Do Ring Cameras Record 24/7?

The Ring is a well-known home security brand launched in 2013 in the smart home security industry.

It offers a wide range of home security products, from outdoor security cameras to accessories like solar panels. But, how efficient are these products to protect you and your family? Do Ring cameras record 24/7? We tell you the truth.

Ring’s smart security products and services have made a valued acquisition on the biggest online selling platform—Amazon.

Anybody who has been using smart security recognizes the functionality of Ring cameras, and they find it a reliable service or product. But they are not always sure if the cameras support continuous video recording.

Let’s find out if the Ring cameras are worth the shot.

Does Ring Camera Record All The Time?

A direct answer to this question is NO.

The ring video doorbell camera can miss out on the recorded chunks that may take a toll on your peace of mind.

Ring cameras record at a 2-minute interval with motion sensors activated because the video recordings only work when there’s movement in the frame.

However, there’s a choice for people who want the continuous recording feature with push notifications in the Ring cameras. We’ll look into it further in the following sections.

Ring cameras may never be able to record 24/7 even with strong WiFi signals. The company’s server can’t save video footage due to limited storage in the free version.

You will not be able to see the recorded videos until they’ve been completed and uploaded to the cloud.

You can stream the recorded videos on a Ring device with a WiFi connection, but that’s not the same as watching the video in real time.

If you fix your settings for the typical activity within your visual field, a Ring device is a durable product. But, the Ring will not be the best brand for someone looking for continuous recording.

However, three factors trigger Ring camera recording to pause or continue.

1.   Live View Motion

The live view of Ring’s camera recording is when you can see what’s happening around the area in real time by connecting to an internet connection.

Ring products also support two-way audio features in motion events. You can even hear if someone’s at the door and what they’re doing using the Ring app.

You can only see the recording or speak to the person at the door when connected to the internet and on the video doorbell application.

2.   Doorbell Motion

The doorbell camera motion gets activated when a visitor rings your bell or even walks near the door where you have placed the doorbell.

The camera will record the activity right away. The camera keeps recording for a few moments even after the person has left.

Ring cameras will record whenever there’s a moment around the area. If you choose to answer the front door in time, the Ring home security cameras will stop notifying you right away.

3.   Motion Detection

Most Ring home security systems do not support continuous recording, but they all support motion detection.

You’ll have to set the camera’s recording range for motion detection, which generally goes about a 30-foot field of view and the same foot range. Once the motion stops, the camera will stop recording.

Once you’ve set the range of view, the Ring security cameras will detect motion whenever a moving object (cat, for instance) enters the setting.

Your camera will start recording for 30 seconds on average. The detected motion will trigger and send you a notification through the Ring app.

Ring Continuous Video Recording

Talking of Ring home security system does not provide a constant recording feature in a free version.

While the Ring cameras do not record continuously, you can subscribe to the Ring Protect plan to have it record continuous videos. The protection plan comes with a free demo to have a risk-free try.

Ring cameras can support continuous video recording while storing the clips in the cloud or local storage.

You can activate the 24/7 recording feature in Ring cameras by tweaking the settings. Choose the ongoing recording feature with motion alerts through the Ring app.

Buying a paid package by subscribing to the Ring protect plan can be useful for homeowners. You can enjoy outstanding features like using snapshot images through the image for proof.

Here’s a difference between the Ring protect basic and the Ring premium project plan:

Ring Protect Basic PlanRing Protect Plan—Premium
continuous video recordingcontinuous video recording
2 months of FREE cloud storage2 months of FREE cloud storage
Video sharingVideo sharing
Video reviewsVideo reviews
 UNLIMITED Ring devices integration
 Lifetime warranty
Ring Protect Plans Comparison

If you don’t prefer subscribing to the Ring protect the plan, either basic or premium, you must know what the cameras offer besides the premium pictures.

There are some standard features that all Ring cameras include video streaming and notifications that only work with the application’s integration.

Considering the features of Ring cameras coming in for free, you may not want to invest in the monthly subscription. But, it’s important. You will have access to additional features like video playbacks with continuous video recordings with limitless cloud storage.

Besides the functionality, there are other features that you may be interested in knowing if you want to invest in Ring cameras for professional monitoring. Questions like: do Ring camera record audio can be surveying your mind?

So, let’s address the issue.

Does Ring Camera Record Audio?

Yes. Ring cameras do record audio. The feature is completely customizable through a Ring account on the Ring app. You can turn it on and off as you prefer.

The Ring cameras can record conversations as well. They work well with sound and audio based on the Ring camera’s settings. Whenever the device detects motion, every sound and sight is recorded.

The smart video recording is a win but fails at the same time. It only depends on how much access you’d like to grant to the cameras.

For many people, recorded conversations aren’t an ideal option and are invasive. At the same time, others want to keep records for security and protection.

Ring cameras do not record audio like they don’t record videos all the time as the devices are motion-activated.

You can turn off the audio recording settings using the application or place the cameras where you aren’t comfortable with the recordings.

Steps to Disable the Audio in Ring

If you don’t know how to turn off the audio settings on your Ring devices, read the easy steps mentioned below.

  1. Install the Ring app.
  2. Click on the ‘Ring indoor camera or Ring outdoor camera.’
  3. Select ‘Device settings and go to ‘Video settings.’
  4. Click ‘Audio Streaming and Recording’ and turn it off from there.

A drawback of turning off the audio is that you won’t be able to enjoy the two-way talk.

The Ring cameras will restrict the audio feature in live view as well. However, if you’d still prefer using the two-way conversation from the doorbell camera, you’ll have to reverse the setting and turn the audio on.

You can also turn on the audio-only when there’s a visitor at the door and toggle the button when you’ve talked to them. This is one way of keeping your privacy and protection in sync when using Ring devices.

We roll back to our question with the custom audio settings: can Ring cameras record 24/7?

Can Ring Cameras Record 24/7?

No. Although Ring videos do not support continuous video recording, you may find it weird that they can record 24/7. Don’t get confused. We will talk about it in detail here.

According to Ring’s website, none of its camera devices can record 24/7. The devices, cams, and doorbells only record motions.

They can stay operating but only record when the video doorbell cameras observe movement. You can subscribe to the Protect plan that Ring offers through monthly subscriptions.

This basic Protect plan is somehow limited by cloud storage, but it records 24/7. The cameras will always protect the Ring owner’s locker, jewelry, or safe.

Ring announced that it would work on the camera’s functionality in 2018. However, it’s not yet delivered.

This isn’t a groundbreaking function, as Nest currently offers a $120 24-hour surveillance service. To properly compete with Nest, the Ring planned to follow suit.

Ring premium Protect plan, it’s only available to hardwired devices. This feature will not be available on any Ring Cam or Video Doorbell driven by batteries.

How Does Ring Protect Plan Subscription Help with Cloud Storage?

Unless you have a subscription plan, Ring limits the number of Live View recordings.

With the constraint affecting largely the quantity of video footage, you can submit it to their data storage.

As a free plan user, however, you will be penalized by the system in the form of caps or plan cancellation if you engage in “abusive” activity.

The premium plan, with additional cost, will help if you didn’t utilize Home Assistant’s “24/7 recording” scripts or anything else that leverages Live View to enable “free” recordings.

You can get a paid subscription along with the system if you’re going to capture video frequently (but not 24/7).

Whether Ring cameras record 24/7 or not, placing them in the right place plays a significant part.

Where to Place a Ring Camera for Better Surveillance?

Finding the right angle to install your camera where it can record movement is an important factor to consider.

If the cameras aren’t placed at a location that’s prone to attacks or intrusions, there’s no use for 24/7 recording.

Here are different locations suggested by Ring and home security experts that boost your security coverage of the desired location.

Front or Back Door

Many people often forget to lock their doors when they are in a hurry, while others have poor locks that are easy to break.

Besides, most burglars enter homes through the front doors, so you must place your Ring doorbell or outdoor cameras just above the door where it fulfills the purpose.

Above the Windows

While 70% of intruders enter homes through the door, the rest, 20% to 30%, use the opportunity of unlocked windows.

Having a camera installed that’s also hidden near the window is crucial to stop thieves in their footsteps. Using motion sensors will also be a good choice.

Hidden in the Bushes

Privacy intruders can easily see the camera above the door and cut its wires. It’s not a common practice because cameras usually scare away miscellaneous actors.

But, it’s still advisable to have a hidden camera that’s not too close to the ground, so it’s away from the pets.


The entire purpose of a security camera is to protect you and your family from unforeseen and unpleasant circumstances.

Ring, for one, does the job well. Although it doesn’t record videos continuously, it does record the parts that matter with two-way communication and easy customizability with the Ring app.

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