Vivint – Best Home Security and Automation

The home security system is one that we can never skimp. The fact that the expensive product will consistently deliver high quality is not necessary.

Nobody will go for that. You will prefer to go for the product that will fit in the budget with excellent quality alongside.

Vivint is one of the leading names in security systems that makes home automation a breeze.

Vivint Security System; Overview

This brand was acquired back in 2012 for 2 billion dollars, growing to over 1.4 million users.

Vivint, instead of employing a third party, usually designs the equipment on its own. All of the units are installed by professionals.

It is a bit expensive yet; it offers completely customized plans so, it is recommended to contact a sales representative.

Components of Vivint Starter Kit Security System

The basic security system for Vivint System includes;

  • Smart Hub
  • Two door/window sensors
  • A motion sensor
  • A water sensor

However, different security systems offer different numbers of devices and plans for the price.

Vivint Smart Hub

Vivint smart hub enhances convenience and home automation with its centered controlling system.

  • Vivint security system is controlled through the Smart Hub touchscreen command center.
  • Not only can you use it to operate every connected device, but you can also see live-streamed footage.
  • It offers two-way communication, which is unusual for a security touchpad.
  • Furthermore, the Smart Hub allows you to arm and disarm the security system.
  • It features a panic button to contact the monitoring team.
  • Vivint hub gives you access to even examine cloud storage.

The Vivint control panel fixes the wall. However, you can also use it as a stand-alone, similar to a digital picture frame.

Security Sensors

The core security sensors for the home security system are the motion sensors and door sensors. However, Vivint adds additional sensors like;

These all are wireless sensors that work with the help of wifi and are connected to the touch screen panel. It will help notify the Vivint monitoring team in the case of an emergency.

Water Sensor

Finally, but not least, Vivint offers a water sensor that detects leaks and helps you find the root cause. It can be installed where there are chances of leaks.

A wireless water sensor with a battery life of three to six years is also available; the sensor is similarly wireless.

Best Vivint Security Cameras

Vivint offers a wide range of indoor to outdoor and doorbell cameras. Here are some best Vivint security cameras that offer incomparable features.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

With the innovation and latest technology, Vivint indeed offers the best models. It offers a 1080p HD quality display and a 4K lens, more like an indoor camera.

  • It has the HDR to bear the light distortion
  • Broad 140 degrees field view
  • Sharp and clear zoom-in up to 3 times optically and ten times digitally
  • This camera offers a water sensor that you can install near the pool area or points with potential overflow.

During the dark, it offers night vision two-way audio with the same as an indoor camera.

Ping Indoor Camera

The Ping Indoor Camera is another one from Vivint. It features valuable and valuable features to its indoor cameras. For instance,

  • A sharp, 1080p HD display
  • A broad 155 degrees field of view
  • Paid 14 days of trial cloud storage / $5 a month per camera
  • Self-monitoring and professional monitoring
  • Infrared LED sensors allow you to see well at night

However, local storage is not available on these cameras.

Albeit, when it comes to continuous recording for 30 days, Vivint offers another choice available; the Vivint Smart Drive, which costs you around $249.99 and records continuously for 30 days.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

A doorbell camera is a must-have addition to every home security because of the convenience it adds to the comfort and protection.

  • It allows you to answer your door without needing to walk to the door.
  • The Vivint Doorbell Camera operates in temperatures ranging from 14 to 104 degrees. Vivint cameras are also rain and dustproof.

Fact: Vivint discontinued the sale of the Vivint Doorbell Camera and eventually replaced it with the Doorbell Camera Pro, which was around the same price.

You must know: Compared to other alternatives, the Vivint Doorbell Camera was much more costly, especially with a 720p HD video display rather than 1080p HD.

Vivint’s doorbell camera is a practical and straightforward approach to smart home security.

Additional devices & Sensors

Kwikset Smart Lock

Stop losing those keys!

Vivint offers an intelligent lock from Kwikset. It allows you to manage the cloud and control remotely from the App on your smartphone.

  • You can give unique codes to family members or visitors for access. It makes security primary with double authentication.
  • Connecting it to your home wifi allows you voice assistance controls.
  • You can set the alarm on and off, also view recorded footage, and control lights over an internet connection.

It is an easy-installation DIY security camera. However, if this is your first time with security camera installation, we recommend you get professional help for proper working.

Smoke Alarm

Vivint adds a layer of protection with smoke alarms. With this innovation, home security has taken a revolutionary turn.

  • Vivint activates the alarm and sends a notification if any smoke is detected.
  • An 85-decibel siren and a battery life of five years come with the camera. It offers a 35 ft. radius.

The smoke detector lasted days with a single charge. Hence, Vivint leaves no hole behind when it comes to home automation.

Co Detector

Vivint sells a virtually comparable detector, except that it detects carbon monoxide rather than smoke instead of other brands.

The detector is an impressive fact. Furthermore, when the fire alarm goes off, the doors will immediately open, the window sensors will automatically disarm, and the furnace fan will automatically switch on, providing ventilation and a convenient escape.

For the most part, the CO detector does more than just beep.

Customized Your Vivint Security

Vivint offers custom equipment and starter kit packages with vibrant panels, easy access to the Vivint app, and professional monitoring.

There are options that you can add to your alarm system or the automation package for the perfect home security system. For instance;

  • Indoor camera
  • Outdoor camera
  • Garage Door Control
  • Doorbell camera
  • Smart locks
  • Smart thermostats

Further, the home automation package by Vivint begins with SkyControl, which acts as the intelligent hub offering a two-way talkback feature for communication. Through this, you can monitor them through the Sky app.

The installation for the SkyControl touchscreen dashboard is free, offering more features and controls.

Vivint Home Automation

As it is a trustable intelligent home appliance, the Vivint home automation made our life even more accessible as it offers intelligent home integration.

However, the smart home compatibility with third-party is limited. It connects to Google and Amazon smart integration.

Both work differently, with customizations offering a variable range of features.

Let’s have a look at Amazon and Google Home compatibility with Vivint.

Amazon Alexa

Overall, Vivint works well with any smart home, unless you have the extremely unusual Apple ecosystem. However, Vivint is an excellent complement to most smart homes.

Smart Home AutomationAmazon Alexa
Smart door locksLocking and unlocking voice command
Smart thermostatTurn the fan on or off
Light controlsDim, turn on or off lights
Garage doorOpen, close, and status check
Smart securityArming and disarming doors

Google Assistant

Vivint smart security systems interact with Google Assistant, which is one of their most appealing features. After all, you are communicating with Google Assistant when you speak to your Google Home. therefore, you can use any other Google Assistant-enabled device. For instance, if you have Google Assistant on your phone, you can use it instead of Google Home speakers to control your Vivint security system.

The good news is that Google Assistant works on a range of devices, including smartphones and laptop computers. It’s also compatible with iPhones and Macs.

Smart Home AutomationGoogle Assistant
Smart door locksunlock/lock the (door name)
Smart thermostatset the temperature to X degrees
Light controlsTurn (on/off) the lights Did I leave the (light name) on?
Garage doorIs the (door name) closed/open?
Smart securityActivate the main panel

You must know;

However, you must know that If you’ve already had other smart home equipment, you may be disappointed to know that you’ll need to purchase duplicate items because the Vivint system isn’t compatible with what you already have.

For instance, you be needing;

  • Vivint Smart Thermostat for temperature control
  • Lamp Module for light controls
  • Smart Home Panel for hub feature
  • Vivint Smart Locks, Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro for smart locking

Vivint Mobile App Support

The Vivint Smart Home app makes it simple to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world. You can use your phone for various controls. For instance;

  • Live video from a home security camera.
  • Arm and disarm your Vivint alarm system remotely
  • Panic alarm activation
  • Notify Vivint of false alarms

Furthermore, the app’s user interface is similar to the one found on the control panel. It allows users to switch between the two with ease.

Amongst other security camera apps, Vivint offers the most user-friendly and simple to use, mobile app jam-packed with features that take smart home automation to another level.

Why is the Vivint Security system right for you?

Speaking of the Vivint security system, you can count on it as high-end home automation. There are numerous reasons to get Vivint Home security. For instance;

  • Complete and professional monitoring 24/7
  • Allows customizations to fit in your home
  • Offers you complete control through Vivint intelligent home app
  • You will get a security camera, a doorbell camera, and other advanced features for safety
  • Maintenance and repairs from professional
  • Lifetime warranty on the equipment
  • Multiple monitoring plans
  • Works with Android and iOS

The Downsides

However, Vivint is unbeatable when it comes to practical security systems that fulfill the demanding needs of users of every kind, it lacks at a few points. For instance;

Price; Where Vivint security systems are the best, on the other hand, they are quite expensive. The equipment or additional sensor or cameras can cost you a significant amount. However, if you are ready to invest one time in the best home security, this is the way to go.

Subscription Plans; though Vivint offers versatile monitoring plans. However, starting from $29.99 per month, it gives you only app access.

Here are some basic plans to choose from.

Smart Security Monitoring$29.99 App Support
Smart Home Monitoring$39.99Vivint mobile appVoice commandSmart thermostatSmart lightingSmart door lock
Smart Home Video Monitoring$44.99 +All Smart Home plan features +Smart DeterPackage protectionLive video streaming

You must know;

It is important to know that these prices are exclusive of the equipment and installation.


The most acceptable surveillance system of the lot is Vivint, which is ideal for homeowners looking for a security system that does all the work for them.

Vivint’s luxurious home security comes along with the service support you expect, including;

  • Expert installation
  • In-home home security consultations
  • Round-the-clock professional monitoring.

However, like with every luxury object, it comes with a correspondingly high price.

Even though Vivint’s monthly monitoring rates are comparable to other top security brands, its higher equipment prices may seem a little too much when it comes to the overall cost.

Vivint’s higher price tag should not deter people who want a professional installation and the most cutting-edge home automation. However, despite the upfront fee, you get convenient monthly plans.

Furthermore, Vivint provides various options for getting your system up and running and securing your house. You have the option of purchasing home security goods altogether and avoiding a contract, or you may finance your equipment over 42 to 60 months.

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