SimpliSafe Base Station Not Connecting to Wi-Fi (5 Minute Fixes)

Sometimes, the Simplisafe Base Station does not connect to the Wi-Fi. Although, it is built with a 24-hour backup battery to ensure a power supply in case of an electricity break out.

You just have to plug it in and start using it. But it needs Wi-Fi connectivity to serve additional benefits.

If your SimpliSafe security system is not detecting WiFi you can begin by restarting your wifi router or power cycling it.

Even if you can’t access your Wi-Fi, the Simplisafe keypad lets you change basic sensor settings.

You can also benefit from the basic features of the company’s professional monitoring service. 

Let’s delve into the details of the subject and find solutions to fix WiFi issues.

What to Do if Your Simplisafe Base Station is Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

If you bought a Simplisafe security system in 2017 or before that, your system is the original or the earliest one.

Else, chances are you have got the Gen 3 Simplisafe new system, which was released in January 2018.

Are you facing connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi with your SimpliSafe system? Then you‘re in the right place.

The good news is that I have some simple methods to reconnect your Simplisafe home security system. Try doing the following things to fix this:

  1. Reset your Wi-Fi router in the first place.
  2. Ensure that your base station is close to the router when you are attempting to connect it to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. Power cycle your Simplisafe base station, then attempt to reconnect.
  4. Make sure that your router broadcasts your Wi-Fi connection on a 2.4 GHz signal, not a 5GHz Wi-Fi band. The reason being the Simplisafe system is meant to process 2.4 GHz networks. Only then, does it provide wider coverage? This range goes through walls and floors much more than 5 GHz frequency.
  5. If the name of your wireless network (SSID) and/or Wi-Fi password has changed recently, You will have to re-enter your password on your Keypad.

Learn more about connecting to your Wi-Fi and changing its information here. You can get further assistance with the device’s usability by visiting the Simplisafe website.

Note: You can set a password of 1 31-character limit on the Wi-Fi network name and password.

Also, ensure your SSID isn’t hidden. If so, access your network settings for the Wi-Fi router and allow the network to be discoverable.

If none of these methods work for your connection issues, you can always get Simplisafe customer support team help.

They are just a call away. They will identify and resolve the issue you are facing.

The Simplisafe Home Protection

The Simplisafe system comes with four essential components. A Base Station, a keypad, a motion detector, and an entry Sensor.

The Base Station is the brain of your security system. When a motion sensor, window sensor, door sensor, or Simplisafe camera detects danger, it instantly sends signals to the Base Station. It sounds loud like a siren.

SimpliSafe home security is a popular home system that is proven to be a great choice for home security.

Over the years this system has kept satisfying its users with exceptional security features and benefits. 

Another good news is, that the product is exactly what the brand advertises, comes with an easy setup, and is as easy to use as ever.

A Simplisafe device is a great option because it is not designed as part of a smart home ecosystem.

So, anyone can use its latest technology.

Every component of the Simplisafe equipment is engineered with cutting-edge technology to give you the best user experience and supreme level of safety.

Your whole house protection is only a Simplisafe away!

The Simplisafe system protects your home inside and out. This modern smart device protects your home with multiple defense layers.

Cameras keep a constant watch over your belongings outside your home. Smart entry sensors and Simplisafe smart locks are the next levels of security. They protect your doors and windows.

Inside your home motion and glass break sensors provide even more safety.

So, the only people who get into your house are the ones you want in your house. The system is backed by our professional monitoring.

A team of highly trained individuals who are ready to address any emergencies at all times.

How does Simplisafe work?

The SimpliSafe system activates all your doors and window sensors. But smartly keep your motion detectors off so that you can easily move around your house.

When you and your family are away, you set the Simplisafe system to ‘away,’ it activates all motion sensors inside your home to sense any unexpected behavior, for enhanced protection.

In both cases, when an intruder tries to enter your home, a sensor trips sounding like a powerful alarm unresting the attacker.

At the same time, the security system sends alert messages to your monitoring center.

You instantly receive a call, asking you to provide your safe word (a set of special characters) for example, ‘shangchi2’, and the police will be on their way to your place immediately.

Simplisafe ーThe Additional Safeguards

The Simplisafe system comes with two additional protections. One is a silent panic button which is perfect for small businesses, and a duress PIN code.

The duress PIN is intended for the time when someone forces you to disarm your system, it secretly alerts the monitoring center to send help.

Why Do You Need Wi-Fi to Use Simplisafe?

Your basic home security does not need a computer or a Wi-Fi connection to function.

Yet ever, experts recommend getting access to a smartphone, computer, or Wi-Fi. It will take care of all your system’s security attributes at its best.

Wi-Fi GHz network ensures security for your home. Keeping the security features updated is an additional benefit.

A WiFi connection ensures that you and your home are always protected and always up to date.

A cellular connection is the primary source of connection and connecting your Simplisafe home security system to the wifi being a secondary connection, increases credibility.

Wi-Fi also allows your system to retrieve and download all new firmware updates to keep your system and its devices working properly and at their best.

A cellular connection also matters. But having Wi-Fi connectivity establishes security by providing a direct connection to the company’s monitoring center.

Another powerful feature of Wi-Fi is that it allows your system to access and download all essential latest firmware updates to continue providing value.

  • It will be good to recall more additional benefits of having Wi-Fi. Here they are:
  • Use and connect Simplisafe cameras to your system.
  • Live stream camera video.
  • Watch and download recordings.
  • Access the Simplisafe mobile app to control your system remotely from any location.
  • View the system’s timeline.
  • Arm and disarm the system remotely.
  • Lock and unlock the smart lock remotely.
  • View and change system and device settings remotely.
  • Receive security alerts and push notifications on your mobile device.
  • Enable and receive secret alerts on your smartphone.
  • Enable Visual Verification.
  • Empower your system with Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Access and download important firmware updates for your system and devices and go with the flow.

The Bottom Line

The biggest benefit of using the Simplisafe home security system is the peace of mind it provides you.

It detects any unauthorized access attempts with efficiency with affordable fees and no contracts.

All its accessories such as the wireless keypad, key fob, extra siren, smoke detector, panic button, and more add value to your life ensuring your home security.

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