Where to Place Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are used for an added layer of security for your home, and if you’ve bought your security camera for the same reason but are now unsure about its placement, you’ve picked the right post.

Most of the brands offer DIY installation, but you still have the flexibility to ask for professional help. To place your security camera via either option, you need to assess the location according to your ownership of the place.

Here we’ll judge all the aspects that you need for your security camera placement. Let’s begin with the first step: Analyzing places for camera positioning.

Home Security Camera Placement

The first thing that’s due to you after purchasing a security camera is spotting the perfect location.

As we come to locate perfect positions for security camera placement, here are some handy tips that can help you judge the place quickly.


  • When you’re thinking of placing a camera somewhere around, go and take a full view of the place. Can you see all that you want through the camera? If yes, then that’s a perfect place.
  • Place your security cameras somewhere where there are more chances for a break-in.
  • Choose a camera and location by the likelihood of blind spots. Wide angles and busy areas make a perfect match.
  • Place your security cameras near the point where there’s no excess daylight light to hamper the performance. Yes, most of the cameras have HD abilities but not risking it is still a good measure.
  • Don’t choose a placement spot above 10ft. Too high can hinder optimal recording, and too low can be vulnerable to direct interactions.

These are some of the placement tips that can help you stay on the right track from the start to avoid any mishaps later.

Security camera placement in or outside of your home doesn’t have to be a struggle. You have tips for the placement, and further, we’ll talk about the exact points.

Where to Place Home Security Cameras

Since you already know a bit of the step that you need to take to dig out the perfect placement spot, we are here at the residential security camera placement, which means we’ll point directly to the ideal locations.

Outdoor Locations

At the Entries

Security cameras are just here for added protection, so it won’t be fair if you rely on them completely and do not secure the entry points initially.

Unprotected entry points commonly question home security at your home. Entry points at your home are your front doors and the windows or backyard gate if you have any.

Keep the doors and windows locked or if the locks seem insufficient, then fix this issue first and other things later.

Your entry security camera has to be in a perfect position to film the sides of the entry as well. Only seeing the visitor’s head will be of no use, so it definitely shouldn’t be that high.

At the Corners

If your house has a garage, a porch, or a backyard, you must place one in each corner for premium security.

You can either choose a 180-degree wide-angle camera for broader recording or go for a fixed view with each at a corner.

Of course, the choice for more will depend on the space, but it’s still suggested that you don’t overlook the sides.

Off-street Sides of the House

What’s here to keep in mind is that you should never neglect the less crowded areas. They are usually an ideal spot for intruders to break in.

If you’ve windows or doors opening off-street, you must keep them in focus during the security camera placement process.

You may feel like there isn’t much to have checked on, but it’s not about assumptions, but rather about reliable security services. This is why be mindful in the process.


Lounge/Living Room

As we’ve chosen for the outdoor cameras, indoor cameras should be placed where you all hang out or spend most of your family time.

This will keep you in check with everybody and help make peace among people for different reasons.


If you’ve kids or pets at home, it’s important to keep your kitchen under surveillance so you can always have a hold of the game and take action in time.

Some of the cameras also come with sirens or alerts to notify you of any escalating situation through notifications regardless of where you are.

Baby’s Room

You can place a security camera in your infant or toddler’s room to track their movements and sleep.

This will keep them safe, and you’ll have complete peace of mind by having a 24/7 check on them through your phone.


Most homes have stairs that normally lead to hallway or room doors. When you place one of the security cameras at the top of the staircase, you’ll not only record kids, the elderly, and pets’ safety but also it’ll notice any doubtful movement around the house.

All these points for camera placement that we discussed here will have you covered for good against intruders and also keep an eye on your loved ones to keep them safe.

Top Options for Security Cameras

With a multitude of choices, you must choose the best one, which is presumably expensive. But fortunately, there are some premium-quality security cameras that you can go for without investing a hefty amount.

These can be your top picks with advanced features.

  • 4K HD sensor
  • 140 wide view
  • Zoom-in
  • Mobile app
  • Can work without internet
  • Night vision
  • HD footage
  • Night vision
  • Mobile app
  • 2-way audio
  • Secured
  • Remote viewing
  • Cloud storage
  • Live to stream
  • Smart motion-sensor monitoring
  • Motion detectors
  • Wireless encryption
  • Motion detection
  • Weatherproof
  • 113-degree view
  • Footage record and capture from a distance
  • HD video
  • Two-way communication
  • Mobile app
  • Night vision
  • 140 degrees field of view

There are indeed other names in the market, but I picked up the most prominent ones. They have good ratings, which are based on performance.


Security cameras in your home are a way to protect yourself from privacy intruders. With security cameras, you’ll also have to protect yourself virtually with privacy codes.

Plus, whichever camera you choose to use, make sure they have a mobile app so you can control and handle the cameras from anywhere and get alerts.

Have you used any of the security system companies mentioned in this blog? If yes, share your experience. If not, comment about the one you use and how it’s better so we can all make wise choices.

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