Blinking Blue Light on Security Camera ー How to Fix it?

Have you wondered what the continuous blue flashing light means on your security camera?

The answer is that detecting a continuous blinking blue light on a security camera might indicate readiness for the Wi-Fi network-protected setup.

You can also enter the Wi-Fi-protected setup mode by pushing the Wi-Fi-protected setup button.

You should release it after about three seconds until the light starts flashing blue.

Let your security Camera capture crystal-clear video with its latest high-resolution technology.

But you should first get to the basics of today’s higher video quality security cameras’ multifunctional LED lights. These lights indicate the status of the security camera.

Let us explore more!

The Importance of a Home Security System

Property protection and family security are essential factors to consider these days.

The latest home and business security systems have taken the world by storm due to their extraordinary features and benefits to users in the developed world.

However, you should not get overwhelmed if there is a continuous blue light blinking on your security camera.

There is a simple reason behind this. Having had considerable comprehensive research on the subject, I have you covered.

I will cover the reasons behind the blue LED light on a security camera and the fastest way to troubleshoot this common issue.

Security cams offer various features for different uses, such as a doorbell camera, outdoor camera, and indoor camera, as you require.

You can watch the live feed in all areas inside and around your property, even in a larger area.

What Do Security Cameras’ LED Colors Indicate?

Most modern surveillance cameras come with red, green, and blue solid or blinking status LED lights.

Each one of them has a purpose. And that is to convey specific information in different situations. You are allowed to turn the LEDs off in your device settings.

This section will educate you on when and what the LED’s different colors tell. It applies to many security cameras in general.

Know Your Camera’s Lights /Status

The small multi-colored LED indicator light on the Smart LED with Security Camera has significance regarding functionality modes.

There can be solid lights or blinking lights, one at a time. You might find this difficult to understand, but you will get used to it soon.

The Solid Green

The coveted, solid green light tells that your camera is now connected and working properly to a local network and an internet connection.

The Flashing Green Light

A blinking green light on your security camera indicates that you are only connected to the local network —there is no Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Solid Red Light

The solid red LED lights around the camera mean there is NO connection. Either a local connection or an internet network.

The Flashing Red Light

The flashing red light on your security cam means your camera has been factory reset and is in pairing mode. It is not currently connected to Wi-Fi.

The Solid Blue Light

A solid blue light shows the device is connected /has been paired with an account. Now connected to the router, it is all set to record /stream.

The Solid Yellow Light

Security Cam’s Solid Yellow light shows a firmware update’s booting up or installation process.

The Solid White Light

The solid white LED on the security camera shows the device is attempting to connect to Wi-Fi.

The Blinking Yellow Light

A blinking yellow light displays that the device is connected to the internet but not to the company’s servers. You can fix this through a simple reboot.

So, above is the LED small status light guide for you to communicate with your smart security cam better.

Your Camera’s LED Setup /System Status

The Flashing Blue Light

The blue flashing /blinking light communicates the ready Wi-Fi-protected setup process. You can enter the Wi-Fi-protected setup mode by pushing the setup button.

Release it if the light starts flashing blue. It will take about 3 seconds.

We can also say that the blinking blue light shows the camera has lost the internet connection and is trying to reconnect.

The Flashing White Light

Security cameras flashing white light show you are ready to launch standard Wi-Fi mode (it is ready to set up).

You must push the Wi-Fi-protected button to enter the standard Wi-Fi mode setup. You can release it when the light begins flashing white. It takes around 6 seconds.

The Flashing Red and Green Lights

If you observe flashing red and green lights on the security camera, it reveals you are about to go for a factory reset.

Push the Wi-Fi-protected button to enter the factory reset mode. Release it if the device starts lighting both lights ( green and red). It takes about 15 seconds.

Note: A factory reset restores the factory default settings on the device.

LED is OFF /The Light is Invisible

When your LED is off, it means the privacy shutter is closed, or the LED has been disabled in device settings.

Infrared Lights ─The Night Vision

Infrared lights are particularly used in security cameras for night vision purposes.

Typically security cameras have infrared lights in a circular shape around the outside perimeter of the camera.

How Do Infrared Lights Function?

The infrared lights lighten the area that is in the dark and cannot be seen. These lights self-activate when they observe “darkness” around them.

After activation, these lights act like a floodlight for the area the camera lens points out. This allows us to see in detail, even when it is pitch-black.

The camera helps us see images in night vision by switching to a monochrome filter. This filter turns images into black and white.

It helps our eyes to differentiate between objects easily during night hours.

Since the light is invisible to the human eye, only the camera can see things around it, so the intruders do not get aware of this live video stream.

Troubleshooting complications with Security Cameras

You can easily turn off the blue blinking light on your security camera without using any tools. You only need an app device and a finger to push some buttons.

These instructions work similarly for Blink indoor and Blink Mini cameras, Outdoor security cameras,

Ring cameras, Ring video doorbells, Ring doorbell cameras, and Nest devices like Google Nest doorbells.

To turn off the blue blinking light, you need to:

  1. Open the mobile app (such as the Blink app or Nest app)
  2. Locate the camera settings.
  3. Select on, off, or record the status LED section.

Note that:

The ‘Recording’ activates the blue light when the camera notices activity.

Also, ‘Off’ will turn off lights, regardless of activity. ‘On’ activates the green light when the camera is read and the blue one when it detects activity.

Blink indoor and outdoor flashing blue lights operate similarly in the Blink mini. So, follow the same instructions according to your LED settings preferences.

While Blink XT and XT2 cameras differ because they have a physical switch to do this job. Rather than using the app to turn off the blue light on your security camera.

If you are facing any issues connecting a security camera to the account, you should power cycle the camera.

It means you should unplug the power jack from the camera and then plug it back into the power source. This restores enough power. Conduct a factory reset if the problem remains /press the factory reset button.

Seek security personnel’s help if everything else fails, and you are still unsure what’s going on with your camera lights by contacting your security system’s customer support team.

You can also search for help on the support page. Make sure to have your username ready, so they can assist you without delay.

Wrapping Up

A home security system does not only prevent burglary, but also protects you against various threats like smoke, carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, and water damage.

You need to understand what the signals have to say, even without a screen display.

A noticeable, bright small light on a security camera often means the camera is trying to convey an important message.

The different colored LED lights on the camera keep you informed about what your camera is currently doing. I hope you found this article helpful.

Now you can understand your LED status signals and the enhanced capabilities of the security cameras to better set up your smart home security

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