SimpliSafe Smart Lock Not Responding? Here’s What to Try!

Have you received the SimpliSafe smart lock not responding alert from your SimpliSafe home security system?

If so, this article will discuss the various causes of this and the viable solutions to the problem.

If your SimpliSafe smart lock isn’t responding, try using a key fob. It works well with entry sensors.

Otherwise, checking the battery percentage will also help.

There are a couple of other things to try that we have gathered in this blog.

Let’s get to the crux of the matter and figure out how to protect your home by ensuring front door security without a delay.

Why Is SimpliSafe Smart Lock not responding?

A SimpliSafe smart door lock will notify you if someone enters the wrong PIN about five times. Then, after 15 failed tries, it automatically locks your door for 30 minutes.

The smart lock may not respond to the user’s activities when it is broken. One of the following issues could be causing the SimpliSafe smart lock not respond error.

  • Incomplete Installation: The necessary procedures were previously programmed into the SimpliSafe base station, but the installation was never completed. For DIY installation of the SimpliSafe security system and indoor cameras, read the manual that comes with it.
  • Distance from the Base Station: If the base station is too far away from the smart lock, it will be unable to connect with it.
  • The keypad’s firmware has not been updated: The smart lock does not work even if the SimpliSafe base station software is up to date, but the wireless keypad software is not.
  • Your smart lock’s battery has died: When the SimpliSafe smart lock’s battery dies, the smart lock becomes unresponsive to any actions.

In the event of a break-in or any fire incident, using its motion sensor, smoke detectors, or glass break sensors,

SimpliSafe will notify you and call the authorities on your behalf if you have an interactive monitoring plan.

How to Repair a SimpliSafe Smart Lock That Isn’t Responding?

If you’ve figured out what’s causing your SimpliSafe home security camera system’s smart lock not to respond to the error from the list above, you can utilize the following helpful tips to deal with the non-responsiveness of the SimpliSafe smart lock.

Without further ado, let’s discuss issues relating to SimpliSafe’s system environmental monitoring.

Ensure Complete Installation

If you’ve determined that an incomplete installation is the cause of the SimpliSafe smart lock not responding issue, follow the steps below to finish the installation.

  • You can remove the water sensor or glass break sensor from the SimpliSafe smart lock’s keyfob if you don’t need them.
  • Enter your Master PIN or user code on the smart lock keypad after hitting the Menu button.
  • Then, go to Devices and select the device you want to delete with the right rocker.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the menu list and select Remove using the right rocker or the right arrow on the keypad.
  • Press the off button to return to the menu.

After completing the preceding steps, utilize your smart lock to validate that the SimpliSafe smart lock not responding error has been addressed.

Place the Base Station Closer to the Lock

Follow the steps below to easily fix the SimpliSafe smart lock not responding problem if you have determined that the base station is too far away.

  • Press the Menu button on the smart lock keypad. Enter the Master PIN to check the SimpliSafe Base Station’s connectivity with smoke detectors, door sensors, and glass break sensors.
  • Navigate to the test mode option and choose it using the right rocker or arrow.
  • The base station informs you that it is in test mode. Then, at the top of the sensor mounted on the wall, press the button.
  • When the base station communicates with the sensor, the sensor information is disseminated. Otherwise, the base station makes no further announcements.

After completing the preceding steps, utilize your smart lock’s professional services to validate that the SimpliSafe smart lock not responding error is fixed.

Update SimpliSafe Firmware

If you discover that your SimpliSafe Keypad’s firmware has not been updated, follow the instructions below to update it.

  • To make the Wi-Fi router network visible to other devices, turn it on.
  • Press the button that says ‘menu’ on the smart lock’s keypad.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, select System Settings.
  • Then pick Wi-Fi, followed by the name of your Wi-Fi network.
  • Then, to get access to the Wi-Fi network, enter the network password.
  •  If the Wi-Fi connection is successful, a notification appears on the keypad.
  • When the keypad is linked to a Wi-Fi network, the available firmware updates for the keypad are displayed.
  • To upgrade the keypad firmware, click on it.

Use the smart lock to validate that the SimpliSafe smart lock not responding error has been fixed after updating the keypad firmware.

Recharge the SimpliSafe Smart Lock’s Batteries

If you have been receiving the low battery prompt, this could be the cause of the SimpliSafe smart lock not responding issue.

Take a closer look at your smart device. Another great option is to contact the security company and let them know about false alarms or error messages.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve this:

  • Replace worn-out batteries with new ones.
  • Slide the sensor upwards to remove it from the wall, then release the battery by holding the little release holder at the back of the sensor.
  • Please replace the entry sensor’s battery and reinstall it on the wall.
  • The rechargeable backup battery is utilized for the remaining 24 hours if the Base Station does not get continuous power. The smart lock will not work if the backup charge runs out.

If you followed the procedures given above, you should be able to utilize the smart lock to confirm that the SimpliSafe smart lock not responding error has been addressed.

Reset Instructions

If you need to reset your SimpliSafe smart lock, follow the procedures below:

  • Disconnect the power line from the SimpliSafe base station.
  • After flipping the SimpliSafe base station over, open the battery box.
  • The battery in the base station should be removed.
  • After a short time, replace the battery in the base station compartment.
  • Now reconnect the power to the SimpliSafe base station from the wall outlet.

Calibrate SimpliSafe Smart Lock

Follow the instructions below to calibrate your SimpliSafe smart lock:

  • Check that the lock is turned on and that the battery is charged.
  • Position the keypad as close to the lock as feasible.
  • You can recalibrate the lock by pressing the Menu button on the keypad.
  • Select Lock, then Re-calibrate from the Devices menu.
  • When the keypad asks you to “close your door,” you must physically set the lock to the locked position before hitting the “done” button.
  • The Smart Lock will circle three times during calibration.
  • If the calibration was successful, the keypad would display “Check your door.” Is it UNLOCKED?
  • If the door is unlocked, select “Yes.”
  •  You will then receive a message of congratulations. Then, by pressing OK, you can exit the flow.
  • The lock has now been calibrated.

Important Things To Remember

You may arm your SimpliSafe system via Google Home (through Google Assistant).

However, keep in mind that it can only arm your alarm system. You cannot disarm the Google Assistant with voice commands for your safety.

In case of an emergency, you can hit the panic button, which is another great feature.

Also, you can now ask Amazon Alexa to arm your security system in either Home or Away mode by using SimpliSafe’s custom skill.

For example, tell Alexa you’re gone for the day, and she’ll handle the rest.

Your SimpliSafe system does not require Wi-Fi to function.

The SimpliSafe hub is equipped with a cellular connection that allows it to operate your sensors and interact with SimpliSafe’s monitoring service.


This article has looked at the many causes of the SimpliSafe security system not responding to errors and possible solutions to fix them. We also discussed how to reset and calibrate it.

If you encounter any difficulties while trying to execute these procedures, contact the SimpliSafe customer service staff for professional assistance.

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