How To Remove Window Guards? (Guide for Beginners)

To remove window guards, you have to use tools like a rotary, drill machine, and locking plier each for a different method.

Generally, when a guard is placed on the windows, they use one-way screws like a flat head screwdriver, also known as security screws, that are harder to remove from a normal screwdriver which is why you’re here wondering how to remove child safety window locks.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Remove Child Window Guards? Step-by-Step Process Guide

Window guards are used to protecting infants and pets from falling down the windows; hence they are fixed to the walls with one-way screws.

But don’t fidget with stress. I will tell you the entire ‘un-screw or removal’ process from the start.

secure your windows

I’d want you to check beforehand to identify the kind of one-way screw used for the guard. Is it a thin-headed, thick-headed, or flushed-headed screw? Because every type needs a different tool.

We, however, will go through each type along with the steps.

3 Steps For Thin-Headed Screw or Flat-Head Screwdriver

There are different screw heads to use in this process. We are going forward with the thin ones.

Step 1:

If the screw head is thin, use a medium-coarse file to straighten two opposite sides of the screw head a little you may use a pair of locking pliers to pinch the flattened edges of the screw head.

Remember that the screw heads should not be entirely flattened. You’ll want to leave some thickness so that you can grab it with pliers.

Step 2:

Tighten the jaws of the lock pliers as tightly as possible around the flattened area of the screw head. Instead of flat-jaw locking pliers, use rounded-jaw locking pliers. The rounded jaws provide a more secure grip.

Tip: use a flat plier to have a tighter grip on one jaw tightly.

Step 3:

All you have to do now is to start turning the screw head anticlockwise with your locking plier. You can also try some oil to lubricate the screw so it can come out smoothly.

4 Steps For Thick-Headed Screws

Thick screw heads are also a resourceful tool when removing your window guards. You will also need some locking pliers to proceed.

Step 1:

We use the rotary tool here. Pick up your rotary tool and fit it in the slicing wheel to mark a cut on the thick-headed screw so the screwdriver can do its work. You can do so without a cutting wheel as well with just the rotary tool.

While you’re in the process of cutting, make sure you’re only halfway into the thickness; otherwise, it won’t work.

Step 2:

A window guard screw removal when there’s a thick-headed screw is pretty much possible with multiple tools like a hacksaw. Since a hacksaw has two blades, you can do the ‘slot-making’ job effortlessly.

Step 3:

Once the slot is there, use your screwdriver to fit in it.

Step 4:

Use the screwdriver to turn the screw so you can take it out. Applying a little force will be a good idea.

3 Steps For Flushed-Headed Screws

Step 1:

Use an electric drill machine to drag the flushed screw out of your wall. Keep the size of the bit and the screw’s head in mind because that’s important.

Step 2:

How to remove a window guard? Just hold it and slowly lift it to see if it’s still attached. Stop drilling once the screw is out of the wall and separate the window guard from it.

Step 3:

Once the window guards are removed, pick up the locking pliers and take out the remains.

For window guard screw removal, you need to see what kind of screw you have at hand and decide on the tool accordingly.

But, before you decide to take the window guards off, there are a few precautions that you should take.


  1. If you don’t know how to remove security bars from windows, please do your research before jumping in. Watch YouTube tutorials or read guides like these.
  2. If you’re not good with tools like locking pliers, hire a professional.
  3. Prevent children when in the process of removing window visors or guards.
  4. Use a drill machine very carefully. Do not connect it to the plug unless you’re ready.
  5. Wear protective goggles and rubber gloves to avoid any mishaps.
  6. Use appropriate pair of locking pliers and other tools for each NYC window guard screw.

5 Things to Know About Window Guards

  1. American law requires homeowners with a three-story house with under ten-year-old kids to have window guards in the building. If the kids have grown and you still have pets, you shouldn’t ask how to take off window guards because they will also protect your pets.
  2. Most states, including America, do not allow their citizens to have window guards at the fire exit or the only entrance of the place. 
  3. If you’re a tenant, you can request a window guard for safety, regardless of having a young kid, from the landowner. And if you’re a landlord, you’re obliged to have window guards installed when the tenant requests.
  4. If the case is otherwise and the homeowner doesn’t allow window guards, you can get the local government involved, and you’ll need to make sure to write a formal letter about the situation.
  5. Window screens are strictly restricted. So, the only option you have is to go for window guards. Plus, there are some portable window guards as well to use instead of window guards.

The American government, particularly New York City’s, has put forward these points for the citizens who want to install window guards.

Now, in case you’re thinking of replacing the old window guards, let’s talk about some of the top 2022 window security guards that you can start using today without having to worry about how to remove window safety locks.

Let’s get started.

5 Top Window Guards in 2022

Segal S Adjustable Child Safety Window Guard

  • White steel tubes
  • Fixed protection
  • Bar spacing of 3-⅞ inches
  • Adjustable
  • Interior use
  • Approved by the NYC government

Fairy Baby Window Guards

  • Easy installation- hole-free wall
  • Interior use
  • For sliding windows as well
  • Steel bars
  • Safely remove
  • Emergency exit support with buttons
  • No hassle for how to remove security bars

Defender Security Window Guard

  • 3/7 bar spacing
  • Indoor use
  • Window guard screws
  • Pre-drilling for holes
  • One year warranty

John Sterling Window Guard

  • Fixed
  • 3-bar style
  • NYC Approved
  • Four ¾ bar spacing
  • Adjustable

Safety Innovations’ Safety Lock

  • Keeps the doors locked
  • Sliding motion
  • No complicated installation (adhesives, screws, holes)
  • Sticking lock
  • Easy mounting

These are among the best-selling window guards to protect your loved ones. Some of them are fixed, while others are portable.

You can also use portable window locks to replace the window guards.


I wrote this brief guide to help you with questions like removing bars from windows, what precautions I should take, or what the law has to say about the window guards.

As we conclude, I’d add those window guards are a good addition to your home’s safety. If you think they don’t fit the place’s overall look anymore, you can always try to paint them as you like.

Besides, you can use window locks that are easy to fix on the spot and not ask for expert help. Since it’s a common product now, you can buy it online from Amazon or your local hardware store.

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