Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera

Outdoor home security cameras are digital gatekeepers for modern human beings. With stats of burglaries and parcel theft rising to a serious percentage, it’s good that you’re prepared to buy an outdoor security camera for yourself.

Outdoor security cameras need to be weatherproof and support night vision or low-light filming. They must be mounted at least 10ft above the ground so they are safe from storms, and animal or burglar interaction.

If you’re planning to purchase an outdoor home security camera, you must make an effort and learn about the devices first to avoid mishandling or wrong decisions.

So, we will begin with the details of the ‘basics.’

Outdoor Wireless Home Security Cameras

The security cameras that you use outdoors are there to protect your property and your family. They’re also efficient in deterring crime around or at your place.

They offer several benefits besides this one. Want to know about it? Let’s get started.

Extra Security

When nobody is at home, the crime actors find it an ideal situation to attack. You can be in the room upstairs, but the burglars will try their luck if the front lights are off.

There’s nothing to be scared of, and a wireless outdoor security camera will scare the burglars away with its infrared flash indicating the recording period. At the same time, it’ll also notify you through the company’s app.

Evidence of the Crime

Your outdoor home security camera will have HD qualities and the night vision to detect the burglar’s face in the dark.

It’ll also keep the recording stored for an excellent amount of time so you can use it in times of need.

In case of any mishap, you can directly call the police and provide proof to strengthen your case.

Advance Family Monitoring

Outdoor security cameras offer competitive monitoring services like a doorbell or live video streaming, so you know who enters or approaches your house when you aren’t around.

Things become easier once you connect your outdoor cameras with the linked mobile app. You can receive or see who’s at the door just from anywhere in the world.

If you choose a two-way communicator, you can converse with the visitor directly, and if you know them, you can unlock the door using an innovative lock system.

Discount on Insurance

We all use insurance to stay on the safer times at the time of need, and we pay premiums as per our plans.

How does this link to security cameras?

Most insurers give a good discount to people who are vigilant and protect themselves before it gets time to take their insurance money.

You can get around 20% to 30% off on your monthly premium insurance amount by using security cameras indoors or outdoors.

Property Protection

An outdoor wireless security camera for your home protects your property from vandalism or any kind of damage that passersby may cause.

You’ll get protection against animals or wanderers as well. If you ponder on it a bit more, your parcel will also be saved from stealth. Your cameras will alert you, and you can take prompt action.

With outdoor security cameras, you can enjoy these and more perks when you use outdoor security.

Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera Systems

Now that you know what outdoor security cameras offer and how they are a valuable addition to your place, you’re maybe convinced to get one for yourself.

Well, with hundreds of options available, let me present my list of suggestions (based on user rating), so you won’t get confused about which one to pick.

Arlo Security Camera System

Arlo outdoor security cameras are the best-rated among people who bought and used them. The company covers everything from doorbells to indoor cameras and password privacy.

This keeps you and your family physically and digitally secure from privacy intruders. Arlo has amazing camera models with advanced features like motion detection, object detection, and important alerts that help you take instant action.

Arlo outdoor camera models:

  • Arlo Pro
  • Arlo Pro 3
  • Arlo Pro 4
  • Arlo Ultra 2
  • Aro Essential
  • Arlo Go

These cameras have perfect HD filming capabilities with 2K and HD with rechargeable batteries and cloud storage. Their outdoor security cameras are most people’s first choice for their individual qualities.

Wyze Outdoor Security Camera System

Wyze outdoor security cameras are one of their kind, with a variety to choose from depending on the requirement.

Wyze cameras are entirely wire-free and are powered with batteries. You can mound them anywhere around or outside the house. These cameras are weather-resistant, and detect motion, with wireless battery and live streaming.

List of Wyze outdoor cameras:

  • Wyze Cam v3
  • Wyze Cam black
  • Wyze Cam outdoor
  • Wyze Cam Spotlight Bundle
  • Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze also offers the entire monitoring system range with automation and different sensors. This is relatively a nicer brand, to begin with, outdoor security cameras.

Ring Outdoor Security Camera System

Ring, the security camera system company, is known for its spotlight and floodlight cameras. They are weather resistant which is a must for an outdoor security camera.

The company is law compliant in its form and has HD resolution with motion detection capabilities. The ring has amazing user reviews and offers compensation for stolen devices for free.

Ring’s products have noise cancellation and focused recording features on avoiding load on the storage.

The products that Ring sells are:

  • Video doorbell pro
  • Stick up cam battery
  • Video Doorbell
  • Alarm security kits

Top products include:

  • Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Wired
  • Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro
  • Ring Floodlight Cam

Ring offers a 30-day money-back warranty with easy installation (hardly 10 minutes), and you can choose a plan for as low as 5 dollars to a more expensive one depending on the package you choose.

Vivint Security Camera System

Vivint is its competition in the home security market. Its products have been breaking bestseller records which is why Vivint is on our list.

Vivint’s outdoor security camera is a bit different than the others. Other cameras will detect movement and inform you to take action. In comparison, this one detects the thief and deters him right away with its loud sirens.

The outdoor camera pro has a 4K high-definition camera recording with a 140-degree view to notice everything in explicit detail.

Vivint security camera system has products:

  • Vivint outdoor camera pro
  • Indoor camera
  • Video Doorbell
  • The customized security camera system

All these products at Vivint are powered with smart technology to detect animals, cars, the rustle of the wind, and humans. So it doesn’t overwhelm you with unnecessary alerts.

It’s a bit on the costly side of pricing, but the services are worth the shot.

ADT Security Camera System

ADT has been offering security services to its commercial and residential clients for a long time now. You can purchase particular items or the system, and that too at a good bargain.

ADT’s alert service is at its finest. You can set up zones and multidirectional tripwires, so your camera detects only what seems doubtful and not useless notifications.

The outdoor camera that ADT offers have a high definition 1080p vision with the easiest installation (power cable and WiFi connections), expert opinions about camera placement, is weatherproof (heater to maintain the temperature in cold weather), provides secure videos, and other competitive features.

ADT security camera system has:

  • Outdoor wireless security camera
  • Door and window sensor
  • Smart locks
  • Touchscreen panel

If you’re someone with extreme security needs, you should consider other options (just my personal opinion) like Ring and Arlo.

ADT is good for people with mild security needs with a touch of home automation to their security system. You can also use their app for ‘apple on the pie’ type smart locks and detection.


I wrote this blog with the pure intention of helping anybody in need of guidance because I’ve been using outdoor security cameras for my house. Honestly, life has never been easier.

An outdoor security camera will have you take full advantage of technology with security, comfort, and care.

Some outdoor security cameras are monitored (ones that detect and call for help automatically when you don’t act), while others are not. So you need to understand the difference and then make the final decision.

This was for outdoor security cameras. Tell me in the comments how you found the blog. You can also share your views down below.

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