What to Do When Your LG TV Turns On But The Screen Is Black? Here’s What to Do!

It was 2016 when I first bought an LG smart TV because I was impressed by the brand’s stellar reputation in the market. But soon after a couple of years, we encountered the famous black screen issue in our LG TV. It was frustrating!

I had to find answers which I’ll share in this blog.

When your LG TV is turned on, but there is a black death on the screen, the first thing to do is check the power source to make sure the TV is connected.

Software issues are yet another possible cause. What can help is unplugging the TV from the power cable (power cycling) or resetting it to factory settings.

There are a few more things that you can do to fix the black screen. I’ve tried some of them, and they helped big time.

Why Does My LG TV Turn On But No Picture?

I thought the same when my LG TV was showing a black screen despite the power button being turned on. Upon research, I found out there can be several reasons for the blacklight issue of the tv display.

Let’s discuss possible reasons in detail, and I’ll tell you how to fix them.

The Remote Control Isn’t Working Properly

This might sound silly, but remote control malfunction can potentially cause your LG TV screen to be momentarily dead or blank.

Some buttons may not work, and you may also notice you are pressing one button, and it is doing the contrary of what it should do.

You are increasing the volume, but instead, the TV is turned off. It happens all the time!

How to Fix LG Remote Control?

Whether you have a standard remote control or magic remote control, you can try replacing the batteries. You can follow the labels inside the remote compartment with + and – when inserting the batteries into the remote device.

Outdated TV Firmware

Firmware issues are a common cause of LG TV screens going blank. To identify the firmware problem, you’ll have to check if the TV gives an indicator light. If the light is on and blinking, there’s an 80% chance that your TV has a software bug.

The color is different in different TV models, but it’s installed at the front of the TV.

How to Fix Firmware Issues in LG TV?

One way to get rid of the firmware problems in the LG TV is to install available software updates. You can download the updated file for your LG television from lg.com and save it on a USB.

The recommended way to do this is to watch a video or read the manual guide available on lg.com.

Steps to Update LG TV

  1. Go to lg.com and then to the Product Support Page.
  2. Put in the product title or model number. The predictive drop-down will show you options.
  3. Pick your LG television model and enter it.
  4. You’ll be directed to the updates file. Download it from there and save it on a USB.

LG TV owners like myself can install and update their TV sets anytime and in easy steps.

Your Lg TV Has A Hardware Problem

If your LG TV screen is black, there’s probably a power supply issue. The backlight of the TV isn’t working as it should be. You have to fix the power supply board issue promptly because if not, it can hinder the TV’s functioning in the longer run.

How to Fix the Power Supply Board?

There’s only one solution to fix your TV’s power supply issue: replace the power board. If you are not tech-savvy, please ask a professional to replace the board or reach out to LG support to get a new one for the TV. This will hopefully resolve the problem.

Faulty HDMI Cable

A TV is likely to have loose cable when there’s a dark screen. If your LG TV keeps going blank, as mine did, check for the cable you are using.

The loose cable can cause power issues as well. Well, the good news is that the solution is a no-brainer. You just have to get yourself a new HDMI cable.

How to Fix the HDMI cable?

Look at the back of the TV and check if the cables are connected tightly to the cable box and your television. This improves the HDMI input, and you can enjoy a pleasant TV-watching experience. Check the power outlet once you’ve done the due diligence.

LG TV Backlight Problems

If you’ve tried all the fixes and the black screen is still there, then it’s time to look into the backlight problems of the LG TV. If your TV picture flashes and then goes back to the blank screen, have a closer look at the situation.

The LCD screen may have unbalanced backlight settings that you need to fix.

How to Fix Backlight Issue on LG TV?

I did the flashlight test to identify backlight issues in my TV.

You can also do so by using a torch directed towards the TV to notice if a backlight or picture is appearing in the background of the TV. If yes, configure your backlight settings and examine them again.

You can also try to power cycle the TV. If nothing works, you may have to buy a new device.

Steps to Configure Backlight or Picture settings

  1. Go to your LG TV’s ‘Settings’ and click ‘All Settings’
  2. Click on the ‘Picture setting’ from the displayed options.
  3. Choose ‘Mode Settings’
  4. Set the picture mode as standard
  5. A setting bar will pop up, decreasing the backlight from there.
  6. A scale from 10-30 will be good, or 50 will also work fine.

These are some steps you can follow to get rid of the black screen of the LG TV. You can also try and reset the LG TV.

Will Reset the LG Tv Solve the’ Black Screen of Death’ Issue?

Resetting your LG TV can sort out the black screen problem but only when there are disturbing settings. Technical issues like temporary glitches will not be solved by rebooting the LG TV.

Whatever the case may be, you can try resetting your TV.

Steps To Reset Your LG TV

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Choose ‘All Settings’
  3. Select ‘General’
  4. Select ‘Reset’
  5. Click ‘Confirm’

Once you’ve reset the device, the next step would be to unplug the television for a while.

Thirty seconds is ideal. After a few moments, you can plug it in again and see if the TV is working.

Troubleshoot the LG TV with LG Support’s Team

Most of you guys may have tried everything by the books to get yourself out of the whole LG TV screen going blank fiasco. Sometimes nothing seems to work, and the only option you are left with is to talk to LG customer support to troubleshoot the problem.

If your TV is still in the warranty period, you will get the in-warranty fixing as required by the machine. If not, you can still connect with the representative to know your out-of-warranty repairs.

Tell the customer support person whatever issues you are struggling with through a phone call, email, or online chat to get customized attention.

Some LG TV owners also connect through LG’s Ask the community forum to help each other and discuss their problems.


When you buy an expensive TV, you expect it to work seamlessly as I did. Fair enough. But, we don’t have to panic in trying situations like the one we have been talking about.

There are easy and cost-effective fixes that you can do yourself.

For more serious problems or technical fixes, a team of professionals at the LG TV panel is there to support you.

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