Security Cameras That Work With Google Home

You must have seen hundreds, if not thousands of google home compatibility security systems since camera security has hit its mark.

I have been neck-deep on the internet to look out for the best security cameras that work with google home specifically – as the trust and quality along with an overall google home system popularity are unmatchable.

Google Home Compatible Security System

Since Google has been almost everyone’s instant voice assistance, Google Home System works as one of the most popular systems in security cameras.

These systems work with home cameras to offer remote access to home security.

A smart way is a right way!

Once I got started with my first google home security system, I did not know it will be so beneficial and an instant-access way to control the security system of my home. Whether I am at home or somewhere outside, it is such a steal.


Here, what I love about google security systems are a few features and specifications that distinguish them from other alternative home security systems.

  • Fit-all-sizes Design

While looking for something for my studio apartment, keeping a small device that could easily fit into my small setup and also offer overall security. Devices that work with Google security are compact and aesthetically pleasing.

Like me, if you are conscious(actually very conscious) about the vibe of the place, you can find various colors in a home security device – it is much more than just a speaker.

  • In One-and-all Reach

Google Home security is not expensive for the protection it offers. I found it a bit more pricey than the new generation Amazon Echo, but not that ridiculous.

  • It Is Smarter Than You Think

You do not have to worry about the context. I find it just like talking to another person living with me. It follows the lead from the first thing you question about. For instance, “How is the weather today?” to “What about tomorrow?” you can easily ask anything.

In comparison to other smart home devices, Google Home has the most access to Google’s Knowledge Graph.

This implies it has access to millions of information and can likely answer my question Google can do on a desktop. Thus, Google’s responses outperform rival voice-activated apps and devices I have tried till now.

  • Voice-activated Calling Is Simple

You can call anywhere in the US or Canada. This isn’t available in Australia currently, but it should be in future Google Home updates.

  • Recognizes Various Voices

Google Home can tell when different family members are talking, it recognizes specific people and gives personalized results.

  • Smart TVs and speakers Cast

This is a nice feature. I also use Google Home to access Netflix and Stan. (Other video services may be added later.)

*However, it is not compatible with all speakers and only works with devices that have the appropriate software or hardware, such as Chromecast.

The sound quality is good for a little device.

  • Step By Step Instructions

This is useful if you need aid in the kitchen and don’t want to use a paper recipe, contaminating your phone or laptop.


Some of the things that made me a little uncomfortable about wireless home security systems are;

Constant power supply – Something that I do not feel good about is that it needs to be plugged in all the time. It limited me in finding a spot in the house that has a power plug nearby.

Compromise on the sound – though, I find it good when it comes to voice assistance, or else the music quality could be better. Again for compact space, it is sufficient.

Controls – for most of the access, it has sensors and a few buttons on the top. Sensors are a bit fiddly at times. A few buttons could have been a good addition to user-friendly controls.

  • It does not narrate shared calendars or documents.
  • It is activated by google ads if playing on TV or phone.
  • Not compatible with Amazon Echo.
  • Hearing is not as efficient from afar.

Price Range; You will be amazed to know that a google home compatible security system is within everyone’s reach.

I would suggest you invest one time in a good security system that works with other devices, and offers remote controls, app support, and essential features.

You can use live monitoring, voice assistance, app lock and unlock, history management, and also cloud storage.

Google Home Monitoring: Choose The Right Product

Since I have gone for smart home automation with google home it is not the same. From ultimate security to peace of mind, it offers;

  • Maintain all of your devices from one source
  • Compatible devices and apps support
  • Remote-controlled home functions
  • Efficient energy saving
  • Enhanced appliance functionality
  • Home management insight

Choosing the right security camera is important for ultimate protection, or else there are millions of devices you see on the market.

You get what you pay for!

Here are some of the mistakes you can avoid while looking for Google Home Monitoring and things you must consider before making a purchase, which I learned a hard way.

Personal Preference

  • Video/image quality
  • Local or cloud storage
  • Use; indoor or outdoor
  • Wireless or wired


  • Motion detection
  • Wi-fi compatibility
  • Remote live view
  • Cloud storage
  • Another device compatibility

Google Home devices;

  • Nest cam indoor – The Nest Cam Indoor security camera helps you keep an eye on your house and family while you’re away. Nest Cam Indoor has 24/7 live streaming, a magnetic stand, person warnings with Nest Aware, and one app for all your Nest gadgets. Anywhere.
  • Nest cam outdoor – Surveillance by Nest Cam Outdoor detects a person in the yard and porch or where you place it with a phone alert. I can have a live view on the mobile phone without needing to get up and check. 24/7 home surveillance with Nest Cam Outdoor prevents break-ins efficiently.

Cameras That Work With Google Home Security

I would like to add that compatibility with a security camera or device is important to get it working with Google Home.

Previously, I had Netatmo Presence connected with google home for the security system, which worked perfectly fine, before I switched to the complete google home automation.

If you are already using google for home security other wireless cameras for security with 4G LTE cellular monitoring can be used. They offer similar commands you get with google home.

You can use google home hub as a security camera for many cameras, but make sure they are the right ones you are choosing. Some other devices I have seen working the best with google security are;

  • Arlo
  • Homee Smart Home
  • Mydlink Smart
  • Ioe Smart
  • Geeni

These popular brands offer security cameras that are compatible with google providing the best overall security for the price.

Google Home Security System & Blink Cameras

Speaking of camera security for homes, blink is another famous name in the market. These cameras for home security are outstanding when we speak of wireless security. They are compact and come with useful features like;

  • Day and night HD video
  • Two-way audio
  • Alexa compatibility
  • Two-year battery life
  • Blink home monitor app

Well, the question arises, do blink cameras work with the google home system?

Unfortunately, blink cameras are not compatible with Google home but with Amazon Alexa devices such as Dot, Echo Show, and IFTTT.

They need respective AI voice assistance to work with wireless home security. Owned by Amazon like Ring security camera systems, Blink offer its line of cameras.

Besides the quality, price, and features, personal preference comes in handy while choosing cams compatible with Google Home Security System because not every product is made the same.

Some are made to work best for indoor use, while others are the best when it comes to outdoor use.


Can I use google home hub as a security camera?

Depending on the device you are using, with the Google Home Hub’s home view panel, you can control the TV, watch cameras, lock the door, dim the lights, and perform a variety of other functions.

In conjunction with devices such as the Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell camera and the Nest indoor and outdoor cameras, it gives you greater control over your home’s security and surroundings than you previously had with any camera.

How do I connect my camera to Google Hub?

Considering the important factors, you need to have;

  • The same Wi-fi connection is to connect Nest with other compatible security cameras.
  • Go to Google App home.
  • At the top left, you will see ADD SETUP DEVICE. Tap!
  • From the list given choose your camera manufacturer and hit finish setup.

What type of security system nest is it?

A: Nest is more of an alarm security system. It comes with a base station that is known as Nest Guard. It is easy to control, includes a motion detector for doors and windows(which I love the most), and also app controls.

Can I use Nest without Wi-Fi?

A: It activates the alarm on object detection, but you will not be able to view and control the settings or notifications.

What cameras work the best with google home security?

I have been using Netatmo Presence with google security and it works just like google cam. You can also go for;

  • Logitech
  • Arlo
  • Geeni

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