see the difference and the products and features you get for the price. Investing one time in a security system that covers all the front and back ends including indoors for your home does not only will save you time but will offer peace of mind.

Amazon Smart Home Services

With Amazon smart home services you have your tech available for your assistance in choosing and setting up the best home security system at your place without moving a limb.

For time and again maintenance you can have a contract with amazon smart home services to keep a check and balance if your security system is properly working or need an upgrade.

What a convenience!


“A smarter way to protect your home”

The best part about Amazon home security systems is that they partner up with the best security systems out there, such as Ring and Blink.

Amazon Ring

I have not encountered more customizable home security than Ring. I am not in favor of long-term contracts that bound you to a certain system or brand for years. With Ring, you get the best features and services without needing to go for years-long contracts,

Perks of Amazon Ring Home Security

  • It offers free one-on-one consultations to customers.
  • No contracts
  • Professional installation
  • Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Customizable security packages or plans
  • Portable device components

Amazon Alexa Commands; Ring Security

Considering the best home security that offers ultimate protection to your home along with convenient use, Ring home security systems provide multiple benefits.

  • Live alerts
  • Arm or disarm the security
  • Show live footage
  • Motion alerts from a camera on windows and door sensors
  • Camera motion sensitivity adjustments
  • Locking and unlocking the door
  • Review of older videos

Even Google Home is not as efficient with Ring security as much freedom of command Alexa offers.

Amazon Ring Security Plans

I like the freedom Amazon home security offers when it comes to monthly plans. The plans it offers are very affordable for everyone. If you are new to home security and want to give it a try, you can go for free, and intermediates and the ones looking for professional security can go for basic or plus respectively.

24/7 professional monitoringNoNoYes
CoverageAll ring devicesOne Ring bell and cameraAll ring devices
Personalized motion detectionYesYesYes
Cellular backupNoNoYes
Remote visitor interactionYesYesyes
Cloud storageNo60 days60 days
Warranty1 year1 yearExtended
Alarm & motion alertYesYesYes
Exclusive discountsNono10% on Ring Products
Monthly cost$0$3$10

Well, considering the services offered for the free, basic, and plan and weighing the benefits, 24/7 monitoring plus package may sound a little too much for the price.

You can always go for free, as it also offers live-streaming videos at your disposal and also give notification through Ring alarm security.

Final Verdict

It sums up having good consideration while choosing the best wireless security. For instance, consider your budget first and foremost. It will help you in narrowing down your search.

Either you can invest one time for the best equipment with no monthly fee or you can go for professional monitoring with the least components, depending on your personal preference.

Secondly, looking at the features and services a security system offers in comparison to potential competitors can significantly level up your selection game.

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