Outdoor Security Cameras for Home

You may not know it, but outdoor security cameras have been used for decades to protect families from intruders, homes from burglaries, and properties from vandalism.

I was reading a survey about home security, and I found out that the homes where these security cameras are installed are reportedly 300% safer than the ones that don’t. I made my move and called for camera installation.

There’s a range of companies to choose the products from for the feeling of comfort that these security cameras offer.

The outdoor security cameras work best with automation and phone linking (either smartphone or iOS devices).

Arlo, Vivint, Lorex, Ring, ADT, and many others are great options for home security cameras.

Let’s first begin with what outdoor home security is.

Outdoor Home Security

What do you think of when you read the word ‘outdoor security? When I talk about this subject, I think of comfort and peace of mind.

I knew nothing about the devices used apart from their continual surveillance, but when I started using them at my place, only I realized the uncountable benefits that you get to enjoy.

Outdoor home security not only protects your property but also keeps your family safe. The security system installed at your place will notify you every time they see a noticeable or ‘alarming’ movement around your place.

How is this useful? The alerts prevent criminal activities before they even catch fire. So if you install a security camera, it’ll be a complete package of protection from beginning to end.

3 Reasons to Go For Outdoor Home Security

The times when we had security guards at gates are gone. Now, we are digitized and have shifted to security cameras where the service is accessible.

The main perks include:

1.   24/7 Monitoring

To get an idea of 24/7 monitoring, it’s good to acknowledge how our parents always looked out for us in crowded or unknown places.

Let me explain.

When you have got a security camera installed outdoors, it’s easier for you to get a complete view of your home’s outdoor security. In a neighborhood full of houses, your security cameras protect yours.

2.   Emergency Notifications

One of the main reasons I went for these security cameras is the emergency alerts. I am usually forgetful about stuff in my oven, which can lead to fire or smoke leaks.

But, with the indoor or outdoor security camera installation, you won’t miss any smoke alerts at all. At least I didn’t miss any, and it has saved me quite a couple of times.

You’ll just need to set some precautions and link to your service provider in case there’s an emergency, and you’re not there to respond so they can send help by themselves.

3.   Constant Connectivity 

Among the top 3 qualities that you get access to with an outdoor home security system is 24/7 connectivity with the system.

If you’ve video doorbells placed, you can easily see who’s coming in and when. You can even link to your home devices for automation.

With automation, you can unlock and lock doors while also controlling temperature from anywhere around the world.

You’ll also get notifications and alerts, for instance, action, and you’re always kept on board.

These reasons are extracted from my personal experience, so I’m 100% confident about them, but some people may not want to go for automation or detectors because of the added costs.

That’s no problem.

I can share some of the top outdoor cameras for your home with detectors.

Exterior Home Security Cameras

Did you know there are 32% of people reported package theft just because they weren’t home?

Suppose you ordered an expensive watch from your savings and somebody stole it out of nowhere. This means that you can lose your valuables in a matter of minutes if you’re not careful with them.

Exterior or outdoor home security cameras keep you safe in such instances. Some are smart enough to even detect pets and humans to not give off false signals.

To support your move in the right direction, I’ve some of the best exterior home security cameras in the list below.

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 is among the best security camera options in the market today. With its high-definition night vision, it has overdone its job in comparison to its counterparts.

Like many other wireless security cameras, Arlo Pro 3 comes at a good rate with no wire hassle. It has 160 degrees of view angle with 2K HDR for clearer footage.

The main qualities include:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Spotlight for recording (flexible for manual and automated use)

Arlo Pro 3 comes with a magnetic rechargeable wire which is quick to charge and place. It’s a gadget with effortless installation and premium services.

Wyze Cam V3

Wyze cam v3 is rated as a top exterior camera system for its unparalleled voice control, motion detection, and colored night vision.

It has a siren inbuilt which identifies alerting situations and nips the crime in the bud. Wyze Cam V3 also has advanced features that need a monthly subscription, so it may not fit some people’s budgets well.

  • The main features that are different
  • Sound and motion detection
  • Amazon, Alexa, and Google assistance
  • Free cloud storage

 Wyze Cam V3 uses WiFi for connectivity, and it has push notifications to be at service 24/7.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is one of the rare security cameras that don’t need rechargeable batteries. It’s a portable security camera that you can carry with you or place on the table.

There are no battery struggles since the battery is stuck up and it’s charged with solar energy. The Ring cameras are rich in features that are quite similar to other competitors in the industry.

  • 2-way voice integration
  • Live recording
  • Local storage
  • Night vision

The camera is compatible with home devices to offer quality services with mounting facilities and ease.

If you’re looking for single units, these outdoor security cameras will do good. But, in the case of having a complete security system with outdoor security services, certain names will never disappoint you.

Let’s dive into that section.

Home Security Systems with Outdoor Cameras

You may wonder why one would want an entire home security system to single out security cameras if they only need outdoor cameras.

The choices are based on comfort and priorities.

When I was seeking my security services, I did good research to get a complete package under my budget, and luckily, I got good bargains.

So, I will suggest one that I am currently using and some others with flexible pricing and advanced features.


Vivint is promoting smarter and safer lifestyles globally with its services. With customized options, extensive product connectivity, and monitoring, Vivint was my first option.

The professional installers from the company will come to help you with the security device placement and connectivity.

My Vivint app connects me to virtual assistants and other home devices for better control.

Vivint Outdoor Cameras:

  • 4K HD sensor
  • 140-degree view
  • Night vision
  • Zoom-in features

Vivint describes its outdoor camera range as a deterrent and protective. The cameras have great vision and video quality, so there isn’t ever a problem with recording.


ADT is a known company in home security. It gives its users freedom for professional or DIY installation, which is a good part of the story because most people appreciate not being bound.

ADT has a 9-monitoring center chain for watchful protection. It’s among the top security systems for 2021 by US news.

ADT Outdoor Cameras

  • 1080p resolution
  • Low-light video recordings
  • Two-way audio with the ADT app
  • Smart recording with only important alerts

The company offers a 6-month money-back guarantee with a theft protection guarantee, which is a secure claim to invest in ADT products.


Lorex technology comes under the top 5 home security cameras for 2021. Their cameras are durable and high-performing, especially outdoor cameras.

With high-definition filming and night vision, Lorex is the number 1 choice for most users. I was also considering it, but I learned that it’s better for commercial purposes, although there’s no difference.

Lorex Outdoor Cameras include:

  • Geofencing
  • Attention to offscreen audio
  • Alert choices
  • High-resolution monitors

Lorex comes with a 1-year warranty and easy installation with a durable battery for recording.

Blink XT

Blink XT is a reasonable home security option with affordable and advanced security devices at a monthly fee.

Blink is smart enough to keep only motion-detecting videos with storage-saving capabilities. It auto-deletes what’s not important while keeping each clip at 60 seconds.

Blink XT Outdoor Security Cameras

  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install
  • 1080p
  • Infrared recording
  • Customizable monitoring zones

Blink XT batteries can easily be used for 2 years without hefty charges and wireless connectivity. Blink has users from around the world with positive stories about its services.



Installing outdoor security cameras may seem like an expensive venture but it’s important for your home. You will recognize it in the longer run.

Some of the security systems may seem a bit costly but of course, the costs are not as valuable as your family.

What’s important here is the time when you make the choice. You can either invest in a security system in the earlier days or wait for the ‘right time and stay vulnerable to intruders prying on your privacy.

HAVE YOU ever thought of installing a home security system at your home? If yes, you now have enough information to decide.

Comment down and share which company you think is a good fit.

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