How To Open A Safe Without A Key? Learn the Process Step By Step

Opening a safe without a key is an easy peasy task by using tools like paper clips, earth magnets, and nail files.

If you don’t know how to use them, I will tell you how to open the sentry safe without a key STEP-BY-STEP in this blog.

I also have a secret tip that’ll help you remember the code, keep on reading.

How To Unlock A Safe Without A Key

There are three main ways I can answer your ‘how to open a safe without a key and combination’ query.

1.   Use Nail File

Nail files or filers that all of us have sitting idle in our drawers can be a great tool to replace your Honeywell safe lost key (assuming you’re using this one).


  1. Hold the filer’s pointing corner against the lock.
  2. Put the pointed end into the lock.
  3. Wiggle the filer in the keyhole.
  4. You’ll get a ‘click’ sound (not literally)

That’s how to unlock the sentry safe without a key with a nail filer in less than five minutes.

2. Using Earth Magnet

If you’re wondering how to unlock the sentry safe without code, using an earth magnet will be an ideal choice.

Tip: go for a high ‘pull force’ (ideally around 60kgs or above) earth magnet when you’re buying one.

Steps to Follow:

  1. For ‘how to open a safe without a key, you need an earth magnet (it’s obvious, but a reminder doesn’t hurt anybody).
  2. You need to have a strong grip on the metal to pull out the lock with force to have the door unlocked.
  3. If you’re struggling with the bare handhold on the magnet, you can use a firm cloth as a pullout.
  4. Once you’re sure you are set, place the magnet on the metal surface from the left side and rotate the magnet clockwise.
  5. If you’re holding the magnet in the right way, it won’t take much effort to unlock the safe.

Remember to keep yourself safe in the process because the earth magnets can be tricky to handle.

3. Try Paper Clips

How to open an old safe without a key? The oldest way to do it is by using a paperclip. But, you must not think of it to be as simple as others mentioned in the list.

Using a paperclip to unlock safes involves a few steps that can only be successful with the right approach. You’ll have to straighten the pin and then follow the mentioned steps.

How to break open a safe:

  1. Insert the straightened pin into the lock but ensure half of it remains outside for you to hold.
  2. To make the unlocking easier, turn the pin at 90 degrees (45 degrees would also be enough to make use of it) in the keyhole to make it a tool, or you can use a screwdriver to create tension.
  3. Once your unlocking tool hits the keyhole and you can feel the bottom, try and waggle it in the lock.
  4. You have to keep trying until you hear the clicking or unlocking sound.

As I mentioned earlier, paperclip unlocking is easily accessible, but it’s still tricky, so you have to be patient as it can take time if you’re not following instructions properly.

These were our top three foolproof ways how to break the safe without a key, but are all sentry safe keys the same? This is important to know, so let’s have a quick rundown.

Are All Safes the same? No!

When searching for answers to ‘how to unlock a sentry safe without a key, you need to know what kind of a safe you own.

It helps to tackle the problem in the right way.

There are two types of safes that we use at home.

Fire Safes

Fire safes keep your documents (passports, birth certificates, or other important papers) safe from heat and fire in case of a related emergency. They either come with a key lock or a code lock.

These types of safes can withstand temperatures of 1,700°F for an hour or be immersed for an entire day at a depth of 8 inches.

Fire safes are also quite heavy, weighing up at about 90 pounds, so even a direct hit from a fire hose won’t get it very far.

Burglary Safes

Burglary safes are for your tangible assets. You use burglary or vault safes to put anything close to your heart, mainly your jewels, property documents, or anything that you want to protect from accidents or damage.

Burglary safes are kept in a hidden place with a locking code or a key. When we talk about how to open a lockbox without a key, you’ll know that it’s about burglary safe.

Keypad Safes

The Keypad Safe is among the highly secure safes available in the market today. This safety box is built of robust and sturdy carbon steel to give maximum protection if it takes hard knocks or falls.

To add to the security, the door has two live bolts and pry-resistant hinges that are securely hidden to avoid any disruptions.

Are All Lock Keys Same?

No sentry locks come with the same key except for a highly rare case.

To ensure protection, each lock has its specific code engraved, so if you forget the key or lose it, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to learn how to open a lockbox without a key or call a professional to handle it.

To learn how to break a sentry safe without a key, you should first know what kind of lock you’re handling. If you’ve got no clue there, let me tell you about it.

Did I tell you guys about a secret tip? It’s time for that.

One of the tips that I’ve been following to remember my keys is keeping my phone’s lock code similar to the sentry safe code. You’re always unlocking your phone, so it’s very unlikely for the code to slip out of your mind this way.

Now, if you’re a Honeywell safe user and you’re stuck on how to break into a sentry safe without a key, I’ve got a small gift for you.

How to Open A Honeywell Lock Box?

You don’t have to worry about how to open the Honeywell safe without a key because since Honeywell is a trusted name in the safe market, I thought I should answer this question separately.

In the case of the Honeywell safe box lost key, look for the manual that came with your safe. You’ll find the code there (use a # at the end). You need to have the ownership documents with you because that’s how you’ll get to the next step.

If you don’t have access to that, call Honeywell, the company, for a replacement. They’ll cater to requests and boom! The problem is solved. You no longer need answers to how to break into a safe without a key.

The Honeywell team may ask you to show relevant papers, so when you connect to them, have them at hand.


I hope you’ve learned how to open a locked sentry safe without the key in this blog.

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