Security Alarm Beeping After Power Outage?

Over the years, home security has become an integral part of our lives. Its popularity increases day by day.

Newer, better technology has developed and becomes more accessible to everyone.

These days, more homeowners are shifting to the next-level home security system to get better protection for their families, pets, and belongings.

The occasional issues in wireless security systems like the alarm’s function keypad beeping continuously when the power goes off can frustrate you.

It only intends to make you aware of the power outage and low batteries. Anyhow, this annoying chirping can easily give you a headache.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to resolve this issue when a power outage happens due to uncertain weather conditions.

Also, someone can make an attempt to tamper with your device with bad intentions.

No worries, we got you! Learn 4 simple ways you can stop your fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector or any other type of security alarm’s low battery trouble beeps in this article.

Why Does the Alarm Beep Continuously?

The alarm beeps continuously after a power outage because it is the system’s mechanism of sending you power outages and low battery notifications.

This does not happen regularly though. But each time when such an event of a power failure occurs,  the alarm panel emits a continuous beeping sound, alerting you that your security panel is on battery supply.

Whether the power cut occurs after a rain storm, during routine maintenance, or due to a technical fault at the powerhouse, it is always an unpleasant experience.

The lights turn off, the network signal goes off and the alarm keeps making noise. Could this situation get any worse?

Well, most modern standard systems 一especially the ADT alarm has enough battery backup power for short periods of power outages.

They resume work for up to 4 to 10 hours until the power comes back. At that time, the keypad starts beeping to alert you that there has been a power loss.

This is similar to the beep alerts in case of any trouble or emergency.

Most kinds of alarms notify you through text messages or email about the ‘ringing’ condition of the alarm panel.

To stop the security alarm from beeping, you have to acknowledge at the keypad that you are now aware of the power loss.

If you don’t do this, the house alarm system will keep ringing every 4 to 10 hours until you get the power back or until the backup battery completely drains.

Note: The duration of the backup battery varies from system to system.

Your security ADT system gives you another sort of trouble condition to let you know about the low battery. 

The backup battery recharges itself within 24 to 18 hours of the complete power supply mostly.

An alarm ringing after a power cut happens 98% because of the dead battery.

So, when the mains are removed, the control panel’s backing-up battery cannot keep the system functional.

As a result, the external sounder starts making noise to inform you about the problem.

When to Replace the Battery?

Concerning battery life matters. The battery backup is located in the main control box. 

I recommend that you should change your system battery after every 5 years or more frequently if the device encounters a big number of power outages.

This might be the result of faulty batteries. This situation can activate a false alarm.

In case of a power outage, the length of the hours also matters in this case.  This scenario impacts heavily your battery backup.

Note: According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) you should replace your smoke alarm batteries every six months.

So, how to fix this yourself?

4 Simple Steps to Fix Alarm System Beeping after Power Outage

Now that you know about the possible root causes of the issue, let’s look into the easy possible solutions.

To stop the continuous beeping of your home alarm system, you can take on the following methods and enjoy peace of mind:

  1. Disarm your system
  2. Use the silence feature
  3. Reinstall your batteries
  4. Contact your service provider

1.   Disarm Your System

In most new wireless alarm systems, you can stop the beep by disarming the alarm.

Even so, you must first ensure that the alarm can draw power from the power source and is not currently working on backup batteries.

After confirming the proper working of the power supply, you can go to the control panel to log in to the system using the security code. Click disarm from the controls and this gets the beeping to stop.

Know that this happens until your battery completely dies. Acknowledging the issue from the keypad will relieve you. 

However, if you do not like this repetition of entering the digit master code, you can opt for another solution.

If this does not work, it means that the wall outlet is not functional and the alarm is unable to draw power.

That’s why the warning (beeping) continues. The useful tip here is to plug in some other device in the main power outlet and check whether it works.

If not then you should change the main source of power for your ADT security system.

2.   Use the Silence Feature

When you get assured that there has not been any attempt of burglary on your property and only power cut is the specific problem, use the silence feature.

This feature of your modern alarm system instantly stops beeping so you can relax. Note that if you have an old alarm system then you can simply follow the method given here.

3.   Reinstall Batteries

For older alarm systems, if the beep doesn’t stop disarming, try taking out the batteries from the alarm, then putting them back in.

You can then turn on the alarm to see if the problem resolves.

The beeping noise also indicates that the backup batteries are drained. Replacing the old batteries with a new battery pair might help here.

Nevertheless, seeing professional help is always advisable before removing batteries and if the problem persists.

You definitely wouldn’t want to compromise your home protection.

However, it is still better to ask a professional to guide you so that you don’t compromise the safety of your home.

4.   Contact the Service Provider

If the issue stays, it could be due to malfunction. Such as faulty wiring. If so, get the easiest solution. Contact your service provider and ask for assistance.

Professional help will get the beeping stop immediately for sure. The alarm company’s support is available with a monthly subscription.

The common reason why customers are willing to pay subscription fees for security services is this beeping trouble.

It is a safety mechanism that can inform users about any intrusion or low power conditions of the setup and is there to help after all! Even then it can become irritable.

So, when your system backup battery takes over and you start hearing the continuous beeping sound from your alarm, call your service provider.

The security company’s experts will diagnose and treat the potential problems depending on the type of alarm system as easily as 1-2-3.

You should change the batteries in case of a power outage. If the annoyance continues, use the reset button or replace the smart alarm system or get professional help as the final solution.

The Bottom Line

Security systems have gone through remarkable upgrades during the last few years and have become the need of the hour.

We can predict with the ever-changing technology, the end-users might soon get an advanced solution to the continuous alarm ringing when they experience power outages.

For now, I hope this article helps you address the beeping noise emission from your security alarm and your home is well-protected from intruders day and night

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