Best Peephole Camera For Apartment Door (2023)

Feel-at-home security is within everyone’s reach if chosen correctly!

If you are wondering, investing in a security system for your apartment door is worth the price and effort? Moreover, a peephole camera for an apartment is a great alternative to hefty cameras.

Besides protection, it offers privacy, unlike traditional peephole cams. You can have a look at who is outside without letting the person know.

A front door peephole camera featuring motion sensors is paramount for instant alerts when someone is around the door. Moreover, a smart home-integrated peephole camera allows you to record videos and remotely access files.

The best peephole camera for apartments comes in various sizes and designs offering multiple features from smart app integration to notifications and alerts.

Not all peephole cams are efficient when it comes to video quality, durability, price, and capturing any suspicious activity in enough detail. While making a purchase you must consider factors that play an important role in determining the best protection.

Best Peephole Cameras For Apartment: Comparison Table

1. Brinno SHC1000640 x 48090 degreesLifetimeCheck Price
2. Ring Video Doorbell 31080p HD160 degrees1 Year Check Price
3. Ring Peephole 1st Gen1080p HD155 degrees1 YearCheck Price
4. Jopwkuin1280×720150 degrees1 YearCheck Price
5. Eques VEIU480 x 320180 degrees1 YearCheck Price
6. Sonew OLED1280 x 1024160 degrees1 YearCheck Price
7. ANJIELO1080p HD120 degrees1 YearCheck Price


Speaking of basic features, here are our picks for the best budget-friendly, simple design, and long-lasting battery cameras. In addition, build quality and easy access is important when it comes to all-in-one home security devices.

1.   Brinno SHC1000

Brinno SHC1000

● Field Of View: 90 degree
● LCD screen: 2.7” TFT
● Storage: Micro SD Card (support up to 32 GB)
● Sensor: knocking sensor


● Motion sensor and knocking detection
● Built-in LCD screen
● Video recording on motion detection
● Local storage
● Wireless easy installation

Speaking of the Best Value Basic Peephole Camera for home security, the Brinno duo and Brinno SHC1000 digital peephole viewer give you an edge in making your apartment secure without having the need to get professional help and spending a lot of bucks.

This camera starts recording videos when a motion is detected in front of the door or someone knocks or rings the bell. The door peephole camera is easy to install. You can go for a knocker or portable mode when it comes to installing the camera.

This peephole camera offers 13 feet motion detection range and starts to record videos when there is any motion that helps in using the storage efficiently. The visitors will not know that they are being recorded with its design. 

The Brinno peephole camera offers user-friendly controls with its large LCD display connected via a WIFI connection. You can place it anywhere in the room at your convenience like Brinno duo.

Speaking of the long battery life, Brinno uses 4 AAA batteries that last up to six months, depending on the usage in comparison to cameras with AA batteries.

  •  Quick and easy installation
  • Good battery life
  • Large display for better video quality
  • High-end motion sensors range
  • Not compatible with smart devices

2.   Ring Video Doorbell 3

Ring Video Doorbell 3

● Viewing angle: 160 degrees horizontal, 84 degrees vertical
● LCD: no built-in lcd screen
● Storage: paid cloud
● Sensors: motion detection


● Control from the ring app
● Convenient dashboard controls
● Alexa compatible
● Two-way communication
● Removable rechargeable batteries pack
● Real-time notifications
● Night-vision

This is Ring’s most incredible top-of-the-line video quality option. This one is a video doorbell, but it may also be a simple peephole camera recorder with basic functions.

A 1080p HD video doorbell is included with this best peephole camera. The HD video quality is excellent, and it will give you a good picture of who is knocking on your door.

Furthermore, the Ring peephole cam has a 110-degree vertical vision, allowing you to see up to 15 feet away from your entrance. The night vision capabilities offer good image quality even in the pitch dark.

You can connect it to a smartphone to get notifications when someone rings your doorbell button or approaches your door.

When you are gone from home and an intruder tries to peep into your house, this video doorbell camera features a PIR human motion detection that will warn you.

  • High-end video quality
  • Easy installation and use
  • This camera works with Echo Dot
  • Reasonable battery life
  • No local storage
  • Paid storage
  • The night camera is average

3.   Ring Peephole 1st Gen

Ring Peephole 1st Gen
Ring peephole cam 1st Gen

● Viewing angle: 155° horizontal, 90° vertical
● LCD: no built-in display
● Storage: paid cloud
● Motion Sensor with customizable zones


● Two-way audio
● Rela-time notifications
● Alexa compatible
● Removable battery pack
● Knock detection

The peephole Ring camera is easy to set up on your own. With the provided tool, it offers you a simple unscrewing and removal of the existing peephole on your door.

Then mount the camera on the exterior and link it to the inside’s back part. Insert the rechargeable batteries and snap the lid into the back section after it’s in position. You’re now prepared for the best home security protection.

The Ring door peephole camera allows you to add and remove permitted client devices, shared users, and associated accounts all from one spot on your phone, tablet, or PC with Control Center.

It features smart home surveillance by pairing the Ring Peephole Cam with Alexa. Your Echo device will light up and make an announcement when someone pushes your door peephole camera bell or triggers Ring’s built-in motion sensor, so you’ll always know when someone is there.

This video doorbell allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone captured on video if you have an Echo Show or Echo Spot with its two-way talk.

  • Easy-to-install
  • Comes with the tools need to install the cam
  • Offers remote access on various devices
  • Customizable audio and video settings
  • Affordable protection plans
  • Good battery life
  • Do not have local storage

4. Jopwkuin


● Field Of View: 150 degrees
● LCD: 4.3-inch
● Storage: 64 GB local storage
● Sensors: Motion detector


● Battery-low reminders
● App compatible
● Real-time view
● Motion detector trigger recording

This camera is one of the best peephole digital door cameras that offer night vision capabilities at affordable rates without compromising quality.

It comes with a built-in 5000mAh battery that lasts up to 30 days with moderate use, which still is very less in comparison to Brinno SHC1000 which offers up to six months of use. It also sends notifications when the battery is less than 5%.

Keeping the quality also in consideration, this peephole viewer offers 100% customer satisfaction. You can enjoy both the doorbell and video monitor with the peephole cam.

Offering 1MP HD video resolution, it gives good image quality in good lighting conditions and also high-end night vision.

Jopwkuin peephole camera system is easy to install and offers wireless home security. It features app support that lets you control your camera, video settings, and other features through a smartphone.

A little turn-off is that it only has local storage that supports up to 64 GB of storage space and you may find a short delay in live view.

  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Record video in high-end night vision
  • Longer battery life
  • Quality motion sensor
  • Fits to specific door thickness

5.   Eques VEIU

Eques VEIU

● Field Of View: 180° Wide Angle Lens
● LCD: 5-inch LCD
● Storage: local storage
● Sensors: motion sensor


● Anti-peeping
● iOs and Android compatible
● Touch screen
● Night vision
● Two-way talk

Speaking of the best peephole camera that activates automatically with a doorbell press or motion, no matter where you are, the Eques App keeps your front door at your fingertips.

VEIU is powered by your home’s Wi-Fi, you can link your smartphone to your VEIU for remote access to controls and doors from anywhere.

It features a motion sensor. When motion is detected, VEIU can be set to capture images, send an alarm to your phone, or start recording video at your convenience.

You can communicate with the visitor at your door with VEIU’s way talk in the app, or use the in-house LCD monitor with VEIU.

Unlike other smart security camera systems, VEIU does not require monthly or yearly subscriptions to access all the features. It is compatible and free for both iOS and Android.

  • No monthly subscription for app controls
  • Wider viewing angle lens
  • High video resolution
  • Motion sensor screenshots and HD video recording
  • Remote live streaming and controls access
  • 2 GB internal storage
  • Local storage supports up to 32 GB

6.   Sonew OLED – Best IR Peephole Security Camera  (cheapest)

Sonew OLED

● Field Of View: 160° Wide-Angle Lens
● LCD: 5 inches OLED
● Storage: SD card (supports up to 32 GB)
● Sensors: PIR motion detection


● Wireless video doorbell peephole
● Long battery standby time
● IR night vision
● Variable door thickness

Being a key feature, Sonew peephole HD video door viewer offers a high-resolution yet affordable security system for apartments and smaller spaces.

Making surveillance convenient for everyone, Sonew peephole camera comes with a wide-angle, which is the most notable.

It covers up to 160 degrees, real-time view in front of the door. With 5 inches OLED screen, it clearly shows the person standing outside your door.

Including various features like a doorbell, night vision, IR, and motion detection, it records videos and captures images in HD. For storage, this camera works on local storage.

You can use a micro SD card up to 32 GB, which is adequate if your doorbell is used moderately or it only starts recording and captures images only when a motion is detected or someone knocks at the door.

Speaking of the design, it offers sturdy construction, which prevents external damage. In comparison to most wireless peephole cameras, its minimalistic design and easy-to-use interface offer customers convenience when it comes to performance.

  • Automatic camera function
  • High-end IR and night vision
  • The LCD display screen is an advantage
  • This digital peephole cam offers a Wide field of view
  • Speakers and microphones; way to talk
  • It does not support cloud storage
  • Supports SD cards up to 32 GB

7.   ANJIELO SMART Peephole Camera


• Field Of View: 120°
• LCD: touch screen 4.3 inch Lcd
• Storage: 64 GB local storage
• Sensors: PIR motion detection


• Smart WI FI doorbell
• QR code scanner
• Built-in rechargeable battery pack
• USB charging

This camera supports up to 64 GB of local storage, which offers you more space at such a price. Once you insert the SD card, it starts recording videos and capturing images automatically.

ANJIELO smart peephole door viewer offers a 120-degree wide-angle clear view. Its night-vision capabilities add up to additional performance with PIR motion detection that ranges 20 feet. 

ANJIELO smart digital door is better than other peephole cameras when it comes to a wireless 2.4 GHz connection. It is powered by a rechargeable, built-in 5000mAh lithium battery along with USB charging, which adds to the portability and enhanced battery life.

  • Loop recording
  • Easy to install
  • 720p HD video resolution
  • Night vision
  • Sturdy build quality
  • It takes a little time to turn on

Buying Guide – Peephole Cameras

Speaking buying peephole cameras for ultimate security requires attention to detail when it comes to what to look for in a normal peephole camera, especially if it is your first time.

Rather than picking just any other digital door viewer camera system in the market or the one you saw an advertisement for, consider your personal preference and understand the key features of the wired peephole camera that make the whole deal.

Here is a guide to buying a peephole camera to fulfill your apartment security needs.

  • Technology

Wireless cameras on the market are constantly evolving, which requires you to choose the device that meets the best standard for home security.

Front door peephole camera features are altering daily as a result of technological advancements. The same goes for peephole cameras. It is a good idea to better keep an eye on the good quality and latest peephole door cameras.

  • Latest peephole cameras technology

Wireless peephole home security demands compatibility with advanced and versatile systems. While looking for the latest peephole camera recorders compatibility, you must consider having one that supports the latest technology;

  • iOs
  • Android
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Tablet

Having the latest technological compatibility gives you the advantage of accessing your security system through almost any gadget.

  • Peephole Cameras Quality

Being an integral part of video doorbell cam security systems, you must not compromise on the best peephole cameras. When it comes to the camera, there are four major considerations to be extremely careful about; resolution, frame rate, viewing angles, and night vision.

  • Video doorbells Pixel & Resolution

The high-end variants have a resolution of up to 1080p HD video. This is a desirable resolution for most peephole cameras, particularly if you have poor lighting conditions in front of your door, as is common in apartment buildings.

However, if you have sufficient lighting in front of your door, such as in a detached property, you can utilize a digital front door cam with 720P or 360P VGA camera. They’ll do a fantastic job.

  • Frame Rate Per Second

A camera that produces higher-resolution videos is critical, and your security system’s frame rate determines how many images it can produce in a unit of time. For a real-time video, 30 frames per second are considered ideal.

When it comes to frame rate, you should aim for somewhere between 25 and 30 frames per second. Anything above or below this will result in a hazy and indistinct image.

  • Video doorbells Night Vision

Many peephole cameras in the market these days have night vision. You must choose the one that allows you to see even if the area is completely dark or dimly lit.

A peephole digital door camera with night-vision capabilities is significantly expensive in comparison to other alternatives but worth the price. If your budget allows, choose a camera that produces well-lit images in the dark as well.

Otherwise, by installing excellent lighting in front of your entrance, you can go without a camera with night-vision capabilities.

  • Video doorbells Field of View

It determines how much area your front door peephole cam is capable of covering. For the best coverage or view in front of the camera, a 180-degree viewing angle is essential because it allows you to see the entire area in front of your door.

This digital door viewer has a 25-foot radius, making it ideal for seeing individuals walking or standing on or near your entryway.

Look for a door camera that offers both a horizontal and vertical perspective. However, if you don’t have a lot of space to monitor, you can go for a basic, 120-degree view is an excellent option.

  • Motion Detection

The best digital front door cam has built-in motion detectors. When a visitor rings your doorbell or merely waits outside your door, the motion-activated peephole cameras immediately notify you on your connected smart device, phone, or if your peephole has an in-built display.

For high-end door viewers, front door cameras have PIR motion sensors. If the required fields are marked for motion detection the camera starts recording automatically. It helps prevent object motion alerts and false alarms. It is far more pleasing and accurate than other options that do not offer custom motion-activated zones.

  • Remote Door Access

How about having access to a live view in front of your door an easy way even if you are not at home?

Well, some peephole door viewer cameras allow remote access to your door through a smart app or a display on the camera without letting the person outside your door. Though, some companies offer paid remote access, while others without a monthly or annual subscription.

  • Two-way Communication

Another significant feature of peephole door viewer cameras is the two-way talk. Having a built-in microphone and speakers, security systems offer users interaction with the visitors.

Not all cameras offer two-way talk. If you are interested in this feature, you must specifically look for a camera that allows you two-way talk.

  • Live stream or Video Recording

For better monitoring and protection at your place, look for real-time footage or recording feature in the video doorbell cameras. Almost all the cameras work similarly in this regard, varying in video and image quality, storage, and subscription.

  • Storage

Speaking of the storage for recording, there are two options to choose from when it comes to wireless security cameras. The great pick depends on your personal preference like video doorbell and motion activation.

Local Storage

A microSD card is a local storage for saving your data.

  • It is free of cost and does not require any fee, unlike cloud storage.
  • Local storage is quite limited depending on the size of your memory card.
  • Different cameras support different SD card sizes ranging from a few GBs to TBs.
  • If your local storage is full, it may stop saving new data or rewrite the previously saved videos.

Cloud Storage 

It stores a recorded video on a server rather than using any physical medium like micro SD cards.

  • More reliable than local storage.
  • It gives you customized space or size depending on your package from the company.
  • You can set the time for recording to last in the cloud for a specified period.
  • You can remotely access storage from anywhere through your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • High-end motion-activated sensor
  •  Monthly or annual subscription fees start from $10 to more depending on the size.
  • Some companies or service providers offer a limited free cloud.
  • You may have to go into a contract.
  • Smart Integration

Speaking of meeting the latest technological advancements, having a door peephole security camera with smart app integration is a huge benefit. It offers numerous benefits, such as;

  • Direct communication with the visitors through an app on the phone.
  • Notifications and alerts.
  • Access files; view or delete.
  • Controlling your door smart lock and other ToI (things of the internet); infrared LEDs, arming, and disarming locks/alerts.

Keeping all the considerations while buying a peephole camera for apartments, we have reviewed the top digital door viewers that meet all the latest needs and requirements of home security at their finest.

Key Features In a Glance

If you are worried about the price tag while picking the good option, the first thing is to consider the key and advanced features that every reasonable door camera offers. The good idea is to quickly notice the mentioned capabilities of the camera before making the final decision to achieve better quality.

  • Voice commands
  • Two-way communication
  • Smart lock
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Live video feed
  • Indoor display
  • Google Assistant
  • Night mode
  • Smartphone app
  • Rechargeable battery


1. What is the best peephole camera?

Being the best in image quality, durability, and real-time performance, the Ring peephole rechargeable battery-powered camera is one of the best.

It offers a complete home security system from notification alerts, live-view, and recording, arming and disarming security, remote access, adjustable controls, and settings. This digital door viewer is worth the investment.

2. How do peephole cameras work?

Peephole security cameras work like any other home security system. With motion sensors or bells a peephole doorbell camera sends notifications or alerts on integrated devices or LCD displays on the doorbell.

3. Can you talk through the ring digital door viewer?

If the device support microphone and a built-in speaker, then you can have a conversation on the peephole security cam system along with other features like HD video, live-view, motion detection, and sound detection.

4. What size drill bit for the ring peephole camera?

Yes, you can DIY install the peephole doorbell camera by drilling a hole in the door yourself. Ring cameras can easily be installed on the door. The dimension of the standard peephole is 1/2 in x 9/16 in (12 mm – 14 mm). moreover, if compatible you can add new cameras to your existing peephole.

5. How long does it take to charge the Ring peephole camera battery?

Depending on the power output used along with the battery type, a standard peephole camera takes about 5 to 10 hours to fully charge.

6. Do the ring peephole cameras record?

The Ring security cam is specifically designed for apartment security and offers live-view along with video recording for ultimate protection.

Ring cameras are wireless, easy to install, and support Amazon Alexa and Google assistance for remote access and convenient storage.


Does a perfect peephole camera exist? Choosing the finest front digital door camera for your apartment security might be difficult due to a large number of alternatives available.

As a result, this list has highlighted some of the best digital door viewer security systems on the market, each of which offers a variety of security features at a low price.

When choosing the best peephole security camera it is important to consider your personal preferences as a good reason to look for key features of the camera.

No one product can be picked as the best of all. For instance, if you are looking for the best wi-fi peephole camera for your apartment, you cannot expect a home surveillance system to work the best for you. Because not every camera is a good peephole camera.

Going overboard with home security will only cost you more money rather than offering high security. Though, if you have an existing peephole, it is better to get a camera that fits into it.

The Ring peephole security cam makes it to the top, featuring way talk, Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity, motion detection, Alexa integration, and a slew of other advanced capabilities.