Do Security Cameras Work through Glass?

Technology has introduced simple ways to protect and watch over your home. We believe that safer homes make safer neighborhoods.

The latest home security indoor /outdoor cams keep you connected to your home and family.

The surveillance cameras cannot work through the glass. The IR motion detection sensor will not work through window glass.

Yet, there are ways you can use to make your security cameras work through a glass window. Whether you disable IR lights at night or use a wall-mount security camera ─ just make it work for you.

We mostly place a security camera inside our home that faces outside. We intend for it to monitor the backyard or front door.

But will the idea work? Continue reading as we are here to discuss a few questions and their answers to clarify the concept.

Modern Security Cameras ーSeeing Security in a Whole New Light!

The motion-activated alerts keep you updated about what you should know is happening on your property.

Easy to install on any home and integrating with various smart technologies, these smart cameras equip you to create a security shield around your home.

Whether you use the day-use cameras or security cams in night mode, you now watch over your homes and stay in the know.

The Common Problems of Using Security Cameras behind A Glass Window

Are you thinking of placing an indoor security camera for outdoor monitoring? Think again.

You might get window glare when using infrared security cameras behind glass panels. This might result from infrared light, ambient, or status lights on the camera’s lens.

The glass reflection or window glare causes clearer picture whiteout or washed-out video quality by IR LED lights’ overexposure in the night footage.

It becomes merely possible to see the details in recordings. Well, it is the opposite during the daytime.

The potential problem you might face is motion detection during surveillance.

The motion-triggered recording by the physical motion detectors from cameras placed behind a glass window does not work mostly.

Is It Possible for Infrared Cameras to See through a Glass Window?

You will not be able to view clearly in a security cam through a glass window.

These wireless cameras wash out the clear image when placed behind glass windows or panels at night. The same is the case in low-light situations.

Putting the cam behind a window means you will not be getting any motion alerts behind glass.

The IR lighting bounces off at night before reaching a potential human. So, you cannot expect any motion detection.

How to Fix the Issue?

Use any of the following ways:

  1. It’s a good idea for you to turn off or disable the IR sensor and status lights to prevent window glare on a CCTV system at night. It lessens the IR security cam’s window reflection enabling you to see outside the glass window.
  2. You should bring the camera lens close to the window glass to get a clear vision. This is another useful way that could help you reduce reflection.
  3. Even using a suction cup mount that normally sticks to the window facing the outside might help. You can easily find the suction cup mount with magnetic screws allowing it to attach to connect to outdoor cameras like Nest cam.
  4. You can always install a motion-activated automated light or a street lamp outdoors to light up your surroundings. It adds up illumination for security devices to see more vigilantly.

Does Motion Detection Work through Glass or behind a Glass Window?

Most motion sensors work with Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to detect motion. Let us now understand the working mechanism of security cameras.

Security cams use two different types of cameras using multiple infrared (IR) technologies. These cams use the following sensors:

  1. PIR motion sensor /Infrared sensor
  2. Pixel change calculating motion sensor

The PIR motion sensor

The PIR motion sensor sets off motion alarm systems when detecting body heat and infrared energy.

Any changes in IR waves are not easily detectable through the glass layer material. You can not rely on a PIR sensor security camera working because most glasses used these days are insulated.

They prevent heat from coming through the glass. Which is against the motion detection principles.

The Pixel Calculating Motion Sensor

On the other hand, security cameras also have motion sensor that calculates pixel changes.

The significant difference is that it will still be able to detect moments around and continue recording.

How to Fix the Issue?

  1. You can mount the camera on the wall or window pane window ledge to detect motion.
  2. You can also install it under an overhang or soffit.
  3. Consider installing a wi-fi security camera outside the wall to monitor the desired areas.
  4. You can also go for motion sensor security cameras detecting motion by calculating pixel change and monitoring your property during the daytime.

Useful Tips for Using Security Cameras through a Glass Window

I recommend the following tips when using a night vision security camera system through the glass to watch over your front door, front porch, driveway, backyard, and car parking outside your premises.

  • The best option is that you should disable the IR light at night time. It keeps the IR illuminator light from creating window glare /reflection.
  • For infrared night vision, buy separate infrared illuminators and put them outside.
  • Choose a window or wall mount security camera for the cameras facing through window glass.
  • Better select an appropriate location outside to install the security camera. Like an exterior wall, a ledge, an overhang, or a soffit.
  • Ensure to locate the cam in a room darker than the external lights at night.
  • Keep your curtains /blinds closed at night time for the minimal entrance of the light.
  • Keep your window glasses clean and dust-free so your security cam catches more details during operation.
  • Ensure that your security cams cannot be reached or snatched quickly.

The above tips will guide you through the camera’s placement, mounting, and usability through the glass window.

Wrapping Up

Today’s security cameras not only let you keep an eye on things at your home when you are not there but also give you peace of mind when you are!

But to make optimal use of these surveillance devices, you must research well in advance.

Will your branded security cam work through the glass window or not?

I hope that the above information has been useful for your home security systems and you have found the best answers to your basic security camera queries.

Feel free to use your security cameras anywhere, anytime.

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