How to Restart or Reboot an LG TV?

So, you are encountering issues with your LG TV.

You might also be facing problems with the Wi-FI or settings. There’s no point spending all evening being frustrated with those problems.

Let’s take a look at different ways to restart your LG TV because simply restarting or rebooting will fix whatever issues you might be experiencing.

The LG TV rarely has issues, but machines can come up with any kind of technical resistance at any point.

However, at first, you can restart your LG device and check if the issue is resolved.

You can reboot the TV with or without a remote comfortably.

This article will discuss the simplest methods for rebooting your LG televisions in detail.

Why Does Your LG TV Need Restarting?

Your LG TV needs a fresh reboot to improve and speed up performance. It enables your electronic appliance to keep running smoothly and efficiently.

What happens is, that restarting clears the cobwebs enhancing LG TV’s functionality. It also takes care of the updates on the go.

This means that not only your computer, but other devices in your life also need software updates.

Occasional rest is required for the TV to function properly.

Rebooting is a good idea that is also known as the TV full power cycle. It wipes out any unwanted damaging data from your device making the data flow more efficient.

Tip: Before you go for further troubleshooting methods, seek professional help, or perform a factory restart, try rebooting the LG TV.

When updates are installed, it might become easier for the system to address your current issues.

Does Restarting Help?

Restarting is a process of turning off first and then starting again. It’s the easiest way though.

Turning off stops all the running processes and applications on your device, even the problematic ones.

After backing up, the device starts everything fresh. This technique is the world’s favorite while troubleshooting TV problems.

When it’s Time to Restart Your LG TV?

You should go for restart the LG TV when:

  • It is facing some software or old hardware issues
  • It has been a long time since you refreshed the RAM of the system
  • You have installed a software update

Restarting Your LG TV -A Detailed Guide

Does Your LG TV Have a Reset Button?

The LG TV has a reset button to reset the settings. It rests on the LG TV picture and audio settings. You should press and hold the OK button on the TV for 5 seconds. It will give the device a soft reset without any interruption.

Restarting Your LG TV with A Remote

You can use your LG TV with the following simple steps:

  1. Your remote control has a Home button; press it to get a menu.
  2. Move down to the Settings button.
  3. Choose General.
  4. Select Reset.
  5. Go along with the on-screen instructions until you land on the end page.
  6. Select Confirm.
  7. Enter your LG TV’s password.
  8. Select Reset.

Good to know: The default password of your TV is 0000 or 1234. This applies if you never selected or changed your TV’s password.

Restarting Without Remote

Don’t worry if you lost your remote control by accident or it stopped working. You can still control the device by making the following moves:

  1. Hold down the TV’s power button for 10 seconds. You will find this button on the side or the bottom.
  2. Use TV controls to select Menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select General.
  5. Select Reset Option.
  6. Click Confirm.
  7. Enter the default pin or password.

The system will now execute the restart process and turn back on itself.

Restarting Without Password

If you do not set up a password the first time you use the TV, it functions with a default password. If the default password doesn’t work for you, test the following instructions to restart your TV.

  1. On your remote, choose Menu.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Navigate downwards to find and press Advanced Settings.
  4. Choose Safety.
  5. Select Reset Password.
  6. Press the button in the following manner:
  7. Channel up button (two times)
  8. Channel down button (one time)
  9. Channel up button (one time)
  10. Enter 0313.
  11. Enter 0000 in the next box.
  12. A new screen will show and create a new password.
  13. Follow the above method for restarting the TV.

Restarting Your LG TV Web OS

If you own a Web OS LG TV, you must know that simply turning off the TV doesn’t restart despite the advanced features.

You might be experiencing issues with your TV due to the OS. But If you restart the television and the OS, you might fix the issues. Complete these steps:

  1. Hold down the volume and power key. Do this for 12 seconds.
  2. Let go of the keys after seeing the LG logo, as the LG logo boot sequence.

After the logo appears, both the TV restarts along with the software. If it did not work for you, try this method:

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Hold down the on/off button for 3 seconds until it turns off.
  3. Turn on the TV again, and the LG WebOS logo appears.

Note: This method will activate the reset procedure for the operating system only. If the TV is creating issues, you‘ll need a restart operation for the TV as well.

Restarting for New Software Updates

The LG TV normally restarts itself after the completion of an update. To update your LG television, execute these steps:

  1. Press the Start/Home button.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the General menu.
  4. Choose About This TV.
  5. The screen will guide you through any regular updates. Select Confirm.

Let the TV perform the updates. Do not press any buttons in the meanwhile or turn them off. When the device completes updates, it will turn off itself and turn on again.

How Can You Reset Your LG TV to Factory Settings?

If any of these solutions don’t work, the only way for you to go with them remains the factory data reset.

This section will guide you about resetting your LG television back to its original settings. Let’s factory reset your LG TV.

  1. Go to the All Settings menu.
  2. Select Support and press OK.
  3. Navigate to General.
  4. Select the General option.
  5. Move down until you see the Reset to Initial Settings option.
  6. Select it.
  7. The TV will ask you in the next step if you’re sure you want to reset all settings. Choose Confirm. Enter your password.

And you are done! The television will repair and maintain itself and then shut down. Turn the television back on to revise your settings.

Let’s look once again at the benefits of restarting your LG TV device.

What Does a Restarting Do?

Restarting helps your device keep running smoothly and efficiently. It rids you of the “cobwebs” on the go.

Corrects Glitches

A simple glitch can be corrected with a restart.

When you notice your screen freezing at any point next time, there can be a glitch interfering and you can simply restart your TV to get back to your favorite shows.

Installs Updates

Electronic devices need a new update. The same goes for your LG TV.

Firmware update is available for devices that don’t even have a screen to display. Rebooting will give way to any updates needed and install them for you.

A Reboot Does Not Always Fix Everything

Remember that a reboot is not the best solution to all the issues. Although it is the first thing in troubleshooting things. It is ideal for resolving minor problems.

You can try it on your own next time; still, you can always go for professional help if it doesn’t work.

Final Thoughts

The good idea is restarting your LG TV might fix any performance issues. It restarts both the hardware and software of the TV.

You should do the hard and soft resets in order. Go for the hard and soft reset first, then apply the factory reset.

You can always restart your device from the Home Screen of the Setting page.

The on-screen instructions will take you to turn off and restart the TV.

You don’t want to lose your important user data on the TV. So, ensure that you have its backup before applying the factory default settings.

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