Cove – Best Security System for Ease of Use and Installation

Home security is the biggest concern for most, and with a wide range of options available, finding the best home security system can be overwhelming.

The best Security System for Ease of Use and Installation is everyone’s preference, besides the best camera, features, and services.

Most security systems offer the best features like HD cameras, app support, home automation, and much more in today’s world. Above all, an effective security system is easy to set up and use.

The Cove is one of the leading brands for home security amongst others because of its easy installation and user-friendly interface.


If you are looking for a complete home security package with ease of use and affordable rates, Cove is the one. Numerous reasons set Cove apart from other competitors in the market. For instance;

  • The primary hub; connects burglary and environmental sensors, as well as six monitoring stations.
  • Motions sensors; door, window, and glass break detectors are highly responsive.
  • HD cameras; and live-view offer instant access to who’s outside.
  • Environmental sensors; protect your home against fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide, as well as leaks and floods in the home.
  • Remote Medical Alerts; make it easier to contact authorities or arm and disarm your system in case of emergencies.

Cove Installation!

However, Cove now has a professional installation option at the cost of $79, but the best part about Cove home security is that you can entirely DIY install it at your place within a few simple steps.

Customize Your System

Firstly, Cove gives you the freedom to choose what components you want to add to your system. Cove pre-program the system before delivery. You can choose from the sensors, several security cameras, and other components to meet your specific needs and requirements.


Cove has made installation a breeze with their 3M adhesives on the back of each sensor.

  • The Touch Screen Panel lets you through a few simple setup screens before establishing the passcode.
  • Cove’s cameras aren’t entirely cellular. Therefore, you have to connect them to your home’s Wi-Fi.
  • With 3M adhesives on the back sensors, you can apply them to the desired location as a sticker.

Overall, installing Cove equipment is simple and does not need a security specialist. It only takes half an hour to set the system up or to run.


Besides the best DIY installation, Cove offers convenient and affordable monitoring plans. Moreover, it does not offer self-monitoring. Hence, you can choose any of the professional monitoring plans Cove offers;

  • Cove Basic
  • Cove Plus

There is no need to sign a contract for either of these options. Furthermore, you get a  60-day money-back guarantee.

Cove Monitoring Plan Comparison

Professional monitoring24/724/7
Smartphone controlNo availableYes
Smart Home IntegrationNot availableAlexa and Google Home Voice control
Device UpgradationNot available$5 credit for monthly up-gradation
Equipment WarrantyOne-yearLifetime


Unlike other alternatives, Cove offers two services with both of its security packages:

  • InstaText
  • LiveAssist


When a sensor activates an alert, homeowners are quickly notified via text message through InstaText. The SMS message provides householders with variable actions, including;

  • Calling the cops
  • Canceling the alarm
  • Having a representative call the user


LiveAssist establishes a direct line between the emergency response team and the user’s touch panel, allowing you access to call medical assistance, the fire department, or the police department with only a few taps.

Moreover, the panel allows you to have a two-way interaction with an emergency response team, much like a phone.

Cove Security Equipment

To keep homeowners secure, Cove supplies a wide range of security systems, including an alarm panel, and motion, flood, and glass break detector.

However, the downside of Cove’s technology is that it does not include exterior security cameras, which is an important requirement these days.

The Touch Panel

The Cove Touch Panel is the heart of the Cove security system, which allows live monitoring stations to work around the clock. You can also use this panel, as well as the mobile application or key fob, to arm and disarm your system.

To safeguard the system from future weather disruptions, the panel includes a 24-hour backup battery.

Sensors for Doors and Windows

These sensors can go the same on doors or windows. They activate the alert when there is any activity near the doors and windows. For instance, someone enters or exits through the doors or if the window opens.

Motion Detector

A motion detector, as the name specifies, detects movement and sets off an alarm. In most homes, one motion sensor is enough for a high-traffic area. However, you may have to install additional motion sensors in larger dwellings.

Key Fobs

Key fobs are wireless devices that allow you to arm and disarm your system with the touch of a button. You can purchase numerous key fobs for multiple persons to access the alarm system.

Glass Break Detector

This device detects whether your home’s windows or glass doors are shattered. These detectors come in really handy for locked windows and casement windows because it covers all glass fixtures within 15 feet.

Smoke detectors

Cove smoke detectors are efficient in detecting flames in their early stages. These should not be put immediately over stoves or cooking areas, as this may generate false alarms.

Flood Sensors

In the case of a residential flood, which is usually caused by any plumbing leak, flood sensors inform you of the leakage. Each system is pre-programmed and is simple to set up in your home.

These sensors can be used near flowing water, such as sinks, underwater heaters, freezers, and toilets. They come in handy for homes with the elderly and kids.

CO Detector

These detectors are usually put near beds so that they can wake up sleeping householders, in case of a CO leak. You can also install these detectors near their utility room to detect carbon monoxide from fuel-burning appliances.

Alarm Necklace

Unlike any other brand, Cove sells a medical alert necklace that you can wear inside and outside the home.

The Cove App

Cove home security makes it convenient for users to remotely access their devices and control the settings along with other features like;

  • Arm and disarm your system
  • Receive notifications
  • Live-streamed footage
  • Cloud storage
  • Two-way audio
  • Connected devices control

The cove app is pretty easy to use and free of bugs, most of the time.

All in all, we think Cove covers all the aspects of home security effectively. If you plan to upgrade your system or be your first home security experience, Cove is an excellent point to start with professional monitoring yet DIY installation.

How To Purchase Cove Security System; Cove Security Cost

Cove sells customized hardware systems as well as monitoring subscriptions. Therefore, you have to go through a few simple steps. For instance;

  • Selecting the component; if you visit their website, you may have to answer some questions like the size of your house, the number of doors you need to be protected, windows, the number of key fobs, and other components. Once you are done with the questionnaire, Cove configures your system accordingly. Above all, whatever bundle you go for, it comes with a yard sign and window stickers.
  • Pick your plan; As Cove does not offer self-monitoring, you have to choose from the professional plans as per your need.

Who is Cove Security Best for?

Concluding, the Cove security system is best suitable for people with the below-mentioned needs;

Professional Monitoring

Keeping professional home security monitoring priority, Cove offers the benefit to people who do not want to check on their security system all the time. Furthermore, you will love Cove for its touch-screen alarm panel access to everything.

Affordable Home Security

The costs of Cove’s equipment are lower than many of its competitors in our review. Not only the equipment, but it also offers flexible plans.

Not Recommended for:

However, like other alternatives, it does come with a few limitations that you must know before making a purchase.

Home Automation

Cove’s hardware is limited, and it doesn’t function with most other smart home gadgets. It only works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, that too, on a limited integration.

Advanced Home Security

Cove offers straightforward, easy-to-maintain hardware. However, customization and tweaking possibilities are minimal.

Outdoor Security

As much as Cove offers convenience inside the home, it does not currently provide a doorbell camera, which is an essential element of outdoor security.

Smart App Support

The Cove Security app is rather rudimentary and is only available if you subscribe to the top-tier monitoring subscription.

Cove; Pros and Cons

  • Monthly fees are low.
  • There are no contracts.
  • Cancellation is simple.
  • Upgrades are available for $5 per month.
  • Cove Plus members get a lifetime warranty on the equipment.
  • Money-back guarantee up to 60-days.
  • There are no outdoor security cameras available.
  • To control systems remotely, you’ll need a premium subscription.
  • IFTTT applets aren’t supported.
  • To use the mobile application, you must have a paid subscription.
  • There is no intelligent home integration available.
  • There is no option for self-monitoring.

However, you have to trade a few features for another if you are looking for an easy-to-use home security system.


1.    What does the Cove Security guarantee entail?

If you sign up for the top-tier Cove Plus monitoring plan, Cove’s equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. A one-year guarantee is provided on all other gadgets. Both guarantees cover manufacturing flaws and natural wear & tear. However, it does not cover damage caused by intruders or homeowners.

2.    How is Cove customer service?

Cove offers 24/7 phone assistance in addition to online tutorials with step-by-step installation instructions. You can send an email from the site for troubleshooting or other concerns. Cove also offers chat during the weekdays.

3.    Does Cove send text and email notifications?

Along with the touch panel alerts, Cove offers phone calls and texts for sending notifications. Moreover, with RapidSOS technology, Cove claims that its text notifications and reaction times are 10 times faster than other DIY home security systems.

4.    What emergency support does Cove offer?

A “hostage passcode” can be programmed into a Cove security system and used in the event of a hostage incident. You can disable the system and transmit a duress signal to the monitoring center using the code.


The Cove is a security system that we strongly suggest due to its inexpensive monitoring charges, lack of contracts, and user-friendly interface.

Although it offers only professional monitoring, Cove makes it simpler for everyone to remotely observe what is going on at their home.

It’s also quite economical, with huge discounts on hardware and a 60-day risk-free guarantee on all the equipment.

We also love that Cove offers exceptional discounts for eligible military people, first responders, nurses, and teachers.

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