Security Doors for Home

Have you ever felt insecure when you’re at home and the door isn’t locked? I do. I don’t sit in peace until I am sure that the entrance to my house isn’t open to just everyone.

It’s in our instincts I guess. We feel protected behind the locked doors. But you’re well aware that the wooden doors can easily be knocked down.

As per a study, almost  95% of burglars attack a place by knocking down the door. So we need a reliable solution.

Ever heard of security doors? They work the same but they have steel layered in between or at the front of the door with concealed hinges to ensure extra protection.

That is just an overview. And, if you want to have a security door for your home, you need to know the specifics.

Let’s dive in.

 Home Security Doors

The main doors that are strengthened with steel are known as security doors.

And they come in two types.

The first is a set of inlaid steel doors. These are doors with a tempered glass panel that looks like they’re constructed of wrought iron—reinforced safety glass designed to last longer than regular glass.

The second category resembles a standard wood door, but the thin layers of wood are reinforced with steel on the inside. There are additionally reinforced side fittings.

Is it only about STEEL?

These doors are not only secured with steel, but other elements also strengthen them. The joints of a locked door, for example, are usually hidden.

Do I Have Options to Choose the Material?

If you want to choose the ones with the best material, here are some top picks.

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Aluminum framed
  3. Custom security doors

You can choose your home security doors among these materials but also put some thought into the brand that you want to buy from.

Just like security doors, there is another option as screen security doors.

Let’s have a dig there too.

Home Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors are exceptional for how they improve your place’s ventilation which is rare to find in any other kind of door.

By keeping the front door open with an insect seal integrated, the screen doors allow air to circulate throughout the house while locking the insects outside.

Screen doors are much like security doors but with a mesh option and no pattern overlaying.

The screen doors are ideal for new apartments in new buildings with attractive wooden main entry doors, but I don’t want a security door design to compromise the design.

You can choose the sort of screen door you want, from simple aluminum to reinforced steel frames and colors to match the color of your home’s exterior.


  1. Singe door
  2. Double door
  3. Mesh doors
  4. Laser doors

Go for the one that fits. Do you have more questions? Keep on reading.

Can I Customize My Security Screen Door?

Yes, there is a space for extra features that you may want in your home security doors. You can go for lock customization.


Security screen doors offer 3 lock features where you can install two them on the sides and one at the front.


You can add a type of mesh strength to your door with a choice of material. In addition, a majority of other houses and apartments choose a screen door frame that appears like wood, such as the Jarrah powdered coat, to match the place’s current look.


There is a pet door, half panel, and bug seal options to get in your entrance security doors.

All these features are available with both security and screen doors, enabling you to tailor the door to your unique needs with no trouble.


As we reach our conclusion of the post, have you decided on getting a home security door for your place? It’s convenient, secure, and versatile.

Plus, I would never recommend you to just jump into anything unless I support you getting to know the product.

But if you need more knowledge about the topic, you should do that first but for starters, this blog would do.

Don’t forget to share your views about the topic in the comments.

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