How To Unlock A Mailbox Lock?

I know you’re wondering how to open a stuck mailbox lock, and you need the answer immediately, so let’s begin.

How to Unlock a Mailbox Lock Without Key?

There are typically four to five methods to unlock mailboxes, and we will talk about all of them in the following section.

Break the Lock

If you’re in a situation where you’re “open my mailbox now!” Let me tell you there’s no better solution than breaking into a mailbox. Duh!

It may not sound as well as it works, but it’s quick, hassle-free, and inexpensive.

How to break into a mailbox using force? You’ll need to use tools like a hammer, lever, or screwdriver.


  • Pick up your screwdriver.
  • Try to open the door by inserting it inside the keyhole.
  • When it’s set in there, use a lever to apply force. Remember to use appropriate force because too much of it can damage your mailbox.
  • Keep pressing the lever in this way while selecting the lock to exert force on the lock’s chamber.
  • The keylock will pop out.

Tips: The force method is not for locks with code or rusty mailboxes.

Use Alternatives

If you don’t want to break the lock, the other option is to use the proxies at hand. It’s been a trusted method and requires no force.

To get started, you need to look for a sharp thin tool like maybe a filer or a knife and do the following.


  • Pick up your tool.
  • Insert the thinner end into the keyhole and waggle it slowly.
  • Treat the proxy just like you would do with the key.
  • You’ll hear the ‘click’ sound.

Tip: If this doesn’t work for you, you can also try a hairpin in the same manner. Once again, do not apply too much pressure.

Use a Lock Picking Kit

If your mailbox lock won’t open and you have a lock-picking kit, this is the time to use it! I’ll tell you how.

The kit you have will have 24 tools with ranging levers, thin picks, hooks, and shanks. The resources aren’t only for mailbox lock picking, but they’re also good for car locks.

Here’s what you can do with it.


  • Pick up a lever.
  • Position its thin end to the lock and thick end in the opposite direction to hold it.
  • Now twist the lever as you’d do with a key.
  • Apply pressure as needed.

If that doesn’t work, try using lock picks like this:

  • Take the lock pick and insert it into the lock.
  • The mechanism unlocks when all of the pins are at the same height.
  • So, lift the pins using the curved section of the pick.
  • Raise the first pin first because it is closest to the opening.
  • Bring the lock pick close to the lock’s opening.
  • If it seems stuck, the pick won’t move inside. You can try wedged pins for such a scenario.
  • You’ll hear the unlocking sound passing each key among the five.

Once you know that you’re past the five keys, use the lever in the barrel with unlocking movements, and then you’ll be done.

Use Paperclips

If you want to know how to break into a mailbox without breaking it, you can try using paper clips like the other ways we talked about.

Paper clips work like lock picks. You need to shape it accordingly.


Please pick up a paperclip and straighten it.

Turn the paper clip upwards from the front to make it like a hook.

You can also make a lever out of the paperclip.

Straighten the pin and bend it at 90 degrees to use it as a lever.

Drill Into the Larva

Drilling is rather a technical option, and I’d only suggest it to you if nothing else is working for you. Secondly, you’ll need to replace the mailbox since the drill goes in the mailbox’s front door.

Here’s how you can do it.


  • You need to have the drill switched in the socket (only an electrical drill will do the job).
  • Use the drill in the center of the mailbox.
  • Pick up a tool like a screwdriver or a hammer.
  • Use it to push the lock inside.
  • The larva will drop off.
  • Your mailbox is unlocked.

These are some tried-and-tested ways that address how to break into a mailbox lock to help you come out of a troubling situation.

But, something that’ll help you big time choose the right method is understanding the kind of mailbox you have.

Let’s see what we’ve got here.

Types of Mailboxes

People think mailboxes are a thing of the past because of digital mail. However, there are still 142 million mailboxes being used in the USA alone.

These are some common types of mailboxes that people are using today.

  1. Apartment mailboxes
  2. Cluster/collection mailboxes
  3. Wall mounted
  4. Freestanding/Roadstanding
  5. Pedestal mailboxes

Apartment Mailboxes

Apartment Mailboxes
Apartment Mailboxes

Apartment mailboxes are used in apartments with locks. They are either present on the ground floor or at the entrance.

They are either mounted or arranged as a set. Each tenant has a key to access their mail.

Cluster Mailbox

 Cluster Mailbox
Cluster Mailbox

Cluster or collection mailboxes are the kind where the mail is dropped in the box from a sleek opening, and to access it, the owner has to unlock either the front or the back of the mailbox.

This kind of mailbox has a lock at the front, which you can use to unlock anytime using the designated key.

Wall Mounted Mailbox

Wall Mounted Mailbox
Wall Mounted Mailbox

Wall-mounted mailboxes are usually at the entrance of a residence. As the name suggests, these kinds of mailboxes are mounted, or ‘fixed to the walls.

They also have a lock and a traditional key. The wall-mounted mailboxes also have a small opening for mail but regardless of their size.

Freestanding Mailboxes

Freestanding Mailboxes
Freestanding Mailboxes

Freestanding mailboxes are much like pedestals in appearance. They come in different sizes and styles, and you can try to make these different from others by decorating them as you like.

They normally look like they’re made of concrete, but there are other materials, like metal or stone, which make them different.

The freestanding mailboxes have padlocks.

Pedestal Mailboxes

Pedestal Mailboxes
Pedestal Mailboxes

Pedestal mailboxes, wall-mounted, are fixed to the ground instead of the wall. They are an older style of mailboxes and are commonly seen outside residential estates where communities live together. This kind of mailbox is usually made of steel with a padlock.

These are the most common mailboxes that we use today, but there are some other mailbox types that you can explore on the internet and choose the one you like.


This blog post is a concise guide for you if you’re struggling with your mailbox locking AND key missing. The post includes different methods that you can try step by step to help yourself.

With the types described, you can see that most mailboxes have traditional locks. If you want one, you can choose your type with the help of a brief introduction that I’ve provided.

As we conclude, I want you to share a similar incident of ‘mailbox pick locking’ if it has ever happened to you and tell you which way you followed.

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