How to Reset ADT Glass Break Sensor?

You can be lounging around in your home when the security alarm rings, but there’s nobody to be seen or movement to be observed.

False alarms can be a huge headache due to the faulted sensors. This is when you may need to reset your glass-break detectors.

ADT motion sensors are allegedly among the top motion detectors with a strong ADT glass break sensor battery. You can install and rest these window sensors anytime.

The right way to reset the motion sensors is to flip the motion device to its backside and press the ‘reset’ button.

We will tell you how you can reset the ADT window sensor and install the home security system in a snap.

How To Install ADT Glass Break Sensor?

Did you also think using an outdoor security camera was enough to ensure your home security? Well, you might be surprised to know that out of every 100 burglaries, 23 happen through window break-ins.

The scary stat calls in for an immediate security cover.

Installing wireless glass break detectors is a conflation of ease and difficulty.

You need to pay attention and follow the described steps below to save money and install glass window sensors on your own.

We suggest you try out the test mode before installing the alarm panel.

Let’s first look at the installation tips before installing the window sensor. We will then talk about the necessary steps required to mount the device.

Tips Before You Install ADT Window Sensor

  1. Whether it’s door sensors, glass break sensors, or any other smart security tool, smart home devices need to be installed at least 10 ft above the floor and within the door or window.
  2. Before you mount the device, ensure to pay attention to the detection range of your glass break sensor.
  3. Eliminate any object that’s in between the sensor and the mounting point.
  4. The detector is mounted on the ceiling to reduce their chances of falling.

These are some preventive tips. Let’s get to the steps now.

3 Easy Steps to Install a Glass Break Sensor

Window sensors are security devices that detect motion and ring an alarm when they sense unusual movements around the area. Installing them right will make the difference.

Learn how to install ADT in the following steps.

Use the ADT Application for Instructions

  1. When you choose to install a glass sensor, you first have to go to the ADT application and:
  2. Click “Settings.”
  3. Click “Devices.”
  4. Click the “+” sign at the top right.
  5. Click “Sensors”
  6. Choose “Glass break” from the sensors menu.

The specific instructions provided by the ADT security company and its application will help you activate and install the window sensor with clear instructions.

Identify Your Sensor with a Name

Once you’ve installed your window sensor device, the next step is to name it so you can quickly identify your device.

  1. Use the touchpad if you have it. If not, sign in to the ADT web portal accessible through Android and iOS ADT apps.
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Look at the top right corner of the Setting interface, and go to “Devices.”
  4. The “Devices” menu will show the activated sensors. You select the one you want to rename.
  5. Edit the name and adjust the settings from there if you want to.

You’ve installed the sensors with the help of the security system manual, and you’ve renamed them. You are ready to use the device now.

When to Reset Your ADT Window Sensor?

You can reset your motion sensor whenever there are system trouble conditions like poor sound frequency and movement or any other possible problem that makes the alarm go astray.

High Sensitivity

If the sensor is mounted at a location with traffic, it will ring false alarms at different sounds.

Any window contact or bark of a dog can make the alarm go wild.

Placing the sensors at the right location, with not much traffic or highest settings, will strengthen the RF device is the solution after resetting your ADT sensor devices.

Low radio Frequency

ADT glass break sensor work within the 20-foot range. When placed beyond the defined 20 ft, your sensor can’t detect movement. This is mainly because of the wrong place mounting.

It won’t detect any sound due to low frequency. You have to be vigilant.

Poor Battery Life

Low battery is again one of the common reasons your sensor is ringing false alarms.

Most home security companies display low battery status on the device and send notifications so users can keep tabs on the battery of the window sensors.

Low battery trouble beeps are a warning for you to charge your sensor asap.

If you’re not at home, you will receive text messages from the security system as a reminder to recharge your devices.

If you’ve been using the sensors for a while, you can also replace the batteries with a CR2032 battery depending on the type of sensor you are using.

Please remember to reset the device before mounting it back when you’ve replaced the battery or relocated it somewhere else.


ADT alarm system is intuitive and diligent.

The glass break simulator detects even the slightest window contact for your peace of mind.

You can reset the sensors or alarms anytime they malfunction through the control panel.

Next time your window shatters, you’ll know it’s not a false alarm by immediately solving the issue.

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